Pond supplies and Pond Construction is what we live and breath. The Pond Digger Inc, is not only supplying pond care products but also koi pond supplies to home owners and professioinal pond contractors across the nation. We are a nationally recognized construction company specializing in Pondless Waterfall Supplies and Koi Pond supplies. We are stocked to the ceiling with your pond supply needs for maintaining and constructing a wide variety of water features.

The Pond Digger heardquarters is based in sunny Southern California, in the City of Yucaipa halfway between Los Angeles and Palm Springs. Our showroom is open to the public 6 days a week for walk-ins and customer support. Our showroom hours are Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm. We offer professional design assistance, training seminars, and technical support. We have many display ponds, waterfalls, aquatic plants and demonstrations at our facility to educate and inspire. We encourage you stop by talk, learn and shop for your pond supplies.

We have a large inventory of pond supplies and construction supply equipment for building koi ponds and accessories for the care and maintenance of water features. We are heavily stocked with the latest and greatest innovative pond supply equipment and customize pond kits for any design you can dream. We deliver hundreds of different supplies through our on-line store with quick and efficient shipping through out the United States.

With Information, Education and Inspiration as our foundation, it is our goal is to assist you in creating your own one of a kind water feature. We want the opportunity to teach you how to build your dream waterscape right the first time or have the opportunity to design and build it for you. Before you let a contractor on your property educate yourself by reading our Pond Contractor Warning Report. We guarantee this will save you time, headache and a ton of money. This report could keep you from being showcased on our Ponds Gone Wrong page.

The Koi Pond Meets the Water Garden! Its a fusion of water gardening and Koi pond construction philosophies. Advances in the water garden industry, like back flushable waterfall filtration systems, have renowned Koi Experts looking at the water garden industry with a new perspective. The fact that pond owners, in general, want the best of both worlds, can no longer be ignored.

Most of your basic water gardens are not designed to maintain optimal Koi health and traditional Koi ponds are not designed to blend into the landscape naturally all the while Koi can, and do thrive in both pond construction types if certain technologies and maintenance routines are set in place. The development of a hybrid style koi pond has developed from the public's desire to have the best of both worlds. The hybrid style pond is a combination or a fusion of the two pond construction philosophies.

The Pond Digger Waterscape Design & Construction Company has literally interviewed thousands of pond owners and prospective pond buyers to reveal consumer desires. Homeowners want a pond that blends seamlessly into the landscape while offering pristine water quality and a healthy environment for koi fish. Education & information covering both pond installation and pond maintenance is the backbone of our strategy in designing a system for our clients. Our Design Consultation Team is second to none. We offer a service where we come to you as a pond design consultant looking out for your best interest in the early planning stages of pond construction. Additionally, we offer Pond Inspections for existing problem ponds that need trouble shooting.

By embracing water garden construction philosophies and incorporating dedicated koi filtration technologies including aeration systems, UV Sterilizers and the collection of bottom debris via Bottom Drains, we can find a neutral ground in the middle of this amazing hobby where the water garden meets the Koi pond.

Pondless? Now, for those of you who want a waterfall but aren't so sure about a fish pond or worried about young children around a pond, there's always the pondless waterfall or rock column fountain feature. These special pondless systems includes the sound of a waterfall, rocks, gravel, and aquatic plants that you would normally have in a pond, but no fish and more important no water deeper than an inch or two! That's why it is called pondless!

Pondless water feature systems are perfect for schools, businesses and those who want a front yard water feature, travel frequently, have young children or limited space. It's called a disappearing pondless waterfall because the water does not form a pond but instead disappears into an underground pondless reservoir beneath rock and gravel.

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