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    Restaurante O Leo de Porches - September 5, 2018 by admin

    In 1970 an English couple discovered a 17th century farmhouse in the centre of Porches a village just off the EN125 near Carvoeiro and now best known for its wonderful pottery. They saw the potential of this charming building and converted it into a restaurant which thrives to this day.

    Porches best kept secret is no longer a secret, since Bianca took on the restaurant in 2005 and made it one of the most attractive and appealing places to dine in this part of the Algarve within easy reach of many golf courses.

    The restaurant retains many original features and has a charming patio for those warm summer evenings.

    The restaurant is well known for its wonderful sauces and the beautiful presentation of its dishes which are a pleasure to behold and equally delicious.

    You can be sure that once you have experienced O Leo de Porches, you will want to share this secret with your friends.

    Restaurante O Leo de Porches

    Porches and Sunrooms: Planning and Remodeling Ideas (Home … - August 5, 2018 by admin

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    Porches and Sunrooms: Planning and Remodeling Ideas (Home ...

    25 Best Porch Ideas & Decoration Pictures | Houzz - July 14, 2018 by admin

    Joe Kwon PhotographyClassic stone front porch idea in Chicago with a roof extensionI like this porch bed thing for just relaxing outside. Maybe sure to get it secured and everything so it can be jumped on and not even fall. - myriah_pugh

    Across the front of the house, shallow steps of Savannah gray brick descent to a veranda paved in tabby, a concrete made from crushed shells and lime that has been used in the Lowcountry for centuries.Photography: Richard Leo Johnson | Atlantic ArchivesLove the brick bordering the concrete - rondorothyjensen

    Richard Leo JohnsonClassic brick screened-in porch idea in Atlanta with a roof extensionMust have a hanging swing chair - webuser_6232738621830713

    This is an example of a mid-sized mediterranean concrete front porch design in Other.Could be self made backyard furniture - webuser_187506459

    This is an example of a small rustic porch design in Other with decking and a roof extension.Like the pits and colors - claudiahuson

    Popular Filters to Try:

    Wine Country ModernInspiration for a large modern back porch remodel in San Francisco with decking and a roof extensionNice flow to outside. Clean lines. - juliehyang

    John McManusMid-sized coastal screened-in back porch idea in Other with deckingsitting area on the porch with a swing... - elisawaldman

    Mountain style screened-in porch idea in OtherI LOVE LOVE LOVE the bug-free atmosphere and shade. - andreashavens

    Jean AlloppThis is an example of a beach style brick screened-in porch design in Atlanta.Georgia Coastal Comfort Interior - rdculpepper

    Country porch container garden idea in Los Angeles with a roof extensionPotted vase for back of house - heather930

    Inspiration for a small timeless front porch remodel in Detroit with a roof extension and decking

    This home was completely renovated, including an addition. It was transformed from a Colonial style to Greek Revival, which was more fitting for the neighborhood. The screened porch was added as a part of the renovation, with Greek Revival style pillars separating the screens, and durable ipe decking for a floor.Screened porch exterior style is nice. - jahnolson

    Island style porch idea in Perth with deckingJust a little bit of!! - lanab1960

    Country screened-in porch idea in Atlanta with deckingDREAMS!!!! this slash green house potting room craft space - bellmark

    This is an example of a mid-sized traditional porch design in Wilmington with decking and a roof extension.wide porch, lots of windows, big columns - webuser_44583822

    Large mountain style stone front porch photo in Other with a roof extensionEntrance, support truss, stone pillars - marklovesbiking

    Exterior Paint Color: SW Dewy 6469Exterior Trim Color: SW Extra White 7006Furniture: Vintage fiberglassWall Sconce: Barnlight Electric CoInspiration for a mid-sized beach style concrete screened-in front porch remodel in Atlanta with a roof extensionLove the screened in porch and the ceiling - divita2802

    Large classic porch idea in Atlanta with decking and a roof extensionclean and inviting. like the floor and ceiling - tinastork

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    25 Best Porch Ideas & Decoration Pictures | Houzz

    Mobile Home Porches Design Ideas | Mobile Homes Ideas - July 7, 2018 by admin

    In the past years, you could only find trailers used as a mobile home, but now the design is way more variables than what you think. You can see it look the same like homes built from bricks and mortars. Even if its not manufactured from those solid materials, mobile homes are still strong and sturdy. Its way different from those mobile trailer homes.

    The big difference is not only in the materials used to build these mobile homes, but the design also gets the enormous transformation. In short, mobile homes are made to have a similar model like conventional homes. Its also a significant transformation to have a two-story mobile house that gives more space and rooms.

    So, it wont be surprising to have a mobile home with porches on the front. Giving more beautiful touch into the structure, mobile home porches will undoubtedly provide a significant transformation on how mobile homes look like. With the addition, mobile homes become more convenient to live it.

    Advance technology is applied to the mobile home, making it much easier to build. Its way different from mobile trailer home that you used to know. In mobile trailer homes, you dont need to create its structure, and you can just live in it right away.

    However, you wont be able to get a different design on the home, and building porches on the exterior will be out of the question. Modern mobile homes get significant transformation on the structure, allowing it to get more variations on the design and also get mobile home porches built outside.

    Aesthetically, its a nice improvement on a mobile home. After all, it doesnt take too much effort to build new porches on a mobile home. You need to keep in mind that these porches arent attached to mobile homes. Such design is meant to prevent damage to both structures when you move the mobile home. As its built independently, movement on the mobile home wont affect mobile home porches.

    To get the perfect fit of porches for your mobile home, there are few things that you need to consider. First, you need to decide the size of the porch. Its best to keep it in balance size to the mobile home. If you want to build large mobile home porches, then you need to make sure that this size also fits for the main building of the mobile home. Next, you also need to find the right materials to use in the construction.

    Pinewood becomes a popular choice. Its light, yet quite strong. Its also affordable, so you wont be burdened with an extra budget in building porches for your mobile home.

    Of course, your budget becomes the next factor that affects the building of your mobile home porches. The first step would be planting posts, and you would need to pour concrete to keep these posts sturdy. After the cement has dried and set, you can proceed to make framing, including for the stairs.

    Once its completed, you can screw down decking planks. These simple steps will give you mobile home porches to complete your mobile home.

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    Mobile Home Porches Design Ideas | Mobile Homes Ideas

    Front Porch | UPVC & Brick Porches From Clearview Home … - July 2, 2018 by admin

    The majority of porches are considered as a permitted development and do not require planning permission. This means that your project can likely be started and finished much quicker that would be the case if a planning application had to be submitted. Porches that will be added to a house will be a permitted development so long as (1) the internal ground floor area does not exceed three square metres; (2) no part of the porch is more than three metres above ground level; (3) no part of the porch is within two metres of any boundary of the dwelling and the highway.

    Building Regs - In the same ways that porches often dont need planning permission, they are commonly exempt from building regulations too, providing that they are less than thirty square metres in size, measured internally. The main front entrance door between the existing house and new porch much remain in situ, and the new porch must not adversely affect any ramped or levelled access. Needless to say the fitting of glazing and any fixed electrical installations much comply with the relevant section of building regulations.

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    Front Porch | UPVC & Brick Porches From Clearview Home ...

    The Vilage of Greenup, Illinois - June 29, 2018 by admin

    On behalf of the Village of Greenup, Illinois. As Mayor, I welcome you to our beautiful historic town with many shops and attractions to spend a little extra time visiting.

    "Greenup" known as the Village of the Porches is nestled between Interstate 70, IL RT 40 and IL RT 130. Our little piece of heaven is home to over 1500 residents. The business district is listed on the National Registry of Historic Buildings. Our Main Street (Cumberland St./lllinois RT 121) is also part of the National Road. As you drive down "Main" you will encounter attractive old architecture as well as beautiful overhanging porches lining most of the downtown buildings. Underneath these porches you will find everything from quaint antique stores to today's newest looks. Be sure to stop at the several locations throughout our lovely little Village and enjoy a terrific meal or dessert.

    Greenup is home to several small businesses including EVAPCO, which employs over 400 people and to the Cumberland County Fair. Just a little further to the east is our beloved Covered Bridge spanning across the Embarras River.

    Once again, as Mayor, I Stacey Carl not only invite, but welcome you to come visit our charming little village.

    Very Truly Yours,

    Stacey Carl Village Mayor

    Located on Interstate 70, state routes 121 and 130 and US Route 40, Greenup Illinois, is just 50 minutes west of Terre Haute and 125 miles east of St. Louis. All of these roads will lead you to Greenup Illinois! We are a business friendly community that encourages you to take a look around our community and start or relocate your business here. We invite you to make Greenup, Illinois, your business home.

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    The Vilage of Greenup, Illinois

    Celebrate Autumn With Fall’s Best Porches and Patios – HGTV - October 18, 2017 by admin

    Have Fall at Your Doorstep

    Create a welcoming entry for guests with a display of fall-themed items around your front door. Traditional favorites like pumpkins and bales of hay, layered with mums in rustic wooden baskets, create a color theme of orange and tan, with an emphasis on natural elements. Add visual interest by varying the pumpkin sizes and shapes.

    Bold pops of color from seasonal flowers and fruits can create an impact, like in this charming patio area. Bright mums bring life to the fall setting, while a simple bowl of fresh cranberries adds that deep red color synonymous with autumn. When entertaining, incorporate these elements into the tablescape and menu, like making a signature drink, to create a cohesive and stunning fall get-together.

    When setting up porch furniture, arrange seating with conversation in mind. Pairs, trios and quartets invite gatherings whereas single pieces randomly arranged aren't as conducive to those memorable rocking chair chats.

    Rocking chairs add simplicity and nostalgia to this porch, urging you to sit down and enjoy the autumn weather. Fall colors are brought in with seasonal plants, while extra comfort is added with a simple white porch swing. Decorative pillows add the final touch to this cozy porch, inviting you to take a minute to relax.

    Add pops of color to your yard by placing small groups of pumpkins wherever you'd like to add a fall touch. The bright orange contrasts beautifully against the background of tall green and gold grasses. Spreading pops of fall color around the yard is a great way to carry your fall decorating beyond the porch or patio.

    Fall doesn't have to have the traditional, muted feel we are used to. A funky, young fall touch is added to this outdoor space by mixing strong pops of orange with contemporary furnishings. The bright lanterns are a playful way to add lighting, while the bright orange pillows are an easy way to incorporate a new color with each season. A fun screen completes the look, making this autumn patio feel like a destination.

    With so many trees changing color dramatically, sometimes less is more when decorating for fall. Simple accessories like topiaries and a bowl of apples can add just enough decor, while you prepare for the natural beauty of the autumn environment to come through. In this photo from HGTV Green Home 2010, the accessories complement a simple yet sophisticated wooden patio set, perfect for entertaining on crisp fall evenings.

    Splashes of color add a touch of fun to this fall-inspired front porch. Four different-colored Adirondack chairs invite you to take a moment to relax on those cool autumn nights. The look is completed by orange and yellow fall flowers.

    Refresh wicker chairs for fall by adding a coat of paint in a rich autumn-inspired color. These wicker chairs from HGTV Green Home 2010 have a warm, rusty red color, balanced by neutral pillows and cushions. Different-style wicker chairs can be united by color, making them feel like they truly belong together. For a low-cost option, spend some time at flea markets and yard sales to find unique, mismatched pieces, and then paint them all to match.

    If you have the space to hang one, a porch swing is a farmhouse porch must! Nothing says sit and stay a while quite like a porch swing cozied up with some pillows.

    Load up on soft, fuzzy pillows for comfort.

    Pumpkins and chrysanthemums are a natural pair when it comes to fall decor. A row of mums in a single, contrasting color alongside a row of pumpkins is a festive way to decorate the pathway to your porch or patio.

    How to Make a Stenciled Fall Welcome Mat

    Wagons, wheelbarrow and antique crates make a great home for seasonal flowers.Place it at the front door to welcome your guests.

    A spooky entryway is created with simple DIY crafts, including bats cut from black card stock, branches from the yard and raven figurines. A variety of pumpkins and gourds add color and seasonal flare.

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    Celebrate Autumn With Fall's Best Porches and Patios - HGTV

    Vacation Steamboat – The Porches of Steamboat - October 13, 2017 by admin

    Imagine the perfect vacation home, a place to gather friends and family where the staff is warm and welcoming, a place with a real sense of community, a place like no other in a mountain town. Welcome to The Porches of Steamboat Springs, Colorado where we strive to exceed expectations and give you an unforgettable vacation.

    Our 16 acre neighborhood at the base of the ski resort is the ideal location for your next getaway. Our 4 and 5 bedroom luxury homes are 3,000-5,000 square feet and sleep between 10 and 14 people making them the perfect place to gather all your friends and family under one roof. No detail was overlooked in delivering a vacation rental youll want to visit again and again.

    No doubt about it the vacation rentals at The Porches are breathtaking but what really sets us apart are our five-star services and amenities. We offer a complimentary ski-in/ski-out valet and a private shuttle to take you anywhere in town youd like to go. Our full-service concierge and front desk staff are happy to help you plan your ultimate vacation, well take care of it all so you can relax and enjoy.

    Want to know more? Check us out on TripAdvisor where we are ranked as one of the top places for specialty lodging in Steamboat Springs. Whether youre planning a family ski vacation, a summer getaway, a fall or spring escape, The Porches is the all-season resort youve been searching for in a mountain setting.

    Visit link:
    Vacation Steamboat - The Porches of Steamboat

    Decks and Porches | The Mobile Home Woman - October 2, 2017 by admin

    Just in the dreaming stage, but I figure that maybe this year if I can swing it, Id like to add a little deck/porch to the moby something nice as a overhang for the front door, and covered so I could sit out and enjoy the rain and enjoy a little porch area.

    Of course, wed build it ourselves, with the help of talented friends, but still, I got to thinking that I really had no idea of what I really want. Ill know it when I see it, and so far some of my searches seem close, but not quite right yet.

    Here are some of the near misses Some are a little too big and some are a little too small, but they sort of have a similar look and idea with them. I definately want a roof over it. Something that you can hang shades on or even bug netting in a nice simple manner. A railing, that would be nice. And of course, elevated to the level of the Moby floor. Mostly because my front steps are a real doosy of a first step, without a railing, and all that. And a covered porch would give us a nice clean area without snow and ice and such, and could even be blocked in a bit in the winter to make a sort of draft stopper from the front door and all.

    What do you all think? Am I heading in the right way? Anyone have any cool pictures to share of their moby deck/porch? Please let me know!

    Email here if you wish!


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    Decks and Porches | The Mobile Home Woman

    The Porches of Steamboat – Luxury Homes For Sale Steamboat … - September 4, 2017 by admin

    The Porches residences are some of the most spectacular and impeccably crafted homes ever built in Steamboat Springs. The interiors feature hand-hewn beams and hand-distressed floors, which blend seamlessly with the finest cabinetry, granite counter tops, and luxury finishes.

    Custom ranch stone fireplaces and generous outdoor living spaces contribute to the overall sense of enduring quality and mountain ambiance. All the Fractional / Private Residence Club homes are furnished with the same care and attention to detail that goes into construction. From the down-filled couches to the top-end billiards tables in each residence, everything is of the finest quality and built to last for many generations to come.

    The exteriors at The Porches pay homage to the great western legacy of Steamboat Springs. With varied exterior materials including natural color palates, stains, and corrugated metal, the entire project has a distinctly natural and classic appearance.

    Not only do the exteriors of our luxury homes for sale look beautiful, they are also specifically designed for the rigors of the Steamboat climate in both summer and winter.

    Other features of the residences include double car garages, professional kitchens, air conditioning, air cleaning and humidifying systems, Pella brand professional grade windows, and, of course, comfortable and inviting porches.

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    The Porches of Steamboat - Luxury Homes For Sale Steamboat ...

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