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    Bird B Gone Bird Slope Panels Awarded Several Patents for Effective, Humane Bird Control - October 20, 2014 by admin

    Irvine, CA (PRWEB) October 20, 2014

    Bird-B-Gone, the leader in bird control products for commercial, industrial and residential applications was recently awarded another patent for its Bird Slope panels. Invented by Bird B Gones founder, Bruce Donoho, the uniquely designed Bird Slope now holds a total of five patents.

    While similar sloped panels exist, they are often either too small or too large to be effective. If the panel is too narrow to cover the entire perching area, a bird will simply land above or below it, rendering it essentially useless. Conversely, a sloped panel that is too large for a particular perch can be unsteady and aesthetically unpleasing. The wide range of possible deployment surfaces and shapes creates a considerable problem in the manufacturing and distribution of sloped bird deterrent products.

    Bird B Gones Bird Slope solves this problem by expanding or contracting its width to fit a variety of different perching areas. This is accomplished by using an extendable panel that alters the effective height of the face. The new panels can be angled between 20 and 80 degrees for the most effective bird control in a variety of venues and to deter many bird species. The panels are ideal for use on open ledges that meet at a 90-degree angle. Bird pests cant get a grip on these angled, slippery PVC panels and slide off whenever they try to land. Effective against all types of birds, the sloped panels install easily under eaves, on ledges, beams and similar areas frequented by pest birds.

    Bird Slope is available in 4-foot long sections and includes 48 feet per box. The panels are glued to virtually any flat surface. Special mounting clips allow the panels to be easily installed vertically on the sides of buildings. Some panels have end caps to prevent birds from getting behind them.

    To blend in with its surroundings, Bird Slope is available in two colors--stone and grey. Each panel is made of UV-protected PVC material for lasting durability in hot sun and harsh weather. For those who need to install bird deterrents next to electrical wiring, the panels are non-conductive for extra safety. A glue trough on the underside of each panel makes for easy installation using standard outdoor polyurethane adhesive.

    Besides being unsightly, pest bird droppings contain acids that can corrode metal, plastic and many other materials. This can jam up windows and doors. Bird droppings are also unhealthy. They can carry any of 60 known diseaseslike salmonellosis. This makes pest birds particularly hazardous in areas where food is stored, processed or served. Bird droppings on walkways and entryways to a commercial building can create serious slip-and-fall hazards. Failing to implement an effective bird deterrent strategy can result in expensive cleanups, repairs and even legal liabilities

    Bird-B-Gone is the worlds largest manufacturer and distributor of bird control products, providing effective and humane solutions to a bird-free environment. The company provides advice, training and installation services for those who need help with these and other bird control measures.

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    Bird B Gone Bird Slope Panels Awarded Several Patents for Effective, Humane Bird Control

    Vegalab LLC to Participate in the CAPCA Conference in California - October 18, 2014 by admin

    West Palm Beach, FL (PRWEB) October 17, 2014

    Vegalab the formulator and manufacturer of environmentally responsible agricultural products rooted in sustainability, announced today that they will be showcasing their all natural line of sustainable products at this years California Association of Pest Control Advisers(CAPCA) in Anaheim, CA October 19-21 at booth 915.

    Each year thousands of California Pest Control Advisers (PCAs) attend the CAPCA Conference. This years theme is the Green Zone and will feature a series of guest speakers that will discuss pertinent topics affecting the pest management industry today. More than 1,000 licensed PCAs and agriculture professionals from around the country are expected to attend.

    Vegalab will be on hand with their environmentally sustainable products that combat a variety of plant diseases, pests, and nutritional deficiencies affecting commercial farmers. Two of Vegalabs agronomists, Shea Dunifon-Porta and Alejandro Palma, are presenting on the first day and will speak about three of their geraniol based products; Nematode Control, Spore Control and Mildew Control.

    Vegalabs Nematode Control product recently proved to be highly effective in fighting harmful nematodes infestations. Nematode Control is Vegalabs next generation nematicide thats built around their patented proprietary micronization and amplification technologies. Initial compatibility testing on a wide range of crops including tomatoes, cucumbers, melons, and strawberries showed over 80% efficacy. In addition to Nematode Control, other Vegalab products at the show include Spider Mite Control, Larva Bio Control, and their line of Boost products among others.

    Vegalab will also feature their SUPREME GROWERS line of all natural and organic soil amendments. Rooted in more than 20 years of gardening experience and wisdom, Supreme Growers products are made in the USA, are all-natural and are good for year round indoor and outdoor use.

    The CAPCA Conference is a great opportunity to spread awareness about our natural and effective products and interact with California PCAs. Professional farmers and landscapers around the world experience great success with our products and we are certain that California growers will soon experience the similar success, said Jill Duggan, CEO of Vegalab LLC. We currently have several successful trials underway in the state and are well positioned for rapid growth in the California market in 2015.

    About Vegalab LLC Vegalab LLC is a global leader in formulating and manufacturing environmentally responsible agricultural products rooted in sustainability. Their unyielding commitment to produce eco-safe, all natural products that are based on years of biological research and patented technology has positioned the company and its Vegalab and SUPREME GROWERS brands for rapid growth and advancement. The results are breakthrough products that increase productivity, decrease residue in crops, decrease waste and reduces the chemical footprint on the land. Vegalab is an agricultural destination for responsible solutions for farming, landscaping, gardening, and home horticulture. Corporate headquarters is Geneva, Switzerland managed by David Selakovic, President of Vegalab S.A. and North American headquarters is West Palm Beach, Florida managed by Jill Duggan, CEO of Vegalab LLC.

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    Vegalab LLC to Participate in the CAPCA Conference in California

    Rentokil Pest Control Commercial Pest Control for Your … - October 15, 2014 by admin

    Rentokil Pest Control New Zealand works in partnership with all kinds of customers to develop the most effective solutions for you. Let Rentokils proactive Zero Tolerance policy of Exclusion, Restriction and Destruction deliver you maximum protection and peace of mind.

    Contrary to popular belief, we don't like to exterminate things. With the first two deterrents of Exclusion and Restriction in our three-pronged fail-safe programme, we aim to prevent any critters poking their nose into your business. But of course, if the little blighters get past those then we'll deal to them.

    From electronic mouse detection and the "smart" option in insecticides, to interactive online reporting systems, Rentokil Pest Control continually strives to develop solutions that set our industries standards.

    Different businesses face different pest and hygiene risks.

    Choose the right service plan for your business.

    Consistent delivery of service & consolidated reporting across all your sites.

    Helping you to identify and understand common pests.

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    Rentokil Pest Control Commercial Pest Control for Your ...

    Clark Pest Control Commercial 2006 – Video - October 8, 2014 by admin

    Clark Pest Control Commercial 2006

    By: Keith Richardson

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    Clark Pest Control Commercial 2006 - Video

    Taking the RNAi route to disable genes, control pest attack on crops - October 8, 2014 by admin

    Chennai, October 7:

    Biotechnological firms, led by US-based Monsanto and Switzerland-based Syngenta, have come up with a new crop technology called ribonucleic acid interference (RNAi) that will help control insects and pests in a range of crops by disabling their genes.

    The technology, which zeroes in on a genetic sequence unique to a species, will also help protect bees, which are pollinators for one-third of crops in the world.

    RNA, considered a sort of messenger in cells, is a genetic code in every living being for a specific function within a cell for survival.

    RNAi, a discovery that got Nobel prize for Andrew Fire and Craig Mello in 2006, works by interfering with the genetic code or message that RNA carries to protein factories within a cell. A plant cannot produce a particular protein if does not receive any instruction from the RNA code.

    For example, the interference process can be used to disable an enzyme in a cell.

    In soyabean, the technology can be used to specifically target proteins which control plant pigmentation or oil composition.

    A process found in 1990s, RNAi is now increasingly being used in plants. It is a process which scientists claim can kill pests without harming the beneficial ones.

    RNAi is different from the GM technology, in which a gene is injected to kill the pest.

    In the case of RNAi, the technology is specifically targeted to disable the working of a particular cells functioning. Currently, RNAi is being tested in the form of a spray combination on plants.

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    Taking the RNAi route to disable genes, control pest attack on crops

    Morning Update: Dead mice act out plays in strange pest-control ad; Spotify UK revenue rises by 42 per cent - October 8, 2014 by admin

    This is our Morning Update, rounding up international media and marketing news from while you were sleeping.

    AdWeek:Ad of the Day: Dead Mice Act Out Plays in the Strangest Pest-Control Ads Ever

    Youll laugh! Youll cry! You may cringe a bit, too.

    Barton F. Graf 9000s first campaign for Tomcat mouse-killing bait takes an off-off-off-Broadway approach with the introduction of Dead Mouse Theatre. Essentially, its a pair of hands manipulating a couple of fake mice with Xs for eyes. Add some funny character voices and some atonal singing, and youve got some pretty amusing ads.

    Mumbrella Asia:Anti-Occupy Central movement ad calls on police to restore law and order

    A movement that has sprung up in Hong Kong to oppose the Occupy Central pro-democracy protests ran a full-page ad in the South China Morning Post today, calling on the police to restore law and order.

    The ad, which ran on page 5 inthe Posts business section, salutes the local police force and encourages them to Keep it up!.

    Campaign:SSE Maya the Orangutan By Adam & Eve/DDB

    SSE has launched its first ad campaign sinceappointing Adam & Eve/DDB last year. The 90-second spot features a CGI orangutan visiting a city and experiencingenergy. It was created by James Gillham and Graham Cappi.The campaign, which aims to highlight how SSE is trying to make a difference and earn peoples trust, willrun across TV, cinema, outdoor, print and online channels.

    The Guardian:Spotifys UK revenues rose 42% in 2013 as music service turned a profit

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    Morning Update: Dead mice act out plays in strange pest-control ad; Spotify UK revenue rises by 42 per cent

    South African Aerospace Group Exports Own Satellite - October 5, 2014 by admin

    A South African aerospace group Space Commercial Service Holdings (SCSH) just launched its first self-developed export product at the 65th International Astronautical Congress, the worlds most comprehensive annual space conference held in Toronto, Canada, this past week.

    The product called Phoenix-20 HS is a micro-satellite that uses an advanced remote sensing system based on hyperspectral imaging which breaks up images in different spectral bands and enables it to unveil more details of the earths surface. It has many practical uses for instance monitoring the health of agriculture crops for food security, forest canopies to enable early warnings for pest control, soils and vegetation restoration after mining operations, aquatic ecosystems for future water resource, mapping of natural vegetation, shoreline changes, the effect of climate change and the management of natural disasters.

    The Phoenix was introduced in a paper delivered at one of the 29 symposia held between 29 September and 3 October where 3000 space professionals gathered for the worlds premier space event at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre. The SCSH group exhibited on the South African Department of Trade and Industries pavilion.

    Our biggest breakthrough with this product was firstly to reduce the weight and therefore the cost of the satellite dramatically compared to other satellites doing the same work, and secondly to deliver a usable signal to noise ratio for a compact satellite, says Dr. Sias Mostert, CEO of the Somerset West-based Space Commercial Service Holdings (SCSH) Aerospace Group.

    With the launch costs of satellites making a significant contribution to the viability of a mission and by keeping the total weight of the Phoenix-20 HS below 24kg we are now in the position to deliver the total package between US$2,5m and US$4m depending on the requirements of the client. This is a fraction of the cost previously paid for satellites fulfilling the same functions. It is also ideally suited for constellation deployment, which provides the Earth Observation Community with a valuable new tool designed to address both traditional and niche markets not serviced by current satellites, says Dr. Mostert.

    The Phoenix is available in two options either with a design lifetime of one year and 500km orbital height above the earths surface or a three to five year lifespan at a height between 500 and 700 kilometers. It typically takes around two years from signing of the contract to the launch of a satellite.

    The design and development of the Phoenix was done by Space Advisory Company (SAC) a subsidiary of SCSH. Duncan Stanton was the Project Manager with Martin Jacobs assisting as mission specialist, Hendrik Burger their chief technical officer and Marcello Bartolini as systems engineer.

    The SCSH group who recently established their headquarters in the Somerset Links Business Park consists of a number of subsidiary companies, all specializing in different aspects of the high-tech small satellite industry, and brought with it 48 on-site personnel to Somerset West. This is made up of 37 electrical, mechanical and process engineers, and some 9 specialists in the field of IT, Geo-Risk Management, Geo Information Systems, and Social Development. The balance of staff is made up of sales, marketing, management and administrative personnel.

    Caption 1 Phoenix Team -Some members of the Phoenix-20 HS design team with an artists impression of the product are Duncan Stanton project manager, Hendrik Burger chief technical officer, and Marcello Bartolini systems engineer.

    Caption 2 Phoenix in orbit -An artists impression of the Phoenix-20 HS, a wholly designed South African product.

    South African Aerospace Group Exports Own Satellite

    American Pest Partners With Breast Care For Washington - October 2, 2014 by admin

    Washington, DC (PRWEB) October 01, 2014

    The interest, concern and subject of breast cancer has captured the attention of people worldwide. Of whom, hundreds of thousands will unite this October with a determined resolve to bring increasing awareness to preventing this deadly disease.

    American Pest has a unique opportunity to give back to its community by announcing its partnership with Breast Care for Washington, a D.C. organization that provides no-cost mammograms, clinical breast screenings, and access to ongoing breast cancer treatment.

    It has been determined that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer during her lifetime and American Pest is committed to making it possible for women to receive advanced breast cancer screenings and breast education regardless of the ability to pay.

    American Pest officials have stated, For each residential program service that we provide during the month of October, American Pest will donate $1 to Breast Care for Washington, a D.C. non-profit organization that assists uninsured women by providing no-cost mammograms, healthcare education, clinical breast examinations and patient navigation services. American Pest is pleased to bring further awareness to breast cancer prevention in our nations capital.

    Breast Cancer for Washington was founded in 2012 and is a newly incorporated non-profit breast cancer screening organization. The organizations purpose is to enhance access to breast cancer care and treatment among medically underserved women in the greater Washington D.C. area. 3D mammography is the most advanced technology available for breast cancer screening and Breast Care For Washington is the first and only provider with the latest 3D technology east of the Anacostia River.

    American Pest also encourages everyone to share your support by visiting and making a charitable donation.


    About American Pest

    American Pest, founded in 1925, is a professional pest management company providing residential, commercial, and industrial pest control services to Maryland, Northern Virginia and the D.C. Metro. For more information, please visit or follow American Pest on Facebook or Twitter.

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    American Pest Partners With Breast Care For Washington

    Apiary expert in Mystic today to spread word of Monsanto's bee health efforts - September 24, 2014 by admin

    Published September 24. 2014 4:00AM

    Mystic - Jerry Hayes is a little like an itinerant preacher, traveling the country to inspire the already faithful and maybe convert some doubters.

    Hayes, a veteran expert in honey bee health based at Monsanto's St. Louis headquarters, is visiting the company's Mystic office to give a talk today to staff and members of the public about promising work to develop a biological remedy for varroa mites, the parasite that carries numerous viruses to commercial and backyard bee colonies.

    The use of chemical pesticides to control varroa mites, first found in this country in 1987, is believed to be one of the main factors in the "perfect storm" of forces causing Colony Collapse Disorder, the name for the phenomena that first began wiping out hives in 2006.

    Hayes said he's been giving talks like this at various locations both to educate Monsanto staff and the public about a relatively new line of work going on at the international agricultural products company.

    "With the public," he said, "one of my big struggles is that everybody hates Monsanto."

    While he will address the often contentious issue of the company's work with genetically modified organisms, or GMOs, if someone in the audience brings it up, the main subject of his talk will be the promising research toward developing a biological control that would enable beekeepers to control varroa mites without using pesticides. Called Remembee, the product, which would enable bees to acquire genetic resistance to the mites, is about five to seven years from being commercially available, he said.

    Monsanto took on the project when it acquired the Israeli company Beelogics in 2011, and the technology has potential applications for other crop pest control needs, he said.

    "For the Monsanto staff, it's motivating for them to hear that their company is working on improving honey bee health," he said.

    "For the public," said Hayes, who was the chief of the apiary section for the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services before joining Monsanto in 2012, "I want them to pause and think about this a little more. The government and the USDA have not been able to do anything" to combat Colony Collapse Disorder but a private corporation may be closing in on a solution.

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    Apiary expert in Mystic today to spread word of Monsanto's bee health efforts

    Bird B Gone Offers Expanding Library of Instructional Bird Control Product Videos - September 18, 2014 by admin

    Irvine, CA (PRWEB) September 18, 2014

    Bird B Gone, the leader in bird control products for commercial, industrial and residential applications offers an ever-expanding library of instructional product videos to help professional installers solve pest bird problems.

    The videos cover Bird B Gones growing line of bird control productseverything from Bird Spikes to Electric Track Systems. Created by bird control experts, Bird B Gones instructional product videos not only show how to install their products, they help installers determine which bird control product is best suited for any particular venue and bird. You get a lot of useful information in a short period of time by watching these installation videos, says David Smith, Director of Sales at Bird B Gone And if you need additional help or information, were always available to help.

    The videos are ideal for prospects as well as customers. This is perfect for new installers who have the capability but need a little training before taking on a job, says Smith. Now in addition to attending Bird B Gone University or having a member of the sales team come on-site for training, installers can watch the videos and learn how to install Bird B Gone products.

    Bird B Gone also offers commercial installation videos in Spanish. Available on YouTube, each video provides an informative overview of how to install their bird control products. We are now able to reach and help a wider range of customers, as many of them speak Spanish. Just like our English videos, the Spanish versions are perfect for new installers who have the capability but need a little training before taking on a job, says Smith.

    The videos can be viewed through the companys YouTube channel and on Further instruction on installing the companys products are available through Bird B Gone University or training at the companys Irvine, California headquarters. Bird B Gones on-site training is ideal for more complex bird control jobs. The companys experienced sales team provides valuable assistance in choosing and installing the right bird control product for any specific application. Whether its a bird repellent or bird deterrent, comprehensive training classes provide the when, where and how of proper bird control. Group training programs provide an ideal way to involve every member of a companys team in bird control projects.

    Bird B Gone is the worlds largest manufacturer and distributor of bird control products, providing effective and humane solutions to a bird-free environment. Since 1992, Bird B Gone products have helped solve pest bird problems in commercial, industrial and residential settings across the globe. Bird B Gone proudly manufactures their products in the USA, ensuring they meet the highest quality standards in the industry.

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    Bird B Gone Offers Expanding Library of Instructional Bird Control Product Videos

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