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    Rutting in lawn caused by over-watering – TCPalm - September 4, 2017 by admin

    Carol Cloud Bailey, Special to TCPalm Published 6:30 a.m. ET Sept. 3, 2017

    Over-irrigation makes the soil wet and more susceptible to rutting. Runoff is one of the indications of over-irrigation. The algae against the curb in the road is a sign that water stands in this location often.(Photo: CAROL CLOUD BAILEY/SPECIAL TO TCPALM)

    Lawns work hard. Turf grasses slow erosion, moderate rain, keep the soil in place (less tracking of sand into the house), provide a place for recreation and relaxation, and cool the air. But, they are also expensive in terms of needed inputs of labor, fertilizer, and water. One of the main tenets of a Florida-Friendly landscape is to reduce turf. Is turf good or bad? As for many things, Id say some of both. Where there is a need for an open space, then turf works.

    However, turf does require regular maintenance. The most commonly overlooked or mismanaged aspects of lawn maintenance include proper mowing and irrigation. The results of poor care in these areas often result in weak lawns full of weeds and ruts.

    Automatic irrigation systems make it easy to use too much water. It is easy to allow the system to run on whatever program as long as the grass is somewhat green. A full check for good coveragethe water from one head should reach the next head, rate is the run time sufficient to put out the amount needed or too much, and frequency, is a needed monthly chore.

    Over-irrigation can result in wet soils. In addition to making the grass more susceptible to insects, diseases and weed infestation, wet soils are prone to rutting from lawn mowers of other vehicles. The first step to fixing the problem is to evaluate the irrigation system and adjust as needed.

    However, once ruts occur, repairs are often needed. The seemingly simple answer is to fill the rut with soil. The problem with this solution is that it causes more problems. The sod underneath the additional soil often dies creating a layer that makes water movement in the soil slower, compaction is relieved, and if the soil is different from the original, long term issues can occur with differing irrigation and nutrient needs.

    Shallow ruts, from 2 to 4 inches deep can be repaired by the use of a pitchfork or other implement with tines. Use the tines to lift the rut and allow the soil to settle from time and water. This process helps reduce compaction.

    Deeper ruts require more. Use a sharp spade or sod cutter to lift the sod out of and around the rut and then use a spade to loosen the soil including the soil that was pushed out of the rut. Regrade so the area is level or slightly higher than the surrounding area, it will settle over time. Reinstall the turf or use new sod. Treat the area as newly installed sod, but use a temporary irrigation line to avoid over-watering the entire zone.

    Turf in the right place, managed well, and in small quantities can be a good thing.

    Carol Cloud Bailey is a Landscape Counselor & Horticulturist. Send questions tocarol@yard-doc.comor visitwww.yard-doc.comfor more information.

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    Rutting in lawn caused by over-watering - TCPalm

    How to Landscape a Front Yard | eHow - June 14, 2016 by admin

    Choose plants in scale with the size of your home. Boxwoods look fine in a knot garden but seem Lilliputian in the front yard of a grand colonial home.

    Consider potential maintenance problems before you select plantings. You may like the appeal of a shaped hedge until you have to get the clippers out every two weeks. Also, consider the mature height of a deciduous tree planted too close to a home, leading to clogged gutters.

    Select trees and shrubs to enhance a pleasing view or to block an unsightly one. If you decide to plant a privacy hedge to screen a neighbor's front yard, choose a mixed planting for your hedge. If one specimen dies, you can replace it without creating an odd gap between young and old plants.

    Dull the harsh edges of your home's foundation with natural, flowing curves. You can situate masses of plants at each corner of your home, planting the tallest shrubs closest to the foundation, followed by successively smaller plants.

    Include strategic splashes of color and fragrance to welcome friends and family. Rather than let fragrance waft down the street with the wind, plant a small stand of hyacinths by your front door where visitors can enjoy the color and scent.

    Reduce the effects of wind and weather with trees. Homeowners in rural settings use windbreaks frequently, but suburban dwellers can also plant a row of evergreens on the side of the yard with prevailing winds. Deciduous trees can block summer heat and allow winter sun to shine through bare branches.

    Excerpt from:
    How to Landscape a Front Yard | eHow

    Lisa’s Landscape & Design | Saving the Planet One Yard at … - August 6, 2015 by admin

    Lisa's Landscape & Design 04/02/2013 3 Comments

    Replace your boring sod with a Texas friendly, low water, low maintenance garden that adds value to your home and life.

    Landscapes in Austin can be tricky as we are in an evolution of environmental change and a desperate need for water conservation and sustainable gardens. If you are in the market for a landscape design in the greater Austin area, especially Xeriscape low water, low maintenance design and installation, than that is my specialty and I would be delighted to work with you on your project. But before you call anyone there are some things you need to consider.

    The first thing to consider when planning a landscape installation is how long you plan to live in your home. If you are there for a good long time, or you want it to suit you no matter how long you plan to be there, then have at it. If you are considering a move in the next few years. I suggest you read up on how to stage your home for sale before you start.

    The nextimportantconsideration is your budget. If the sky is the limit, then good for you, enjoy the ride and what designer would not love to have an endless budget to play with. (I have had the opportunity and its delightful ) Though most people are not in that position and new landscapes are pricier than people think because materials like stone, mulch, plants and trees add up quickly and quality labor comes at a price. You would not go to a second rate dentist who has a general idea how to fix your problem, and you should not cut corners when it comes to your precious plants and expensive stone work. I pride myself in assisting the customer to make the most of the money they have to spend and it is important for your landscaper/designer to understand the value of your dollar no matter your income. Certain materials cost what they cost and there are no substitutes, but it is the designers job to create clever alternatives that can save you money and give you the ultimate results you are looking for. If your landscape professional is spending most of your time trying to sell you upgrades, they may not be servingyour best interest.

    Be sure you are hiring a professional with a native and adapted plant knowledge. Proper plant selection, layout, plantingtechniques and soil knowledge aresomethingthat comes with experience. The wrong plant selection can destroy the bestexecuted design.

    This is what a xeriscape, low water, low maintenance garden looks like!

    Be sure the plants your designer is choosing are the plants that belong in our area, not just the least expensive plants they found to make a profit. Always choose low water, low maintenance plants and trees. Austin is in a serious drought with no relief in sight and water friendly landscapes can be lush and beautiful. The less maintenance for you (through proper plant placement) the greater your reward from the landscape.

    Something a lot of people neglect to consider is the maintenance that goes along with the garden your designer has created for you. Your designer should ask questions about your life, ages of yourchildren, pets how much time you travel with work or for play and how often you want to be in the garden doing maintenance. My goal is to give you a garden that requires real work every Spring and Fall, not every week or every month. This is achieved by choosing the right plants for the space and by placing the plants with enough room from sidewalks, patios and each other, so that they do not require trimming. River rock sidewalks and creek beds require a weekly weeding. River rock is not a no maintenance solution, this is a no water situation and your designer/installer needs to tell you these things so your expectations are met.

    Another important consideration is to be realistic about what are your priorities and what are your dreams for this project. If a budget has to be met, it is important to keep your needs in check. If you must establish some shade before you can enjoy your space, then obviously some trees or a covered patio are a priority or all the flowers in the world will not encourage you to spend time outside. If you need a patio to grill and entertain, then solutions need to be made to give you the space of your dreams with the budget of your reality. Alternative materials can be used to create all sorts of fabulous spaces that you may not have considered and that is again, where your designer/installer should shine.

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    Lisa's Landscape & Design | Saving the Planet One Yard at ...

    Summerset Gardens – NJ, NY Landscape Designer, Landscape … - July 6, 2015 by admin

    Abstract Web Pages Images Patios Private Sitting Nook Stone Pool Patio Design in Orange County, NY Tumbled Paver Patio in Bergen County Bluestone Courtyard Design in Bergen County, NJ Stone Pool Decking Design in Bergen County, NJ Flagstone Pool Patio Design in NY Tuscan Spa Patio Design in Bergen County, NJ Outdoor Room & Patio Space Design in Bergen County, NJ Northern NJ Stone Patio & Fire Pit Design NJ Swimming Pool Stone Patio Design Rockland County, NY Stone Patio Design Northern NJ Stone Sitting Nook Design Franklin Lakes, NJ Stone Patio & Fire Pit Design Outdoor Room Design in New Jersey Hudson Valley Pool Patio & Landscaping Design i Rustic Patio Design in Closter, NJ Tuscan Style Patio & Masonry Design in NY Warwick, NY Pool Decking Design & Installation Small Stone Patio Nook Design in Wyckoff, NJ Small Stone Patio Design in the Lower Hudson Valley Lower Hudson Valley Pool Decking Design Rockland County Stone Patio & Planting Design Swimming Pool Stone Patio Design cafe-matisse-6c_9976.jpg kinnelon-project-4c_1888.jpg View gallery for more... Retaining & Seating Walls cresskill-project-2-1c_3759.jpg cresskill-project-3c_8948.jpg cresskill-project-4c_7355.jpg cresskill-project-8c_8953.jpg cresskill-project-9c_1432.jpg cresskill-project-12c_1307.jpg cresskill-project-14c_7085.jpg cresskill-project-21c_6404.jpg cresskill-project-36c_9300.jpg cresskill-project-37c_3887.jpg franklin-lakes-project-1c_4680.jpg franklin-lakes-project-9c_245.jpg franklin-lakes-project-13c_5345.jpg franklin-lakes-project-20c_2988.jpg franklin-lakes-project-23c_8113.jpg franklin-lakes-project-39c_1016.jpg franklin-lakes-project-49c_3727.jpg horizon-farms-project-5c_1410.jpg horizon-farms-project-6c_1871.jpg horizon-farms-project-9c_9530.jpg horizon-farms-project-22c_6790.jpg horizon-farms-project-26c_5796.jpg mercadante-5c_359.jpg mercadante-9c_8459.jpg mercadante-13c_5400.jpg View gallery for more... Outdoor Kitchens cresskill-project-6c_6132.jpg cresskill-project-11c_2092.jpg cresskill-project-16c_7207.jpg cresskill-project-24c_9875.jpg cresskill-project-30c_1865.jpg cresskill-project-31c_6448.jpg cresskill-project-36c_9909.jpg criscione-2c_2684.jpg franklin-lakes-project-1c_4577.jpg franklin-lakes-project-19c_133.jpg franklin-lakes-project-31c_8387.jpg franklin-lakes-project-34c_6595.jpg franklin-lakes-project-37c_1990.jpg nyack-procject-1c_7222.jpg nyack-project-2c_9891.jpg upper-grandview-project-5c_3601.jpg upper-grandview-project-18c_498.jpg warwick-project-4c_4553.jpg warwick-project-6c_4894.jpg warwick-project-21c_6310.jpg warwick-project-32c_3077.jpg warwick-project-33c_8207.jpg wyckoff-project-7c_2865.jpg wyckoff-project-9c_3171.jpg wyckoff-project-13c_650.jpg Step, Stairways, Steppers Front Step design for a historic NY farm house. cresskill-1c_9236.jpg cresskill-project-4c_3980.jpg cresskill-project-8c_7995.jpg cresskill-project-12c_5503.jpg cresskill-project-13c_9300.jpg cresskill-project-18c_10041.jpg cresskill-project-27c_2881.jpg cresskill-project-33c_10017.jpg cresskill-project-37c_5650.jpg cresskill-projectc_9394.jpg criscione-1c_4714.jpg franklin-lakes-project-3c_9486.jpg franklin-lakes-project-8c_8311.jpg franklin-lakes-project-9c_9169.jpg franklin-lakes-project-10c_9587.jpg franklin-lakes-project-16c_2531.jpg franklin-lakes-project-17c_6674.jpg franklin-lakes-project-33c_9419.jpg franklin-lakes-project-39c_5199.jpg horizon-farms-project-3c_6906.jpg horizon-farms-project-14c_6664.jpg horizon-farms-project-16c_680.jpg horizon-farms-project-25c_1288.jpg mercadante-5c_4749.jpg View gallery for more... Ponds & Fountains airmont-1c_9721.jpg blauvelt-project-1c_4464.jpg cafe-matisse-1c_5276.jpg cafe-matisse-7c_5512.jpg coffey-1c_2090.jpg j1024x768-05996c_3167.jpg kamrowski-1c_4141.jpg kamrowski-2c_474.jpg muscemeci-2c_9029.jpg new-city-alling-1c_8652.jpg kinnelon-project-5c_9922.jpg kinnelon-project-6c_3481.jpg upper-grandview-project-3c_3238.jpg upper-grandview-project-9c_268.jpg upper-grandview-project-13c_2821.jpg upper-grandview-project-17c_1389.jpg upper-grandview-project-21c_825.jpg white-theme-garden-24c_8390.jpg white-theme-garden-25c_5978.jpg wyckoff-project-6c_6066.jpg wyckoff-project-33c_6602.jpg wyckoff-project-42c_3633.jpg wyckoff-project-44c_8894.jpg wyckoff-project-45c_2363.jpg Swimming Pool Projects franklin-lakes-project-41c_9035.jpg Swimming Pool Builder in Bergen County NJ Free Form Pool Construction in Northern New Jersey Custom Spa Builder in Bergen County, NJ Swimming Pool Builder & Designer in Bergen County, NJ poundridge-project-26c_6876.jpg cresskill-project-14c_8740.jpg poundridge-project-32c_8273.jpg poundridge-project-35c_8370.jpg cresskill-project-37c_6294.jpg cresskill-project-40c_8077.jpg franklin-lakes-project-2c_7520.jpg franklin-lakes-project-4c_2088.jpg wyckoff-project-1c_9298.jpg franklin-lakes-project-15c_1411.jpg wyckoff-project-32c_7969.jpg franklin-lakes-project-24c_7642.jpg franklin-lakes-project-28c_5803.jpg wyckoff-project-4c_7375.jpg franklin-lakes-project-30c_9946.jpg franklin-lakes-project-44c_282.jpg cresskill-project-21_4205.jpg poundridge-project-17c_3049.jpg mercadante-5c_1272.jpg mercadante-11c_3933.jpg View gallery for more... results were truncated for brevity Joseph Weuste The template and coding used in this designer website is the property of

    Summerset Gardens...Elegant Landscape Design Serving NJ & NY.....845-987-1270

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    Summerset Gardens - NJ, NY Landscape Designer, Landscape ...

    Landscaping Dubai: Creative & Well Implemented Landscaping - July 3, 2015 by admin

    Landscaping Dubai: A successful landscape is one thatyoutruly enjoy with highly personalized and artistic representations of your lifestyle.

    Landscaping Dubai: Do you also want to avoid the 3 deadly frustrations of landscaping your garden?If yes, then please invest 3 minutes of your time to watch the landscaping Dubai video below. It spells out how you can benefit. Or if you prefer to read, then feel free to skip the video and go straight to the text below:

    Enter your details in the box on the right to have Sejal Nagjee contact you for landscaping dubai!

    1. You may be finding it difficult to locate a company that offers complete landscaping design and build services. create your garden, pool, BBQ, bar, soft and hard landscaping, mood lighting and offering a wide selection of materials to suit your needs, wants and budget.

    2. Imagine a superb landscape design that is horribly executed. Leaving you disappointed, having wasted your time and money. So you naturally look for high credibility through detailed client testimonials and a list of satisfied customers.

    3. Imagine the nightmare of coordinating the execution of your landscape design with different contractors! You may end up being a project manager, troubleshooter, pacifier, motivator, and arbitrator. Leaving you drained, angry and despondent. Wouldnt that be a nightmare?

    View post:
    Landscaping Dubai: Creative & Well Implemented Landscaping

    Engineers Edge – Reference Data for Engineers | GD&T PDH … - July 3, 2015 by admin

    Section Properties, Thread Stress & Strength, Strain Gage, Motion Control Calculators, GD&T Calculators- Free, Length conversion calculators,

    , etc.

    Engineering Materials Material Design & Reference Data, Heat Treating, Hardness Conversions, AISI Steel, Rapid Prototype Aluminum , Brass, Copper, Stainless Steel, AISI / SAE Steel, Heat Treating, Structural Shapes, Shear Modulus of Rigidity, Melting Temperature of Metals, Tool Steel Properties and Specifications

    Engineering and Design News Industry, products, services and technical innovation news

    Engineering Standards and Specifications ANSI American National Standards, ASME Engineering Standards Specifications, ASTM InternationalStandards

    Engineering Design Videos Engineering Education, Manufacturing Technology, Software Videos, Aviation Videos, Dimensioning and Tolerancing GD&T Training Videos

    Gears Engineering and Design AGMA Fine Pitch Tolerances, Gear Pitch Conversions, Gear Design Formulae, Inspection Methods for Gears, Roller Chains, Gear Design Calculators

    Fluids Flow Engineering Two Phase Fluid Flow, Bernoulli's Equation Piping Hardware and Specification, Pipe Schedules, Laminar and Turbulent Flow

    Hardware ANSI ISO Screws and Bolts ANSI Thread Size Table, ISO Metric Hardware Design, Metric ISO Screw Threads Chart, Lock Split Washers, Metric Flat Washers, Metric Thread Size Chart, ISO Metric Trapezoidal Screw Threads, Metric Hex Head Screws Bolts Sizes, British ISO Screw Threads

    Heat Transfer Thermal Engineering Reference & Design Data, Heat Sink Calculations, Convection, Radiant Heat Transfer, Conduction Heat Transfer, Heat Exchangers, Heat Exchanger Engineering Design

    Visit link:
    Engineers Edge - Reference Data for Engineers | GD&T PDH ...

    APLD | Landscape Designer | Association of Professional … - May 7, 2015 by admin

    What is APLD?

    We Define Landscape Design

    The Association of Professional Landscape Designers (APLD) is an international organization founded in 1989. Our mission is to advance the profession of landscape design and to promote the recognition of landscape designers as qualified and dedicated professionals. APLD members adhere to a code of professional standards, encourage continuing education, and stay up to date about new developments and latest trends throughout the field. We offer members a certification program the only one of its kind that provides professional recognition to those designers who can pass a rigorous peer review program. We offer consumers trained professionals who can help them achieve the gardens they truly desire.

    + Learn more about APLD

    Why Hire a Designer?

    Hiring a professional landscape designer could be one of the smartest investment decisions youll ever make. Designers trained and qualified in the principles of garden design and horticulture can help their clients avoid the costly mistakes that can turn the dream of an outdoor haven into a landscape nightmare. Professional landscape designers are skilled practitioners of fundamental design concepts proportion, unity, balance, perspective, color, texture that can bring about a fully integrated design. They have a comprehensive knowledge of plants so that you get the right plant that grows to the right size for the right place in your garden. They are skilled communicators and planners who work with contractors, vendors, local governments and others to complete successful projects. Professional landscape designers are also aware of our natural environment and promote sustainable practices whenever possible. They are inspired by the creative process, by great design, and most of all, by their clients needs, wants and dreams. To find a designer, enter your zip code in the "Find A Designer" tool on the left hand side of this page.

    Go here to read the rest:
    APLD | Landscape Designer | Association of Professional ...

    Landscape Design – Landscaping Cape Town – Landscape … - May 4, 2015 by admin

    Since its inception in 2004, landscape architects Living Matter has quickly become one of the forerunners of contemporary landscape design and styling in the Cape Town and Western Cape area of South Africa.

    As styles in interior decorating change and evolve, Living Matter pushes the boundaries and bends rules to incorporate the styles, lines, materials and the ethos of the new contemporary age in advanced cutting-edge exterior designs. Their creative landscape designs are uniquely striking and resonate deeply with their clients.

    Cheral Kennedy, the enthusiastic creator of the trend-setting Living Matter finds that continually transforming exterior spaces into their true potential is uniquely soul satisfying. She endeavours to ensure that Living Matter's landscape transformations have an intensity of life that is brought about by integrating strong architecture with softer plant finishes into an all encompassing aesthetic extension of living space.

    As a result of Living Matter setting the pace for innovative and creative designs, not only are corporate and residential clients seeking the creativity of exterior design from Living Matter, but architects and landscapers are also turning to Living Matter to design creative landscapes for them too.

    Read more about us >>

    Read more about our processes >>

    Read more about the results >>

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    Landscape Design - Landscaping Cape Town - Landscape ...

    2714 Lari Court, West Bloomfield, MI Presented by Teri Kasten. – Video - April 30, 2015 by admin

    2714 Lari Court, West Bloomfield, MI Presented by Teri Kasten.
    Click to see more: 2714 Lari Court West Bloomfield, MI 48324 Contact Teri Kasten for more information. NATIONAL...

    By: SearchALLPropertiesChannel

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    2714 Lari Court, West Bloomfield, MI Presented by Teri Kasten. - Video

    Drainage Team | Drainage St. Louis | (636) 530-7663 | Landscape Yard Rain Water French Drains – Video - April 27, 2015 by admin

    Drainage Team | Drainage St. Louis | (636) 530-7663 | Landscape Yard Rain Water French Drains
    Drainage Team | Drainage St. Louis | (636) 530-7663 Drainage Problems? We have solutions. Drainage Team has the knowledge and resources to resolve any exterior...

    By: Drainage St. Louis

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    Drainage Team | Drainage St. Louis | (636) 530-7663 | Landscape Yard Rain Water French Drains - Video

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