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    The progress of a society may be judged by the way in which it disposes of its human waste material, and thus by the quality of its sewerage system (Mumford 1961, chap. 8). In the ancient world, the Greeks and Romans put great emphasis upon town planning. Roman cities were famed for their sewers, drains, aqueducts, paved streets, and roads. Domestic plumbing ranged from marble bathrooms with under-floor heating and indoor toilets in upmarket villas to basic latrine provision for the Roman army, as found, for example, alongside Hadrians Wall in northern Britain (Greed 2003). Following the decline of the Roman Empire, waste disposal returned to more primitive methods. Most ordinary people used an outdoor privy, while nobles often had an indoor toilet built out from the wall of their castle, hanging over the moat. In the Christian West during the Middle Ages, indoor plumbing, or for that matter personal hygiene and privacy, were not highly esteemed marks of civilization or progress, although washing and bathing, and bathhouses, were given higher priority in the Muslim East (Bonneville 1997).

    In urban areas, the emptying of chamber pots straight into the street, and the accumulation of piles of human waste, resulted in disease and an unpleasant urban environment. Night-soil men were often employed to collect excreta, which was spread on the fields as fertilizer. Although Sir John Harrington had developed an indoor flushing toilet for Queen Elizabeth I in 1596, it was not until the rise of mass industrialization and urbanization in the nineteenth century that domestic toilets were mass-produced in northern England. Flushing technology was improved through the efforts of inventive manufacturers such as John Shanks, George Jennings, Alexander Cummings, and Thomas Crapper in the United Kingdom (Reyburn 1969) and Thomas Maddocks, John Randall Mann, William Campbell, and Henry Demarest, among others, in the United States (Palmer 1973). Early toilet manufacturers were generally companies that had first made their name in the manufacture of china and earthenware. Such English companies as Minton, Twyford, and Doulton adapted their production processes to make porcelain toilet bowls and pans. Toilet design was based upon the sit rather than squat mode of excretion (which required nothing more than a hole in the ground). The sit approach required a specific and highly marketable consumer product, the pedestal toilet, along with all the plumbing fixtures, such as taps (faucets), cisterns, basins, and fittings that together made up the bathroom. Interestingly, urinals for men, although a common feature of public toilets, are not generally a feature of private domestic bathrooms. These artifacts were exported from Britain to the rest of the world as a sign of modernity and Western progress, and were rapidly adopted for fear of being seen as backward or dirty, in spite of the fact that the majority of the worlds population squats when eliminating waste, a position that is ergonomically more healthy and efficient.

    Compartmentalization of production was marked by separate metal-manufacture companies specializing in lead piping, plumbing fixtures, and other nonporcelain components. Nowadays, international toilet companies such as Armitage Shanks, Ideal Standard, and Geberit have diversified to offer a wide range of toilet technologies and materials. Synthetic materials now predominate; piping is made of plastic and the porcelain is more likely to be polymer. Old and widely used lead piping has been condemned as a potential cause of poisoning. (Plumbing gets its name from plomb, the medieval word for lead, as plumbers were essentially lead workers.)

    While in the past, mains drainage and indoor plumbing were a sign of modernity, today people want designer bathrooms, luxury fixtures, power showers, fitted kitchens, and the latest technology. There has been a restroom revolution in Asia in particular, with companies such as Toto producing complete prefabricated bathroom units for the Japanese housing market, all the components being made together. Colored polyester resins, modern plastics, and marble and granite composites feature strongly in these modern bathroom modules (Greed 2003). Likewise, modern automatic public toilets are fully integrated, prefabricated systems that often use stainless steel and pathogen-resistant polymer materials. However, user-end toilet innovation must be matched by provider-end infrastructural sewerage system provision. The functionality of domestic toilets is dependent on there being a working sewerage system to take away output. Alternatively, the output from a luxury bathroom, as is the case in some affluent areas in developing countries, might end up in a cesspool under the house for collection by traditional night-soil operatives. Alternatively, as in some parts of the Americas and Australasia, even upmarket private houses are not served by a municipal sewerage and drainage system, and depend upon their own cesspits, generators, and water tanks.

    Both public and domestic toilet design is becoming increasingly technologically driven, with automatic flushes and sensor-controlled washing-and-drying facilities becoming commonplace. In parallel, environmental sustainability requirements to save water have resulted in a range of dual-flush cisterns, waterless urinals, and human-waste recycling innovations. High levels of toilet provision in every home, along with highly developed sewerage systems, are no longer necessarily seen as signs of progress and economic development. Such assumptions are now being questioned. Many parts of the world are not economically or environmentally in a position to build modern, expensive water and sewerage systems: It is not a high priority. Water is becoming an increasingly expensive and scarce resource; some see it as the new oil in terms of future geopolitical tensions. Far from being a sign of economic development, many see the emphasis upon water-based sewerage systems and flushing toilets as old fashioned, colonial, and unsustainable. Instead, new, more sustainable solutions are being developed, especially within prosperous advanced Asian countries that can afford such research. Such systems will incorporate the most modern technological and scientific advances in the fields of engineering, pathogen control, and urban governance (Chun 2002; Mara 2006).

    SEE ALSO Civilization; Developing Countries; Development; Modernization; Planning; Public Health; Sanitation; Toilets; Urbanization; Water Resources

    Bonneville, Franoise de. 1997. The Book of the Bath. London: Thames and Hudson.

    Chun, Allen. 2002. Flushing in the Future: The Supermodern Japanese Toilet in a Changing Domestic Culture. Post Colonial Studies Journal (The Toilet Issue) 5 (2): 153170.

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    Palmer, Roy. 1973. The Water Closet: A New History. London: David and Charles, Newton Abbot.

    Reyburn, Wallace. 1969. Flushed with Pride: The Story of Thomas Crapper. London: Macdonald.

    Clara Greed

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    Toronto Plumbers | Drain Rescue | 24/7 plumbing service - December 1, 2018 by admin

    At Drain Rescue Plumbers Toronto, we do it all and we do it right the first time! We have a full staff of licensed and trained plumbers, and all our workmanship is warranty-backed. Our Toronto plumber and drain technicians arrive fast with a fully stocked truck, a clean uniform and a smile.

    Sooner or later, every Toronto homeowner will face some kind of plumbing problem. Large or small, simple or complex, with 20 years of industry experience, Drain Rescues Toronto plumbing team has seen and fixed just about everything.

    Discovering a clogged drain is usually a surprising and unwanted event. If you see water building up around a drain in your home and not flowing through like its supposed to, you probably have a clog. We conduct a thorough inspection to locate the clog and promptly remove it.

    Sewer backups are caused by blockages from tree roots, drain line corrosions, improper disposal of grease or paper products, and excess water following a heavy rainfall or flood that leads to sewage flowing out of city sewer lines and into homes through drain pipes. Yikes! If youve got a backed up sewer, its time to get help right away.

    We cant control nature, but theres a lot we can do to protect ourselves and our homes from the damage its capable of causing. Proper household waterproofing and flood protection can save you thousands of dollars over time, not to mention protect your home and the sentimental keepsakes inside of it.

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    Toronto Plumbers | Drain Rescue | 24/7 plumbing service

    Plumbing – How to Hire Professional Plumbers | Angie’s List - November 16, 2018 by admin

    Bathe retro with a $1,000 cast iron clawfoot freestanding tub. Or go futuristic with your soaking comforts as your body listens to music through sound waves emanating from underwater resonant speakers in a tricked out corner tub costing thousands.

    Want something simpler yet still stylish? Soak in the middle of the room in a drop-in tub, starting at $600; or step into a no frills all-purpose $500 alcove tub tucked in three walls, with a showerhead for every day.

    Simple bathtub faucets start around $50 and run 10 times that or more. The average cost to replace an old tub with a new one runs $2,500 to $3,500, according to

    Whatever your preference and price point, theres a tub to sooth. Thats, of course, ifyou want a bathtub.Many homeowners particularly those who dont have young children living with them have thrown the tub out with the bath water in favor of installing a walk-in shower. Just make sure to consider the pros and cons of tub to shower conversions.

    Among popular options, are walk-in showers wrapped in a frameless glass enclosure or tiled walls, with or without a door to seal in the steam. Then theres the choice of what angle you want the water to hit you.

    Options range from the standard wall-mount showerhead, overhead, and handheld showerheads to multiple showerheads that spritz targeted spray, rain and mist. You could spend less than $50 for a basic showerhead, or thousands for a shower system.

    The price to install a shower can range from a hundred or so to put in a showerhead and add a curtain to an alcove tub or $1,000 for a simple shower stall. Expect to pay $5,000 to $10,000 or more for a tiled walk-in shower enclosed in glass.

    You can cut your water consumption during showers nearly in half by installing a low-flow showerhead. This would also make it less likely youll run out of hot water during times of peak water use in your home.

    According tostandards set by the federal government, a low-flow showerhead uses no more than 2.5 gallons of water per minute at a water pressure of 80 pounds per square inch. Thats less than half the rate of water used by some older traditional showerhead models. Low-flow showerheads come in two main types, aerating, which creates a mist, or laminar-flow that sends water out in a steady stream.

    Whether you switch to a low-flow shower head or just want to replace your old one, the steps are simple:

    1. Remove the old showerhead by twisting it to the left. If you need to use a wrench, wrap a soft cloth around the shower head and tighten the wrench around it to prevent scratching the plumbing lines.

    2. Clean off any gunk in the threads of the shower pipe and wrap it with fresh plumber's tape. The tape should overlap itself by about 50 percent as you move across the threads. Wrap clockwise so the tape wraps in the same direction that new head will screw on.

    3. Attach the new showerhead and tighten it as much as you can by hand.

    4. Turn on the shower and watch for leaks. If you see any, wrap the showerhead with the cloth and use the wrench to gently give it one more quarter turn.

    To save water elsewhere in the bathroom, newer faucets come with aerators, which screw on to the tip of the faucet, that reduce flow rates. Check into adding one if yours doesnt already come equipped.

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    Plumbing - How to Hire Professional Plumbers | Angie's List

    PLUMBER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary - November 1, 2018 by admin

    This dip did not, however, remove plumbers from the top echelon of wage-earners.

    For instance, the concept of water is viewed dierently by a thirsty person, a plumber, a chemist, and a painter.

    A good farmer (pianist, husband, acrobat, plumber, etc.) does not ex officio eliminate all the evils he can.

    Over the next few minutes, cleaning personnel, waiters with trays of food, a manicurist, a plumber, and others enter the cabin.

    Electricians, plumbers and steam engineers pursue their respective trades under license.

    For carters and plumbers, as for lawyers, annual stipends are best regarded as retaining fees to ensure adequate service when it was required.

    Even steamfitters, electricians and plumbers are required to have licenses.

    As many readers will appreciate, plumbing was once an unfashionable trade but now the plumbers are more valuable than interior decorators.

    The third category includes most of the skilled artisans, such as bakers, blacksmiths, carpenters, mechanics, plumbers, and tailors as well as skilled factory workers, policemen, and bookkeepers.

    In the course of the meeting, the management finally agreed to bring in a plumber, and both problems (flooded restrooms and paper on the floor) were eventually resolved.

    The first is more like 'craftsmanship' - carpenters, plumbers, etc., are handverkare.

    It is not a function of technique or learning but of sincerity, uncorrupted consciousness; and, presumably, plumbers as well as poets can achieve that rare human condition.

    It should be noted that any simple analogical argument based upon the plumber example is suspect because legislative actions (and intentions?) are institutional (not to mention formal).

    Whilst an operations manual is used as a reference, the main source of operational information is transferred informally between plumbers at season hand-over.

    Occupational classifications do not differentiate between plumbers and gas fittersthey are grouped together within the classification for plumbers, heating and ventilating engineers.

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    PLUMBER | meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary

    Plumber – Career Rankings, Salary, Reviews and Advice | US … - November 1, 2018 by admin

    What is a Plumber? What is a Plumber?

    Plumbers develop blueprints to plan where pipes and fixtures should be plotted in a structure. They also install and connect the piping and fixtures, either working individually or with a team of apprentices and pipefitters. In addition to facilitating water supply from pipes and large fixtures, such as bathtubs, showers, sinks and toilets, plumbers ensure that water reaches appliances like dishwashers and water heaters. The best in the occupation are strong problem-solvers who have mastered customer service and can meet the physical and mechanical demands of the job.

    All it takes is one lousy morning with no running water (or a clogged sink or phantom-flushing toilet) to remind us how dependent we are on the expertise of plumbers. But troubleshooting is just a sliver of their responsibilities.

    General employment within the construction sector is sensitive to changes in the economy. But job growth for plumbers is projected to be faster than the average for all jobs. New buildings and residences are being built to comply with stricter water efficiency standards and companies housed in older structures are hoping to retrofit to use more energy-efficient systems, so opportunities are in abundance. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there should be a hiring spurt of 16 percent for plumbers by the year 2026, which translates to about 75,800 new jobs.

    The median salary for a plumber was $51,450 in 2016, the BLS reports. The best-paid pulled in about $90,530, while those in the bottom 10 percent earned $30,430 a year. Apprentices who are just starting out could make 30 to 50 percent less than a fully trained plumber.

    75th Percentile: $68,770

    Median: $51,450

    25th Percentile: $38,530

    How Much do Plumbers Make in Your City? See current salary offers for jobs in your field.

    How Much do Plumbers Make in Your City?

    Becoming a plumber is a two-pronged process that includes practical training and study. Traditionally, a hopeful plumber begins a four- or five-year apprenticeship program to receive technical education and complete the required hours of on-the-job training under a licensed professional. Plumbers who have successfully completed their apprenticeship are known as journeymen.

    An apprenticeship is the most common pathway to becoming a plumber. Many unions and businesses mandate that an apprentice receive a minimum of 246 hours of technical education, which could include instruction in math, applied physics and chemistry, and up to 2,000 hours of paid, practical training working with an experienced plumber. Safety training is also an important component of the process, since injuries are common in this line of work. "We have many hours worth of [Occupational Safety and Health Administration] training before we go on to a job site," says Patrick Kellett, the administrative assistant to the general president for the United Association of Journeymen and Apprentices of the Plumbing, Pipe Fitting Industry of the United States, Canada and Australia. "We're very conscious of the dangers that come with working in construction."

    To work independently, a plumber is required to receive a license. In most states, the prerequisite for earning this license is two to five years of practical experience. There's also an exam to test technical know-how and understanding of plumbing codes. The United Association's website offers extensive information on licensing requirements by state.

    Average Americans work well into their 60s, so workers might as well have a job thats enjoyable and a career that's fulfilling. A job with a low stress level, good work-life balance and solid prospects to improve, get promoted and earn a higher salary would make many employees happy. Here's how Plumbers job satisfaction is rated in terms of upward mobility, stress level and flexibility.

    Upward Mobility: Below Average Opportunities for advancements and salary

    Stress Level: Average Work environment and complexities of the job's responsibilities

    Flexibility: Above Average Alternative working schedule and work life balance

    Excerpt from:
    Plumber - Career Rankings, Salary, Reviews and Advice | US ...

    The 10 Best Plumbing Services Near Me (with Free Estimates) - November 1, 2018 by admin

    Nationally, the average water heater repair cost ranges between $120 and $200, although prices can range up to $400 or more. Water heater repair costs will depend on the type of water heater you have (tankless, electric, natural gas, etc.), the source of the problem, the cost for new parts, and labor rates in your area. Common water heater issues include problems with the thermocouple, thermostat, heating element and leaks. Most standard electric water heaters have two thermostats and two elements. One example for the cost to replace a bad thermostat is $185 for parts and labor. Replacing both the thermostat and the heating element could cost approximately $150-$200. The thermocouple is a safety device that senses when the pilot light is burning and signals the gas valve to close if the pilot light goes out. If your thermocouple is bad or corroded, the average cost to clean and repair it could be between $350 and $400. If your water heater has started to leak, it is usually more cost-effective to invest in a new water heater than to repair it, unless youre covered by a warranty.

    The rest is here:
    The 10 Best Plumbing Services Near Me (with Free Estimates)

    Plumber Job Description, Duties and Jobs – Part 1 - November 1, 2018 by admin

    1) Assemble pipe sections, tubing and fittings, using couplings, clamps, screws, bolts, cement, plastic solvent, caulking, or soldering, brazing and welding equipment.

    2) Fill pipes or plumbing fixtures with water or air and observe pressure gauges to detect and locate leaks.

    3) Review blueprints and building codes and specifications to determine work details and procedures.

    4) Prepare written work cost estimates and negotiate contracts.

    5) Study building plans and inspect structures to assess material and equipment needs, to establish the sequence of pipe installations, and to plan installation around obstructions such as electrical wiring.

    6) Keep records of assignments and produce detailed work reports.

    7) Perform complex calculations and planning for special or very large jobs.

    8) Locate and mark the position of pipe installations, connections, passage holes, and fixtures in structures, using measuring instruments such as rulers and levels.

    9) Measure, cut, thread, and bend pipe to required angle, using hand and power tools or machines such as pipe cutters, pipe-threading machines, and pipe-bending machines.

    10) Install pipe assemblies, fittings, valves, appliances such as dishwashers and water heaters, and fixtures such as sinks and toilets, using hand and power tools.

    11) Cut openings in structures to accommodate pipes and pipe fittings, using hand and power tools.

    Our Career Interest Test will show you which careers match your interests.

    Our Free Personality Test will show you which careers match your personality and why.

    12) Hang steel supports from ceiling joists to hold pipes in place.

    13) Repair and maintain plumbing, replacing defective washers, replacing or mending broken pipes, and opening clogged drains.

    14) Direct workers engaged in pipe cutting and preassembly and installation of plumbing systems and components.

    15) Install underground storm, sanitary and water piping systems and extend piping to connect fixtures and plumbing to these systems.

    16) Clear away debris in a renovation.

    17) Install oxygen and medical gas in hospitals.

    18) Use specialized techniques, equipment, or materials, such as performing computer-assisted welding of small pipes, or working with the special piping used in microchip fabrication.

    Part 1 Duties / TasksPart 2 ActivitiesPart 3 SkillsPart 4 AbilitiesPart 5 Knowledge

    "Plumber" Holland / RIASEC Career Code:R-E-C SOC:47-2152.02

    Click here for "Plumber" Jobs

    See the Future Outlook and Educational Requirements for "Plumber"

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    Plumber Job Description, Duties and Jobs - Part 1

    Best Plumbers Near Me – October 2018: Find Nearby … – Yelp - November 1, 2018 by admin

    827 4th St, Secaucus, NJ

    Never again. The work done on the house was very good and when a leak sprang later they responded quickly. Then there was a late night encounter with a supervisor and that was an... See all Dependable Plumbing & Heating reviews

    206 New York Ave, Union City, NJ

    Amazing amazing job by Ivar!! We found our forever plumber! Had a blockage in our main drain system and was able to fix it in 30 mins and did more than what we asked for.... See all Richie D Drain Cleaning LLC reviews

    103 Charles St, New York, NY

    I had already bought the parts (2 flappers, 2 flush valve assemblies) and tried to repair my parents' two toilets when I realized I couldn't get the first one to not leak when I... See all Hub Plumbing & Mechanical reviews

    26 W 38th St, New York, NY

    What a wonderful hardware store! I feel so lucky to have this place in my neighborhood so I can avoid schlepping to the gigantic Home Depot (which always takes an hour to get... See all Brothers Hardware reviews

    244 5th Ave, New York, NY

    I scheduled the work for a time that suited me and Maksym showed up exactly on time. I have a very complicated electric toilet problem and he replaced the part without problems and... See all Twinkle Group reviews

    329 Broome St, New York, NY

    We had a clogged tub drain that needed fixing ASAP. After calling a previous plumber and getting the news that we had to break the tub, we called Josh for a second opinion. In less... See all Bullseye Mechanical Corp. reviews

    139 Banker St, Brooklyn, NY

    I've used three plumbers in Williamsburg, based upon reviews from Yelp and Google.Of those three, Irwin Friedman's was the best and they are now my go to plumber. They checked... See all Friedman Irwin & Son reviews

    598 Hickory Ave, Saddle Brook, NJ

    Came out when he said he would. Clean , fast , efficient... reasonable price.. I'd definitely recommend them. See all Angler Plumbing, Heating & Drain Cleaning reviews

    Astoria, NY

    If I could give JCA Mechanical 10 stars, I would. I am so glad I came across JCA. Justin was amazing and I will definitly be using him again in the future. I found JCA Mechanical... See all JCA Mechanical reviews

    East Orange, NJ

    Sump pump was sounding weird last night and died an untimely death overnight. I had reached out to several plumbers who advertised that they were open Sundays. Only 1 reached out... See all A Budget Sewer & Drain Cleaning reviews

    Fair Lawn, NJ

    We had a leaking pipe and called Grossman. They had great reviews on Yelp so we decided to give them a try. They arrived a few hours past their scheduled time but we didn't mind.... See all Grossman Plumbing & Heating reviews

    17 Terrace Pl, Brooklyn, NY

    Great service.My bathtub was draining really slowly, and I couldn't fix it despite using Drano and a snake drain clog remover. I messaged the team through Yelp, and found their... See all The Original 718 Sewer & Drain reviews

    460 Montgomery St, Brooklyn, NY

    I am so happy with Dov-- If I ever need a plumber for anything, I'll be calling him. The pipes in my apartment are old and corroded, but I was having this problem where the waste... See all Dov Sewer and Drain reviews

    99-21 67th Rd, Forest Hills, NY

    Wow. Sergey is THE BEST. Me, being an idiot, dumped the cup of rubbing alcohol containing my diamond earrings right down the kitchen sink while I was doing dishes. I have... See all Zabivay reviews

    14230 Sandford Ave, Flushing, NY

    It was one of those days from hell. I just worked 12 hours straight and I was feeling exhausted, hungry and just looking forward to going home. So around 8pm on a Thursday night,... See all Johnny Drain's Sewer & Drain Cleaning reviews

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    Best Plumbers Near Me - October 2018: Find Nearby ... - Yelp

    25 Best Plumbers – Overland Park KS – HomeAdvisor - October 18, 2018 by admin

    Project: Install or Replace a Water Heater

    Location: overland park, KS

    Date: 10/18/2018

    Type of Water Heater: Storage Tank (Most common)

    Type of heat source : Natural gas

    Is this an emergency?: No

    Location of Installation: Basement

    Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

    Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

    Property Owner: Yes

    Comment: tank has a small leak. Need to get a replacement. 40 gallon tank is plenty

    Project: Repair or Install Gas Piping

    Location: Overland Park, KS

    Date: 10/18/2018

    Is this an emergency?: No

    Request Stage: Ready to Hire

    Desired Completion Date: Within 1 week

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Comment: Install ventless fireplace logs to gas starter fireplace.

    Project: Repair or Replace a Sump Pump

    Location: Overland Park, KS

    Date: 10/17/2018

    Problem Description: Other

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Property Owner: Yes

    After Business Hours: No

    Covered by Insurance: No

    Desired Project Start Date: Unsure about timing

    Comment: I need a person to reinstall a new sump pump drainage system in my yard. the existing system cloged up and will not drain properly need someone who is knowledgeable in sump drainage fields.

    Project: Install or Replace a Water Heater

    Location: Overland Park, KS

    Date: 10/17/2018

    Type of Water Heater: Storage Tank

    Type of heat source : Natural gas

    Location of Installation: Basement

    Property Owner: Yes

    Desired Project Start Date: Within a few weeks

    Comment: need to have new water heater Iinstalled - old removed.

    Project: Repair or Install Gas Piping

    Location: Overland Park, KS

    Date: 10/17/2018

    Is this an emergency?: No

    Scope of Work: Appliance gas hook-up, Supply gas line to appliance(s) in or near the home

    Appliances in Need of Gas: Stove/oven/cooktop

    Request Stage: Ready to Hire

    Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Property Owner: Yes

    After Business Hours: No

    Comment: we have a gas cooking top in the middle island, we bought a gas cooking range and want to install it next to the wall. Need to move the gas connection from the old cooking range to the new one by the wall. We also need water connection to the refrigerator we are moving. The connections are easily reachable from the basement.

    Project: Install, Repair or Replace Plumbing or Fixtures

    Date: 10/16/2018

    Is this an emergency?: No

    Request Stage: Ready to Hire

    Desired Completion Date: Timing is flexible

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Comment: Need to have current plumbing moved due to small remodel in laundry room.

    Project: Install, Repair or Replace Plumbing or Fixtures

    Location: Overland Park, KS

    Date: 10/16/2018

    What type of toilet?: High-efficiency toilet (low flow)

    Plumbing Repairs: Toilet will not flush

    For installs, have you already bought the toilet?: Yes

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    After Business Hours: No

    Historical Work: No

    Property Owner: Yes

    Desired Project Start Date: Two days from now

    Comment: Our Sloan Flushmate toilet works, just not well. It's like it's flushing with half of the power it needs to be effective. We would like it fixed fairly soon, but it's not a rush.

    Project: Install, Repair or Replace Plumbing or Fixtures

    Location: Overland Park, KS

    Date: 10/16/2018

    Project Description: Several small plumbing 'fix-it' or install projects

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    Desired Project Start Date: Within a few weeks

    Comment: Clean mold from grout and re-grout shower.

    Project: Install or Replace a Water Heater

    Location: Overland Park, KS

    Date: 10/16/2018

    Type of Water Heater: Storage Tank (Most common)

    Type of heat source : Natural gas

    Is this an emergency?: No

    Request Stage: Ready to Hire

    Desired Completion Date: Within 1 week

    Comment: Old tank has been capped off, and New tank is here

    Project: Install, Repair or Replace Plumbing or Fixtures

    Location: Overland Park, KS

    Date: 10/16/2018

    Is this an emergency?: No

    What type of toilet?: Standard flow toilet

    Plumbing Repairs: Toilet keeps running

    For installs, have you already bought the toilet?: No

    Request Stage: Planning & Budgeting

    Desired Completion Date: More than 2 weeks

    What kind of location is this?: Home/Residence

    After Business Hours: No

    Historical Work: No

    Property Owner: Yes

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    25 Best Plumbers - Overland Park KS - HomeAdvisor

    Plumber in Overland Park, KS | Emergency Plumber | Roto-Rooter - October 18, 2018 by admin

    Roto-Rooter has been a trusted and recommended full service plumbing company since 1935. This widely chosen plumber in Overland Park can offer a complete selection of plumbing installation, maintenance, and repair services, as well as clogged drain cleaning for residents and businesses throughout the entire Overland Park area.

    We can schedule appointments according to your unique scheduling requirements and will arrive promptly at the agreed upon time to ensure that you do not have to deal with plumbing problems for longer than necessary. In fact, we also offer 24/7 emergency services and will not charge extra for plumbing or drain service night, weekend, and holiday appointments.

    At Roto-Rooter Plumbing and Drain Service, we are your neighborhood plumbing professionals in Overland Park, available 24/7 to ensure that you get the emergency plumbing services you need-when you need them. We know that plumbing problems occur at inconvenient times, which is why we try to complete all of our projects in a timely manner and get you the best price possible on all of our services.

    Whether you have a leaky toilet, clogged drain or a big plumbing emergency, youll get an estimate before we begin our work-and we stand by our estimates so that you know exactly what the costs will be. For more savings on our affordable services, be sure to ask about our current coupons and specials. To schedule your free estimate or drain cleaning appointment, give us a call at 913-682-2222.

    Is your sump pump faulty? Sump pumps should be inspected a few times each year to see if they are operating correctly. The easiest way to inspect your sump pump is to pour some water into the sump pit until the pump kicks on and cycles. This process is simple and only takes a couple minutes. Don't wait until your basement floods to repair a broken sump pump. Our plumbers in Overland Park know everything there is to know about sump pump repair. Contact us if you have any questions.

    When water doesnt stay where its supposed to, our Overland Park water damage restoration experts are at-the-ready to handle flooded basements, broken pipes, overflowing tubs and toilets, heavy rains, sewer line backups and other water issues. Roto-Rooters IICRC certified water cleanup professionals are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year and will respond quickly to minimize damage to your property.

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    Plumber in Overland Park, KS | Emergency Plumber | Roto-Rooter

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