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    Replacement Windows Chicago IL | Siding | Roofing | Doors - October 10, 2017 by admin

    Replacement Windows, Siding, Roofing, Entry Doors & More for Homeowners in the Suburbs of Chicago, IL & Other Communities throughout the Midwest

    When it comes to installing replacement windows, siding, roofing, entry doors, and completing other home exterior projects, there arent many contractors that have as much industry expertise as Euro-Tech. Since 1992, weve served residents in the suburbs of Rockford and Chicago, Illinois, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, and neighboring areas in the Midwest. Having tended to more than 20,000 homeowners in total, a large percentage of which have returned as repeat customers, our portfolio is indicative of our extensive knowledge in remodeling and improving home exteriors, and our dedication to earning our customers satisfaction.

    Another way in which we differ from our competition is by offering technologically advanced products at affordable prices. Take our vinyl replacement windows as an example. Not only is vinyl a lower-maintenance material compared to wood and aluminum, but our vinyl windows also provide exceptional energy efficiency, which is essential for homeowners in Chicagoland, IL, and surrounding Midwest cities. Euro-Techs specialty vinyl windows are even more advanced than standard models, as they come packaged with enhanced energy-saving features, such as insulated frames, insulated glass, and optional low-E coatings. Moreover, every aspect of our vinyl windows is customizable frame color and finish, grids, and glass so whatever style of replacement windows you have in mind, youll surely find what youre looking for at Euro-Tech. And heres the best part our vinyl windows are backed by a tremendous non-prorated, fully transferable lifetime warranty, so you can be sure that your investment will remain protected.

    This dedication to providing superior products permeates our business. The siding that we offer, as another example, is an exclusive line made just for us by Crane, an industry-leading house siding manufacturer. Much like our replacement windows, our composite siding is chock-full of energy-saving features, has low-maintenance requirements, is available in several colors and finishes, and is offered with a lifetime warranty. Whether you need us to add new roofing, soffit and fascia, attic insulation, seamless gutters and gutter protection, an entry door system, or complete any other exterior home remodel, you can count on Euro-Tech to help you develop a lasting solution with customizable products. Euro-Tech, Inc. Your Best Value in Remodeling!

    At Euro-Tech, we understand that it takes more than just providing superior products to earn a satisfied customer. Thats why we put equal effort into wowing the customers that we have. Out of all the window replacement contractors, roofing companies, siding companies, entry door installers, and other home exterior remodelers offering service throughout the suburbs of Chicago, IL, and other nearby cities in the Midwest, we strive to be the one that provides the very best in customer service.

    Whether you need window replacement, roof replacement, insulated siding installation, attic insulation installation, soffit, fascia and gutter repair, or another service, well always start with a free consultation. During our initial meeting, well discuss the products that we offer in detail and provide you with a free quote for the project in question. When it comes time for the installation, you can count on Euro-Tech to be professional from start to finish. We use an experienced crew of technicians that is factory trained and certified to install our products, so you can rest assured that your project will be in trusted hands. Moreover, we take into consideration that our workspace is your home, and well go the extra mile to ensure that it remains clean and uncluttered.

    If youd like more information about our replacement windows, roofing systems, house siding, entry doors, or other outstanding exterior home improvement products, contact Euro-Tech today to schedule your free at-home consultation. Be sure to ask about the financing options we have available for qualified homeowners throughout Chicagoland and Rockford, IL, Milwaukee, WI, and other surrounding cities in the Midwest.

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    Replacement Windows Chicago IL | Siding | Roofing | Doors

    Replacement Windows Birmingham | Siding | Huntsville … - September 7, 2017 by admin

    Replacement Windows for Birmingham, Huntsville, Tuscaloosa, throughout Northern AlabamaandNashville, Tennessee

    When residents of Central and Northern Alabama are in the market for replacement windows, they turn to Durante Home Exteriors.

    For more than a decade, Durante has provided stylish and energy-efficient replacement windows to customers in Birmingham, Huntsville, Anniston, Pelham, and Nashville. Our replacement windows are expertly constructed with fusion-welded frames and sashes, which help keep your indoor temperature steady year-round, ensuring your HVAC system wont have to work overtime to provide a comfortable living space. These replacement windows are also made from high-quality PVC vinyl that wont warp, rot, or decay, and they require virtually no upkeep.

    When you entrust Durante to outfit your Alabama home with new replacement windows, youll discover that were 100 percent customer focused. We take pride in building lasting relationships with our customers and forming a partnership that allows their dream home to become a reality. At Durante, we never consider our work finished until our customers are completely satisfied, and this dedication to service has helped us earn an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. We also have an A rating on Angies List and have been ranked as the number one remodeler in Alabama by Qualified Remodeler Magazine for the past five years and counting.

    Whether youre looking to install new replacement windows in your Cullman home or youre interested in composite decking for your residence in Trussville, you can count on Durante. We have full lines of siding from James Hardie and Cedar Ridge, two of the most trusted brands in the industry.

    Our reflective attic insulation is also one of our most popular products, as it reflects a staggering 97 percent of radiant heat transfer, which is one of the leading causes of home energy waste. No matter your home improvement need, Durantes friendly and experienced installers wont rest until the end result is exactly as youve envisioned.

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    Replacement Windows Birmingham | Siding | Huntsville ...

    Milledgeville receives nearly $700000 grant for new sewer lines – The Union-Recorder - September 7, 2017 by admin

    ATLANTA Officials with the city of Milledgeville received some good news Thursday from Gov. Nathan Deal.

    So did officials in neighboring Hancock County and Sparta.

    It came in the form of a press release from the governor announcing that the city has been awarded a grant totaling $678,277 for new sewer lines in the southeast area of town.

    The grant was awarded to the city by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development through the Georgia Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program, and administered by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (DCA).

    Funding from the CDBG will be used to replace aging sewer lines in two targeted areas of the city.

    One phase of the project is part of a multi-stage effort involving the installation of new, replacement sewer lines, according to the 2017 CDBG application that city officials submitted.

    The total cost of the project is $780,447. A total of $102,170 is the matching portion by the city.

    In Hancock County, meanwhile, officials will receive $627,950 in CDBG funding. Funding there will be used to renovate the existing Hancock County Health Department building, located at 516 Boland St. in Sparta.

    Some of the particulars of the project in Sparta will consist of exterior improvements, such as Hardi-plank siding, water sealant, roof replacement, window and door replacements, along with interior improvements. Inside the building, officials are planning new central heating and air conditioning, layout changes, handicap accessible restrooms, examination rooms, etc.

    The health department renovations total $727,950. The county has agreed to a $100,000 match and leverage of the project.

    The city of Milledgeville, as well as Hancock County, were among 59 cities or counties across the state to be awarded various amounts of CDBG funding for assorted projects, Deal said in the press release.

    Those awards amounted to a total of $37.5 million.

    Georgias economic growth is a result of strong and prosperous communities across the state, Deal said. The CDBG program addresses critical community needs by providing cities and counties with the necessary resources to improve overall quality of life and revitalize the local economies that need it the most. By continuing to invest in our local communities, we are preparing all of Georgias citizens for an even brighter future, as well as solidifying our position as the top state in the nation for business.

    The governor said 51 of the cities and counties awarded the grants would receive $32.7 million in CDBG funding for infrastructure improvements, neighborhood revitalization and centers to serve residents in need.

    Another $4.8 million in CDBG funding will benefit 10 communities across the state for the Employment Incentive Program and Redevelopment Fund, Deal said.

    Such funding would allow those communities to invest in restoration and economic development projects and thus create 446 jobs, as well as generate an additional $117 million from a private investment standpoint, the governor said.

    The CDBG program supports projects in Georgias small and rural communities that create jobs and assist citizens with low and moderate incomes, Deal said. Awards ranging from $237,639 to $1 million will be used for specific projects such as water, sewer, drainage or street improvements, revitalization of targeted neighborhoods and construction of facilities such as health, youth and senior centers.

    Communities receiving such grants are required to complete their projects within a two-year time period.

    Georgia Department of Community Affairs Commissioner Camila Knowles said such grants help lay the groundwork for future growth for various communities and are often leveraged with other funding to help them prepare for economic development opportunities.

    These awards are about helping each community achieve its vision and implement plans to create a bright future.

    The DCA partners with communities across the state to help them build strong and vibrant neighborhoods, commercial, and industrial areas in various ways. Included is community, economic development, local government assistance, and safe and affordable housing.

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    Milledgeville receives nearly $700000 grant for new sewer lines - The Union-Recorder

    Marietta Siding Installation | Replacement Windows Atlanta, GA - July 6, 2015 by admin

    Tight Line is Atlantas leading exterior remodeling contractor servicing homeowners throughout the metro area with quality workmanship in Siding Installation, Window Replacement, Roofing, Gutters, and more. Whether the job is replacing your front door to a complete home makeover, were confident we can deliver the highest quality remodel of your exterior at an economical price.

    Our experienced and highly trained installation crews are ready to help you improve the beauty of your home, make it more comfortable, energy efficient and increase its value. Tight Line Exteriors is your Atlanta home improvement contractor which you will come to know as your Trusted Resource for home renovations.

    At Tight Line, were founded on three guiding principles: Quality, Service and Value. And thats not just lip service. We invite you to browse our website to discover what separates Tight Line from other exterior remodeling contractors. Contact us today about your home improvement project!

    Tight Line Exteriors 2265 Roswell Rd Suite 100 GA 30062 Phone: 770.509.2282 FAX: 770.509.2282 E-mail:

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    Marietta Siding Installation | Replacement Windows Atlanta, GA

    Things to Consider when Replacing Siding on Your House - June 11, 2015 by admin

    Purchasing new siding for your home is a decision with major significance, both aesthetically and functionally. Unlike a fresh paint job or decorating scheme, new siding is something youll likely commit to for many years. By making the right decisions in terms of color and material, your siding will be a source of pride whenever you pull into your driveway. To that end, wed like to give you a brief rundown of what to consider when purchasing new siding for your home.

    When to Replace Your Current Siding Here are a few tips to help you discern whether your current siding needs to be replaced:

    - Perform a close-up inspection of any siding that appears warped. Using a screwdriver, poke beneath the warped siding and note how firm the layer under the siding feels. If this layer feels rotted in any way, its probably time to replace your siding.

    - Surprisingly, a couple of signs that may indicate failing siding are noticeable from inside the home. If youre experiencing peeling paint or sagging wallpaper, it may be because your aging siding is allowing moisture to seep beneath it and into your wallboard. This can damage your homes interior walls, so its something you should get checked out as soon as possible.

    - Another sign that your siding allows too much moisture into your homes walls is mold or mildew formation on the exterior of your siding. While not always a sign of failing siding, mold or mildew often signifies additional issues and should be a cause for further investigation.

    - Dry rot, one of the more common problems with wood siding, is not always visible to the naked eye. To detect it, tap various areas of the siding with the bottom of a screwdriver or hammer. This will expose an area that has succumbed to dry rot, as only the topmost layer of siding will be intact. If dry rot is discovered, you may be able to get away with just replacing the damaged sections, but oftentimes contractors will recommend a full replacement. Since dry rot may compromise the structural integrity of your home, its definitely an area where youll want to defer to the experts.

    Color While this dimension of your siding is almost entirely aesthetic, it carries with it several implications that you may not have initially considered.

    - What colors predominate in your neighborhood? While that canary yellow might have looked sharp in a magazine, you may not want your home to stick out too much when seen in the context of your neighborhoods palette. Also, your neighborhood or homeowners association may have rules on the book regarding color options.

    - If youre in a hot climate, you may want to consider a lighter shade that wont absorb as much heat as a darker shade does. This will save you energy and money when trying to keep your home cool in the summer.

    - Notice the colors of your doors and window frames, and try to imagine your new siding juxtaposed with those. Do they complement each other? Also, if youre planning on changing those or other exterior features of your home in the future, consider how your homes new color scheme will harmonize with your siding.

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    Things to Consider when Replacing Siding on Your House

    How to Replace Vinyl Siding | The Family Handyman - June 10, 2015 by admin

    Photo 1: A zip tool is the key

    Slide the zip tool along the bottom edge to release the vinyl siding from the piece below it.

    Slip a flat bar behind the vinyl siding and lever out the nails.

    Install the replacement piece and hook the lip of the upper siding piece into the slot to lock it into place.

    Vinyl siding is tough, but not indestructible. If a falling branch or a well-hit baseball has cracked a piece of your siding, you can make it as good as new in about 15 minutes with a $5 zip tool (available at any home center) and a replacement piece. It's as simple as unzipping the damaged piece and snapping in a new one.

    Starting at one end of the damaged piece, push the end of the zip tool up under the siding until you feel it hook the bottom lip (Photo 1). Pull the zip tool downward and out to unhook the bottom lip, then slide it along the edge, pulling the siding out as you go. Then unzip any pieces above the damaged piece. Hold them out of the way with your elbow while you pry out the nails that hold the damaged piece in place (Photo 2).

    Slide the replacement piece up into place, pushing up until the lower lip locks into the piece below it. Drive 1-1/4-in. roofing nails through the nailing flange. Space them about every 16 in. (near the old nail holes). Nail in the center of the nailing slot and leave about 1/32 in. of space between the nail head and the siding so the vinyl can move freely. Don't nail the heads tightly or the siding will buckle when it warms up.

    With the new piece nailed, use the zip tool to lock the upper piece down over it. Start at one end and pull the lip down, twisting the tool slightly to force the leading edge down (Photo 3). Slide the zip tool along, pushing in on the vinyl just behind the tool with your other hand so it snaps into place.

    It's best to repair vinyl in warm weather. In temperatures below freezing it becomes less flexible and may crack.

    The downside of replacing older vinyl siding is that it can be hard to match the style and color, and siding rarely has any identifying marks. The best way to get a replacement piece is to take the broken piece to vinyl siding distributors in your area and find the closest match. If the old vinyl has faded or you can't find the right color, take the broken piece to a paint store and have the color matched. Paint the replacement piece with one coat of top-quality acrylic primer followed by acrylic house paintacrylic paint will flex with the movement of the vinyl.

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    How to Replace Vinyl Siding | The Family Handyman

    Union County Vinyl Siding Contractor 973 487 3704 Springfield Cranford Carteret NJ Beautiful Crane i – Video - May 2, 2015 by admin

    Union County Vinyl Siding Contractor 973 487 3704 Springfield Cranford Carteret NJ Beautiful Crane i
    Your affordable New Jersey exterior home remodeling company. We specialize in all types of house siding, residential and commercial roofing. From stucco systems to DRYVIT and new window...

    By: Bergen County Siding and Roofing

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    Union County Vinyl Siding Contractor 973 487 3704 Springfield Cranford Carteret NJ Beautiful Crane i - Video

    Best Bergen County General Contractors 201 345 7628 NJ License Checkout our new exterior crane insul – Video - April 30, 2015 by admin

    Best Bergen County General Contractors 201 345 7628 NJ License Checkout our new exterior crane insul
    Best Bergen County General Contractors- NJ License Checkout our new exterior crane insulated vinyl siding soffit and trimming project- Aluminum fascia installation and front porch portico...

    By: NJ Discount Vinyl Siding

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    Best Bergen County General Contractors 201 345 7628 NJ License Checkout our new exterior crane insul - Video

    Siding Replacement in Richmond, VA – BNW Builders – Video - April 26, 2015 by admin

    Siding Replacement in Richmond, VA - BNW Builders
    When it's time for new siding, call the siding replacement experts at BNW Builders in Richmond. Come see our showroom on Staples Mill Road, or call us for a free estimate - 804-346-3300.

    By: BNW Builders in Richmond, VA

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    Siding Replacement in Richmond, VA - BNW Builders - Video

    Affordable Vinyl Siding Contrator Randolph NJ 973 487 3704 Morris county New Jersey exterior home re – Video - April 6, 2015 by admin

    Affordable Vinyl Siding Contrator Randolph NJ 973 487 3704 Morris county New Jersey exterior home re
    Affordable Vinyl Siding Contrator Randolph NJ. Morris county New Jersey exterior home remodeling company-Certainteed cedar shakes-Crane foam backed- Prodigy insulated panels-Discount Prices.

    By: NJ Discount Vinyl Siding

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    Affordable Vinyl Siding Contrator Randolph NJ 973 487 3704 Morris county New Jersey exterior home re - Video

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