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    Lawn Care Treatment Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell - January 29, 2019 by admin

    Unlimited Landscapings Turf Care Program consists of 8 Organically Engineered applications that are properly timed through out the year to promote a green, weed free lawn. By using Organic Components in our program we are encouraging healthy plant growth while reducing the amounts of fertilizer and pesticides applied to your lawn. Our program is custom-formulated specifically for the unique weather conditions here in the Atlanta area.

    Unlimited Landscaping provides continuous lawn care treatments for our programs in order to make your turf an inviting outdoor living area. There are no contracts to sign to begin this service. However, we will continue the service year to year. If a problem comes up between visits or you are not happy with our lawn services, just give us a call and we will make it right!

    Environmental concerns mean a lot to Unlimited Landscaping. This is why we ONLY use products that are safe for our environment. With our products, there is no reason to worry about your children or your pets safety. It is our policy to minimize our pesticide use.

    Unlimited Landscaping applies a pre-emergent that will control numerous annual grasses. Broadleaf weed control is added to control young and late winter weeds. A thorough inspection of your lawn will also be conducted to advise on any prior season concerns that need to be addressed.

    This application will start to green up and help strengthen your root systems while reducing the amount of nitrates and pesticides that traditional lawn companies use. Pre-emergents are included again to extend crabgrass control late into the summer.

    Unlimited Landscaping strengthens your lawns root system while controlling those pesky weeds. The bionutrients help your lawn naturally to improve the cell structure. Aeration needs to be conducted at this time to also improve root growth, loosen compacted soil and provide adequate water runoff. This allows fertilizer, air and water to reach the root zone of your lawn. This procedure is for bermuda and zoysia lawns.

    With this mid-year application, the lawn specialist will evaluate the lawn and target the specific requirements. Your lawn may need more post-emergents to control weeds and/or organic fertilizers for a greener color.

    With this mid-year application, the lawn specialist will evaluate the lawn and target the specific requirements. Your lawn may need more post-emergents to control weeds and/or organic fertilizers for a greener color.

    Unlimited Landscaping applies a liquid pre- and post-emergent to control early to mid-fall annual weeds and grasses. Organic fertilizer is applied at this point to keep the turf healthy as it prepares to go dormant during the cooler temperatures. Now is the time to aerate and overseed fescue lawns.

    Prior to your lawn going into dormancy, we apply a final application that will stimulate root growth and help to reduce the stress from the winter temperatures. This application will also help your lawn green up earlier in the spring.

    A lime application is applied to balance the PH levels in the soil. All noticeable grassy and broadleaf weeds are also sprayed at this time.

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    Lawn Care Treatment Atlanta, Marietta, Roswell

    Atlanta Lawn Care | Turf Treatment Company Atlanta … - January 29, 2019 by admin

    Atlanta Lawn Care Treatment

    Make the most of your outdoor living space with Unlimited Lawn Care of Atlanta. With over 19 years experience, you can count on us to help you get the thick green lush lawn youve always dreamed about.

    Unlimited Lawn Care of Atlanta is the main reason I have a healthy green yard every season.

    Bryan Spalding

    Your home is an investment, and so is the lawn that surrounds it. Unlimited Lawn Care of Atlanta understands this, and with over 19 years of experience, you can count on us to help you get the healthy, beautiful lawn youve always dreamed of.

    As a full-service, locally owned and operated landscaping business that has been turning Metro Atlanta and North Georgia green for years, Unlimited Lawn Care & Turf Management strives to provide only the highest quality products and services for all of your outdoor lawn care needs. We pay special attention to your yards specific needs, whether that be general turf treatment, tree and shrub care, pest removal, or a total property makeover, weve got you covered.

    Whether youre looking to maximize your property value or simply looking to restore your lawn to a lush and healthy state, Unlimited Lawn Care & Turf Management promises you the lawn maintenance experience you deserve and by only using state-of-the-art equipment and environmentally-safe products, we always deliver on our promises.

    With a variety of other services at your disposal, like weekly mowing and maintenance, sprinkler and outdoor lighting installation, landscape design, hardscape design, seasonal flowers, and drainage and erosion solutions, its easy to see that Unlimited Landscaping truly cares for your lawn. We do more than just treat the surface of your yard; we dig deep with our core aeration techniques to make sure your lawn is healthy at its roots. The thick Georgia clay and soil surrounding your plants roots can sometimes make it hard for them to absorb the oxygen and water they need to survive. As Atlanta lawn care experts, we are able to insert small aeration holes, which loosen compacted soil and allow for stronger, deeper roots. Our mission is to help transform your back yard into a blissfully manicured landscape that surpasses your expectations.

    Here at Unlimited Lawn Care & Turf Management, we know that keeping your yard beautiful means keeping it healthy, too. Quality turf maintenance focuses on eradicating all kinds of threats to your lawn, including weeds, insects, and inadequate nutrients and thats why Unlimited Landscaping pays close attention to what your lawn needs and makes sure that the treatments being used dont cause any harm to you or your lawn. Many lawn care and landscaping companies use toxic pesticides and fertilizers when treating lawns because safer remedies are more expensive, or the company just doesnt know any better. We advocate an organic-only approach, utilizing natural fertilizers and pesticides with no harsh chemicals.

    Our convenient perimeter pest protection, frequent soil testing, and continuous turf treatments all help us keep your yard vibrant and strong, and allow you to make the most of your outdoor living space. We go above and beyond so that you can relax, knowing our professionally trained staff will expertly care for your landscape and help you protect your investment.

    Due to our two-decades experience in lawn and turf treatment, we understand that there is nothing more invasive and aesthetically depreciating to your landscape than weeds. These pesky intruders can cover your grass and flowers completely, shading them from the sun and depriving them of necessary nutrients. They can also steal important minerals from the soil, leaving your lawn frail and lifeless. Forget plucking weeds one by one with your hands; Unlimited Lawn Care utilizes several more efficient and successful strategies to rid your lawn of weeds and leave it looking green and healthy.

    We spread pre-emergent herbicides on your lawn to stop weeds before they even start growing. Post-emergent herbicides are used if the weeds are already in full bloom. We also use various bionutrients, aeration tactics and organic fertilizers to help strengthen the lawns roots while simultaneously killing the weeds. At Unlimited Lawn Care, we are experts at defending your lawn against all kinds of weeds broadleaf weeds such as white clover and dandelions, or grassy weeds such as crabgrass and Bermuda grass are no match for us.

    As a company that is eager to work with you on reaching your lawn care goal, we offer live, quality representatives to answer your calls during our normal business hours, as well as free and concise estimates by phone. Our efforts to satisfy our customers have not gone unnoticed; Unlimited Landscaping was voted BEST IN GWINNETT for 5 consecutive years by Gwinnett Magazine, and we are in the TOP 20 LANDSCAPERS list released in 2012 by Atlanta Business Chronicle.

    Let Unlimited Lawn Care work with you, and experience what its like to feel confident and secure in your lawn maintenance company.

    Atlanta Lawn Care | Turf Treatment Company Atlanta ...

    Basic Lawn Care Tips | HGTV - October 7, 2018 by admin

    You know a healthy lawn when you see it: a smooth, lush green carpet, perfect for cartwheels and croquet. So why doesn't your lawn look like that? To get that perfect lawn you may have to change your mindset, says landscape designer Gary Alan ( "You know how in golf they say 'Be the ball'? Well, you've got to be the grass. You've got to think about what it needs," Gary says. The basics, he says, are pretty simple: sun, water and fertilizer. Once you get those down, everyone's happy you and your lawn. Here's how to get started.

    Planting a new lawn is like any good adventure: preparation and planning are key. No matter which planting method you plan to use, you need to prepare the area thoroughly to banish weeds and make sure soil won't immediately crust over or compact into lumpy ruts. John Griggs, a master gardener in West Virginia, says the most important step and one that many gardeners skip is testing the pH of your soil. Do-it-yourself test kids are available from nurseries and catalogs, or you can take advantage of the testing offered by your state's designated agricultural university. "It might seem like a hassle, but testing your soil will save you from pouring money into the ground," John says.

    Start by stripping the area of all weeds, including roots, even if that means taking off the top six inches. Then rototill to a depth of at least six inches to loosen compaction and improve drainage. It's extremely important to add loam and compost to enrich the soil; many experts suggest mixing equal parts of loam, sand and your original topsoil. You're best off in the long run if you incorporate a slight slope to facilitate drainage and prevent pooling. Finally, use a roller to pack down the soil, then grade the area with a metal rake. Be as thorough as you can remember, once you've put your seed or sod down, you can't go back and regrade.

    No question but rolling out a carpet of sod is the quickest way to a beautiful lawn. But sod can get expensive, especially if your lawn is going to cover a large area. The alternative is seeding the area yourself, either by hand or with a method called hydroseeding, which has recently become quite popular. Long used by farmers to sow large fields, hydroseeding solves one of the main problems of hand seeding: even dispersal of seeds. The grass seed a mix of varieties blended for your climate and the type of use your lawn will get is mixed into a pulp made from virgin wood fibers, fertilizer and binding agents.

    When it comes to sharing lawn secrets, the first one on many garden experts' lips is mowing height. "Most people mow their lawns way too short, which stresses out the grass," says Paul James, host of Gardening by the Yard. The secret, he says, is do less, not more: "I'm a great believer in benign neglect." He recommends raising the mower to the highest possible notch so you're mowing only the top third of the grass when you cut. Taller grass promotes better root development, Paul says, as well as shading the ground so it doesn't dry out as fast. An added benefit: the taller grass blocks the sun that weed seeds require to germinate. And don't believe for a moment that leaving grass taller is going to mean mowing more often, says Gary. "There's a big misunderstanding that a lot of people have that if they cut it shorter, they won't have to mow it as often," say Gary. "But that's absolutely false; it renews itself so fast that it doesn't save you any time."

    "Water only once a week, but water deep" is the rule according to Paul. A weekly soaking helps roots extend deeper into the soil, while frequent shallow waterings tend to lead to thatch, that unsightly web of dry brown runners just above the soil. Watering deeply can also prevent chinch bugs, a pest that tends to attach dried, stressed out lawns across the midsection of the country. To figure out how much water your lawn needs, take your soil type into account: sandy soils dry out faster, while clay soils hold moisture longer and don't require watering as often.

    For a newly seeded lawn, water every day for five to 10 minutes only. Your goal is to dampen the seeds without causing runoff that might wash them away or mar the surface with gullies. After the seeds sprout and the new grass is a half inch tall, water once a day for 15 to 20 minutes.

    Even the healthiest lawn gets hungry and needs a solid meal. Twice a year, spring and fall, is the bare minimum most experts recommend for fertilization, though some add a feeding in the middle of the summer. But beware the common N-P-K (nitrogen-phosphate-potassium) fertilizers popular with most gardeners, says Gary; they don't provide everything your hungry grass needs. Instead, he recommends a complete fertilizer that includes micronutrients such as sulfur, copper and iron. "Just like you take a multivitamin, your grass needs one too," says Gary. In addition to regular fertilizing, he recommends an application of dolomitic lime every few years. This is because watering and fertilizing cause soil to become acidic over time and lime restores the pH while putting important minerals like calcium and magnesium back into the soil. In some Western areas, soils are naturally alkaline and may not have this problem, so it's best to test your soil's pH first.

    No doubt about it, crabgrass is the bane of every lawn gardener's existence. But that doesn't mean herbicides are essential to a healthy lawn; in fact, many experts avoid them. The true secret to banishing weeds, they say, is to grow such healthy grass that it chokes out the invaders naturally. Mowing regularly helps too, because it tops off weeds like dandelions and crabgrass before they have a chance to scatter their seeds. When you do find yourself compelled to do battle against a path of weeds, Paul recommends using one of the new "natural" herbicides that derive their potency from corn gluten, salts from fatty acids or other nonchemical sources.

    When grass gets too compacted, nutrients can't penetrate to the root system where they're most needed. That's where aeration poking holes in your lawn to improve oxygen circulation comes in. Most people aerate with a simple tool that looks like two hollow tubes attached to the end of a long handle. Of course, you can also just waltz around your lawn in spiked sports shoes that works fairly well too.

    Some lawns have finer textures (think golf courses), while others feel like Astroturf under your feet. There are hundreds of types of grass available, and new varieties are developed every year.

    As with all plant choices, climate plays a big role in determining which type of grass will work best for you soil type, rainfall and other factors also come into it. As a general rule, cool-season grasses go dormant during the warm weather, and warm-season grasses go dormant during the coolest months of the year; in areas where it's possible to have a green lawn all year round, you want a mixture of both these types. "I've lived in seven different states and I've had seven different lawns," says master gardener John Griggs, who believes a local nursery is one of the best sources of information on which type of grass will work best in your area. Here's a list of the most popular choices:

    Popular warm-season grasses:

    Popular cool-season grasses:

    Grasses for special needs:

    See the article here:
    Basic Lawn Care Tips | HGTV

    Green Solutions – Tampa Lawn Care And Pest Control Service - October 7, 2018 by admin

    Green Solutions Lawn Care & Pest Control

    We help customers beautify and preserve the outdoor landscapes and keep their indoor dwellings pest-free with environmentally responsible solutions of customer-valued quality and service. Keeping your lawn, shrubs and trees in great shape is our specialty. Preventing and controlling pests that would harm your children and pets is our passion.

    If you live in the Tampa Bay area and you need assistance maintaining a pest-free home, look no further. Are pest control programs that emphasize a family-friendly approach important to you? Great! Thats what we have shaped our pest control programs around. If you are looking for a green approach to indoor or outdoor pest control, we can help you. Fleas and ticks do not have to be a part of your family life, and your pets do not have to live with these problems either. Despite our warm Florida weather, roaches and ants dont have to be tolerated. Our approach makes the exterminator man of the past look like a cave man.

    Keeping the grass in your lawn green, healthy, and free of weeds is our core strength. We can also keep your shrubs, bushes, palms, and small trees looking great. It does not matter if you have St Augustine grass, Zoysia, Bermuda, or Bahia grass. We have been doing this since 1991. How many other companies do you know where the 2 owners have actual Bachelor of Science degrees in Turf Grass Management from University of Georgia and Auburn University?

    We protect and beautify your property and home, giving you peace of mind and enjoyment. We are Green Solutions Lawn Care & Pest Control serving all of Hillsborough County from South Tampa to Lutz and Brandon to Fish Hawk Ranch and all area in between.

    Get a complete turf and ornamental evaluation followed by a treatment plan to give you a healthy green lawn.

    Ornamental plants and shrubs get specific fertilizer applications and timely disease and insect treatments.

    Traditional or green pest control programs are available to keep your home free of insects. Find out more today.

    FREE one time outdoor fire ant treatment (up to 3500 sq. feet) when signing up for any service. Keep Fire ants away year round with $49.99 Quarterly Fire ant protection. Only $34.99 additional when adding it to any yearly service.

    Offer only valid for 5k square feet and under.

    Fight off mosquitos for $59! Try our preventative treatment and see if its right for you. Or enjoy one month free for signing up for a year of service and our monthly billing program.

    Offer only valid for 5k square feet and under.

    Fight off Fleas and Ticks for $59! Try our preventative treatment and see if its right for you. Or enjoy one month free for signing up for a year of service and our monthly billing program.

    Offer only valid for 5k square feet and under.

    Contact Us Today To Save

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    Green Solutions - Tampa Lawn Care And Pest Control Service

    NaturaLawn – Organic Lawn Care Treatment Company - September 17, 2018 by admin

    Thanks for helping me transform an ugly duckling into a swan. You deserve the Best in Yard Improvement Award!

    Gail Meador Glen Allen, VA

    A walk around my yard compels me to set aside time to tell you how pleased I am with the condition and appearance of my lawn. I have heard for years that one could not establish a decent lawn in Richmond without devoting a tremendous amount of time, energy and money to getting it done. I took that as a challenge. Despite my best efforts, including a fair run with another lawn care service, the results were disappointing. I began to believe that story.My experience with NaturaLawn of America, however, belies that lore. Since I started with you last year, the improvement has been miraculous. My lawn is thick, green, nearly devoid of weeds and growing in spots it never grew before. Its the best looking lawn in the neighborhood! In addition, with two indoor/outdoor pets, my wife and I have far fewer concerns about health risks for them because of your system!

    Joe Sullivan Richmond, VA

    My lawn is beautiful. It has never looked this good. It looks like lush green velvet. We only had one dandelion this spring and it was on the edge of our property, so it must have been the neighbors!

    Jennifer L. Lloyd Bear, DE

    We have been very pleased with NaturaLawn of America. The service is prompt and friendly. The results have been gratifying. Our lawn looks lush and green and we have received many compliments. I highly recommend the service. And of course, its organic-based!

    George Reed Newton, CT

    Our lawn looks fantastic! Please continue the no-chemicals approach for my lawn! Thanks!

    Julie Hepburn Leawood, KS

    For over 22 years, NaturaLawn of America has been creating naturally beautiful lawns that are safer for you, your family, pets and the environment. Of course our satisfied customers say its best!In less than a year, my lawn has gone from one of the worst on the block to among the best. This is quite an accomplishment considering we have well water and, therefore, never water the lawn. The service is also top notch friendly, knowledgeable and always willing to explain why theyre doing what theyre doing.

    Stewart Kaufman Southbury, CT

    NaturaLawn of America has cared for my lawns now for 10 years (2 houses) and I am completely satisfied with your company. My service technician is friendly, caring and knowledgeable. Im happy with the results, how you care for my lawn and the prices you charge happy enough that I recommend you to others and I tear up ads from competitors without even reading them.My husband and I are currently acquiring a house in New Hampshire. There is no question that I will want NaturaLawn of America service at that house. It is a true pleasure to work with a national company that treats their customers in a local business manner.

    Anne Bullitt Newark, DE

    Im just dropping you a note to let you know that we are very pleased with your lawn service, the way we are treated and the beautification of our lawn. Many families have seen our lawn and are very impressed by the way it looks. They are even more impressed that you are an organic-based company and use 85% less chemicals and pesticides. We have referred many of our friends and neighbors and will continue to refer people as the opportunity arises.

    Jack & Sherrie Decker Plainview, MN

    Our lawn is beautiful. Thank you for the great results AND for protecting my family and the environment from unnecessary chemicals and pesticides. Its nice to have a lawn care company that is concerned about my lawn, my family and the environment. When people are looking for a healthy, nice lawn, friendly service AND a safer lawn care option, I highly recommend they call NaturaLawn of America.

    Pete Plimmer Wilmington, DE

    You are doing a great job! We are glad we switched to NaturaLawn of America and are spreading the word about the super job you do.

    Steve Pfannenstein Rockville, MN

    I just want to thank you for all the years of guidance and wonderful service that you provided to us. As first-time homebuyers, we were unaware of the constant maintenance a lawn requires. We have been using your service since 1997 and our lawn went from dirt to a plush velvet yard. We have received many compliments on our wonderful yard thanks to the service you provided year after year. We have and will always continue to recommend you to others.

    Michele Sawyer Richmond, VA

    Our yard was in terrible shape when we bought our home. Being first-time homeowners, we were unsure how to tackle the daunting task of improving our yard. We contacted NaturaLawn of America for assistance. Within a week, they were at our home beginning the process of turning our yard around. After 2 weeks we saw significant improvement. We are extremely happy and couldnt be more pleased with the service and dedication that NaturaLawn of America has shown in turning our yard around. We would recommend them to anyone!

    Brian Cleland Belleville, IL

    The family who built our three-year old house was unsuccessful in two attempts to seed a lawn. Our grass was in terrible shape; but as a mother and pet owner, I was unwilling to load it up with nasty chemicals. Instead, I called NaturaLawn of America. We now have a beautiful healthy lawn that I can feel good about. And my husband touts our organic lawn to anyone who will lend and ear.

    Susan Horne Aurora, OH

    I wanted to write and let you know how pleased I am with NaturaLawn of America. I had never used a lawn service before. Im against putting more chemicals into the environment, so I decided to see what you could do organically. My lawn was 1 years old builder grade seed on builder soil! It was a lawn in need of some help, but I didnt know how wonderful it could look.Two days ago, my neighbor (who used one of the top chemical lawn companies) sounded a little baffled and asked what I do to my lawn It looks like a carpet! We just smiled and said NaturaLawn of America. Thats when I took a good look at my lawn and everyone elses - our lawn is thick and green. Despite the recent drought, despite our lack of attention to our lawn, and despite its humble beginnings, it is a magnificent piece of work.

    Paul & Doris Pavlichek Mount Airy, MD

    This is our second year with NaturaLawn of America and I cant say how much we appreciate your work. The yard is awesome!

    Don Strei Elk River, MN

    Before Mosquito Ranger, we couldnt enjoy our yard. Weve been using them for years, and we still have honeybees and other insects just no mosquitoes. Anthony is a very courteous, dependable and thorough technician.

    Tracey M Wilmington, DE

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    NaturaLawn - Organic Lawn Care Treatment Company

    Lawns: spring and summer care/RHS Gardening - September 6, 2018 by admin

    Below are some of the tasks to undertake over spring and summer:

    This is the most obvious (and one of the most important) maintenance task over spring and summer. Mowing regularly keeps the lawn in good health. See our advice on lawns: mowing for more on the different cutting heights and mowing frequencies recommended in spring and summer.

    Moss is a problem in damp, poorly drained lawns. Spring is a good time to remedy moss problems. There are several options for dealing with moss in lawns, see our advice on moss in lawns for further detail.

    In mid-spring (often late March to April), use a proprietary spring or summer lawn fertiliser at the manufacturers recommended rates. Feeding the lawn will increase vigour and help prevent weeds and moss from establishing. Apply fertilisers when the soil is moist, or when rain is expected.

    If grass loses its vigour and freshness between late spring and late summer (often May to August), repeat the application of spring or summer lawn fertiliser or apply 15g per sq m (oz per sq. yd) sulphate of ammonia mixed with four times its weight dry soil. Mixing with soil ensures even distribution and avoids scorching the grass. Apply this mixture in cool, moist conditions and lightly water it in. As an organic alternative, use chicken manure pellets. Repeat fertiliser application a third time if needed six to eight weeks later.

    Do not apply spring or summer lawn fertilisers, chicken manure pelletsor sulphate of ammonia after August. They contain too much nitrogen for autumn use, encouraging green leafy growth at the wrong time of year, when it could be damaged by winter cold or pests and disease.

    After moss or weeds have been removed, or where grass is growing sparsely, over-seeding may be necessary. Early autumn is the best time for this job, but mid-spring is also suitable.

    In heavily used areas, choose a hardwearing utility mix containing ryegrass. Most lawn grasses do not thrive in shade, so for these areas choose a shade-tolerant mix.

    Even if lawns turn brown and dry over summer, they usually recover well when rains return. Watering is usually not necessary over summer. See our advice on lawns: care duringdrought for more on limiting damage and conserving water in the lawn.

    If you do have to water the lawn and maintain a green sward, water when the soil becomes dry, but before the grass turns yellow or brown. If the ground is very hard, aerate it by spiking with a garden fork before watering, to aid water penetration.

    Watering once a week to every 10 days is normally sufficient. Ensure that the water reaches a depth of 10cm (4in) after each watering. In the middle of summer 1 sq m (1 sq yd)needs about 20-litres (5 gallons) every seven days.

    Lawns from turf should be left completely un-used for their first week. Lawns from seed should be left un-used until their first mowing. Avoid using new lawns heavily in their first season.

    Newly laid lawns can be fed like established lawns. They need watering, but should not be over watered, as this may result in shallow rooting and poor establishment.

    For advice on aftercare of newly sown lawns, see our advice on lawns from seed.

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    Lawns: spring and summer care/RHS Gardening

    Lawn Doctor – Official Site - July 6, 2018 by admin

    The single biggest difference between Lawn Doctor and other lawn care providers boils down to one simple premise: we care more. Its the kind of caring that can only come from being the business owner. One that lives, works, and is a part of the community they serve.Through our lawn care services we create a healthy lawn that you can take pride in.

    Why Lawn Doctor?

    What our customers are saying

    Love this company! They make sure I have the nicest lawn on the block! Plus they spray for mosquitoes which is awesome for events or parties in the summer!

    Great customer service. Its nice when you call and the owner actually talks to you. I am so pleased with my lawn seeding and fertilizing. I now have them doing my moms lawn. Highly recommended them.

    We went from having the worst looking yard on the block to neighbors asking us who is doing our lawn servicing. They are very responsive to questions and good with problem solving. Highly recommended.

    Ready for a greener, more enjoyable lawn? Call today for a free lawn care estimate. Each of our lawn care service experts work to understand the needs of each customer with a comprehensive FREE Lawn Evaluation of his or her landscape or yard.

    Once we have determined your lawns problems, we figure out the ideal lawn care solution for you, from a single lawn care treatment to ongoing yard maintenance. Every landscape is different, so we will customize a lawn care solution to address your lawns specific requirements. Lawn Doctors advantage is our local lawn care professionals who know all about your areas specific characteristics, from weather to soil types.

    Contact us for a FREE Lawn Evaluation or contact the Lawn Doctor in your area to learn more about our local yard care services.

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    Lawn Doctor - Official Site

    Welcome to Lawn | DIY Landscaping & Lawncare … - June 29, 2018 by admin

    Having a green lawn is a mark of pride for many homeowners. A beautiful, lush, and natural-looking lawn becomes a big part of how they come to define home.

    When you consider your own landscaping options, there might be some decisions on whether to hire professional lawn care or if you can do it yourself. This article will outline some of the basic considerations youll face so you can approach do-it-yourself lawn care with confidence.

    Every solid project requires a good foundation. The foundation for a good lawn is the soil in which it grows. If you have soil issues, you will have lawn issues. Perform a soil test for your lawn soil. This will give you valuable information on what your soil has and what you need to add to it.

    There are do-it-yourself kits available from some lawn care services or lawn and garden shops. The cooperative extension offices in many states will also test soil for free or for a low fee. Private companies also provide kits and testing for a fee. Once you get the results returned, you will see what you may need to add to the soil in order to get the lawn of your dreams.

    The type of grass you have in your yard depends on your location. For people living in the hot areas of Florida and other subtropical zones, St. Augustine is likely the local neighborhood favorite. In other areas of the country, there are additional options. Tall fescue or Bermuda are both popular choices in many areas of the country.

    If you are aware of the type of grass you have in your yard and are content with its health and the way it looks, simply learn more about how to treat it well. If you are starting fresh, make sure you select a grass that thrives in your geographic area. One good tip is to locate the best-looking lawn in your neighborhood and initiate a conversation with the owner. They can give you a good idea of what types of seed, fertilizer and watering schedules might also work well in your yard.

    Most grasses require at least four hours of sunlight every day. If you have an area that doesnt receive that much sun, you still likely have a couple of options to get the lawn you desire.

    Find a seed mix that works well in the shade. Many fescue blends, for example, will work very well for you in the shade. That is great news for people that live further north, as well. In the south, St. Augustine is often the grass selected because it grows well in shady areas.

    Planting new grass is actually a simple procedure for most homeowners.

    Fertilizing provides your lawn with the nutrients it needs to grow thick and green. In order to fertilize a sizable lawn you will need a spreader. Spreaders come in two varieties: drop and broadcast.

    Drop spreaders drop the fertilizer directly below the spreader, while broadcast spreaders drop fertilizer in a pattern out and away from the spreader. Drop spreaders are more accurate while broadcast spreaders cover larger areas in a shorter amount of time.

    You should do both during the cooler parts of the spring and fall. In southern states, you can do it in the Spring between February and April. in the Fall, you would look at doing it between October and November. In the northern states, the Spring seeding would be handled from April to early June, while the fall seeding might occur between September and early October.

    Go here to read the rest:
    Welcome to Lawn | DIY Landscaping & Lawncare ...

    Greensleeves Lawn Care: Lawn Treatment Services - June 28, 2018 by admin

    At Greensleeves Lawn Care, the difference is in the detail. Alongside our seasonal services, we also offer specialist treatments to tackle a wide range of lawn problems. Our highly trained lawn experts will come and personally assess your lawn to decide what course of action is best. With many years of experience, we have seen lawns affected by seasons, bug infestations, and many more issues. With that experience comes a great deal of knowledge and understanding of how to treat your lawn to get it back to its best! No two lawns are the same, which is why we tailor your personalised lawn treatment plan.

    Thousands of happy customers choose us to look after their lawn every year, and have done since 1998! We are the nations trusted lawn care experts, and we are proud of our friendly approach, specialised treatments, and effective services. We truly care about getting you a perfect lawn, as we understand how relaxing and satisfying it can be to sit back in a beautiful garden. Caring for your lawn yourself can be timely and costly, which is why we are here to take the hard work away.

    Greensleeves lawn treatments are designed to tackle moss and weeds, to develop a deep, green, lush colour. All treatments are bespoke and carefully designed by the Greensleeves team to feed and protect your lawn. If you have a damaged lawn that looks beyond repair, you may not need a full lawn renovation, just some specialist knowledge and lawn TLC. We will assess the extent of the damage and create a bespoke solution that works for you.

    To create a beautiful, complete garden experience, we also offer solutions for stubborn weeds on your driveway or patio. We can treat those weeds at the same time as your regular treatment whilst preventing further growth. At Greensleeves Lawn Care, we dont just consider the look of your lawn. We care about every detail from the health of the grass, the lawn bed, your hard surfaces and preparing your garden for each coming season.

    Alongside visiting your lawn to provide seasonal lawn treatments, Greensleeves are also available for a friendly chat and to provide lawn advice as you need it. Our local experts will be more than happy to talk and share their wealth of experience by providing you with advice in best practise lawn care and handy tips. For day-to-day lawn care, such as mowing and watering your lawn, we have lots of helpful information on our website and when visiting your lawn in person.

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    Greensleeves Lawn Care: Lawn Treatment Services

    Jacksonville, FL Lawn Care Service | Lawn Mowing from $19 … - June 28, 2018 by admin

    In Jacksonville, Lifes a BeachJacksonville is a great place to live with a spectacular year-round climate, die-hard sports fans, plenty of entertainment and rich arts, affordable housing, and employment opportunities. Out of all of the wonderful things that Jacksonville has to offer, the River City by the Sea is probably most known and appreciated for its outdoor recreation. National Geographic Adventure magazine ranked Jacksonville as one of the Top Six Beach Towns in the US.

    Speaking of rankings, Forbes magazine ranked Jacksonville as number two in their 10 Cities Americans Are Moving to Right Now. With all the hype, its no wonder so many young professionals are flocking here! Aside from Jacksonville, Floridas most populated city, communities in the metro area include Atlantic Beach, Orange Park, Fernandina Beach, Green Cove Springs, Jacksonville Beach, Macclenny, Callahan, Neptune Beach, St. Augustine and St. Augustine Beach.

    No matter if youre living in Jacksonville or one of the wonderful suburbs surrounding the city, chances are youre active and stay pretty busy. And although mowing the lawn is a fun way to stay in shape on Sundays, we can safely assume you have a list as long as Floridas beach line naming all of the weekend activities youd rather be doing on the weekend. Let the LawnStarter take care of all of your Jacksonville lawn care needs! Whether its picking weeds, bush trimming, lawn mowing or anything else we got you covered.

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