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    California Sunrooms and Patio Rooms Additions Contractor - February 29, 2016 by admin

    Fill your home with natural light, and add the space you and your family always wanted-with one easy sun room addition.

    For less money than you imagine, you can add more pleasure and enjoyment to your life. California Sunroom Pros affordable four seasons sunrooms, bring comfort and the serenity of nature into your home all year round, rain or shine. It is important for us to not just provide quality products and service, but also improve the quality of your life. Often our clients tell us that the sun room addition is their favorite room in the house. California Sunroom Pros Sun Rooms bring relaxation and sophistication into your home and your lifestyle. Sunroom and patio room additions are used for a variety of purposes, a beautiful garden room filled with plants and your favorite stuffed chairs, a game room to gather with friends around the pool table or bar, an entertainment room to bring the family together, or as a quiet place for a home office or creative work.

    California Sunroom Pros patented insulated roof technology helps keep you comfortable, even on the hottest summer day or the chilliest winter night. It is the extraordinary alternative to an ordinary room addition.

    Enjoy clean, efficient construction with California Sunroom Pros. Unlike traditional "brick and mortar" additions, a sun room addition can be built quicker and with less disruption to your life and home. Your stunning sun room addition can be ready to live in within a few weeks-not months! Supplying all of Southern California, including Riverside county sun rooms, San Diego Sun rooms, Orange County sun rooms, and Los Angeles sun room additions.

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    California Sunrooms and Patio Rooms Additions Contractor

    Sunrooms | Sunroom Kits | Kits | Affordable Sunroom Kits - February 29, 2016 by admin

    At Affordable Sunroom Kits we provide you with sunroom kits from several sunroom manufactures. Affordable Sunroom Kits offers you options in room sizes, roof styles, glass types, frame materials and colors. Our sunroom kits are also DIY friendly, engineered for easy installation. Our goal is to find the sunroom or room addition kit that fits your desires and needs. Every home has a different look and style, there is no one sunroom that will blend to your home, that is where Affordable Sunroom Kits comes in. We will find and design the sunroom that will complement your home beautifully inside and outside. Simply let us know what you are looking for in your future sunroom or room addition kit and we will take care of the rest. Request a free sunroom kits design and quote.

    Affordable Sunroom Kits customer service will be there for you before, during and after your sale. We are a team of sunroom experts who have all trained extensively on the sunroom kits we sell.

    We really care about our customers and your satisfaction is our main goal. We hope that it shines through in every interaction that you have with us!

    We navigate our customers through the entire process of obtaining and installing the sunroom kits we offer.

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    Alaska, Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming.

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    Sunrooms | Sunroom Kits | Kits | Affordable Sunroom Kits

    Conservatories | Mountainside, NJ | NJ Sunroom Additions - February 29, 2016 by admin

    NJ Sunroom Additions offers the most technically advanced sunrooms in the USA.

    Over 36 years of experience creating stunning rooms from conception to completion throughout New Jersey and New York.

    Let us help you expand your home by redesigning and increasing the size of your kitchen, dining room or family room. Or simply add a sunroom for your complete relaxation.

    Seasonal incentives available! For a limited time only, we have up to $2,000 off every design. All of our estimates are complimentary.

    A sunroom is a very desirable room addition. Sunrooms are the new, highly sought after, unique additions to the American home. Sunrooms are filled with light, bringing relaxation and positive energy into your home. The design features a vaulted ceiling or studio ceiling and incorporates a selection of different window designs and can be fully customized to your own needs.

    Easy clean glass is standard with our Sunrooms as well as the process of double spluttering which prevents fading of floors and fabrics and reduces heat buildup from the sun.

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    Conservatories | Mountainside, NJ | NJ Sunroom Additions

    Sunroom Addition Contractors – Free Estimate | Great Day … - February 29, 2016 by admin

    Sunrooms are home additions that help create a unique, relaxing indoor space that provides the feeling of being outdoors. Sunrooms not only add value to a home but also provide a functional and affordable living space. Patio Enclosures sunrooms are custom built to each customers unique specifications. They are also manufactured to meet the highest standards for safety, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

    Great Day Improvements carries the legendary Patio Enclosures brand of sunrooms. We offer two types of sunrooms- the Three Season Room and the All Season Room. Defining how you plan to use your room will ultimately determine which room best fits your needs.

    Enjoy a three-season room from spring through fall or even longer if you live in a warm climate. These rooms are available in single-pane and double-pane insulated glass. There is also an Elite option that features additional weather protection and a dual-point locking system.

    To learn more about Patio Enclosures custom three-season sunrooms, visit our Patio Enclosures website.

    Patio Enclosures all-season rooms allow you to enjoy your sunroom year-round. These custom-manufactured rooms are designed with double-pane glass and thermal breaks to allow you to heat and cool your room efficiently. Choose from a vinyl or aluminum frame it is up to you. These energy-efficient sunrooms feature additional security features and advanced weatherlock.

    To learn more about Patio Enclosures custom all-season rooms, visit our Patio Enclosures website.

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    Sunroom Addition Contractors - Free Estimate | Great Day ...

    Sunroom Additions – Sunrooms | Pergolas - February 20, 2016 by admin

    Sunroom Additions Available from the Best in the Business TEMO

    Seasonally adaptable sunroom additions from TEMO can be installed on any style of home and come in many different options, including studio, cathedral, California, solarium, and conservatory. We even offer a signature style sunroom, which achieves full architectural integration by the roof construction and style being incorporated into your homes existing roof, giving it the look and feel of a traditional room addition. Whether you want a playroom for your kids, a place to enjoy a spa, or extra space to host family, a TEMO sunroom can be used for many different purposes that you may not have thought possible.

    Our sunroom additions come with many great features, including:

    TEMO is the one of the largest and most reputable sunroom manufacturersin the nation, so you can be sure you are getting an outstanding product and superior service from a well-known, established company. Our authorized contractors are highly trained and knowledgeable, and they install our sunroom additions efficiently and properly. Whats more, if you choose our full-service installation process, our authorized contractors will take care of everything for you, from securing permits to leaving a clean job site when we leave. We also include a limited lifetime transferable warranty with our sunroom additions, ensuring your investment will be completely protected.

    If youd like to learn more about our sunroom additions, contact us today. One of our friendly representatives can answer any questions you may have, and tell you about some of our other outdoor products, such as pergolas and patio covers.

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    Sunroom Additions - Sunrooms | Pergolas

    Sunroom Additions & Improvements Inc. | Buffalo NY - February 13, 2016 by admin

    Sunroom Additions & Improvements, Inc., can provide the solutions that make your house more comfortable and functional, no matter what the season. We provide top quality sunroom design and installation, patio covers, awnings, decks and railings, windows and siding, to Buffalo and the surrounding area. Sunroom Additions & Improvements is fully licensed and insured.

    Buffalo has some extreme weather, and we have years of experience in making homes in the area comfortable, livable, and safe, summer and winter. We can help you save on heating bills with new windows. We can make your house cooler in the summer with the right awnings. Whatever the season, we work with top quality brands and provide top quality service, supplying you with home improvements that will last and last.

    As our name implies, Sunroom Additions & Improvements is an expert in sunrooms. One of the most dramatic ways to beautify your home is to add a conservatory, sunroom, or a patio enclosure. You can enjoy the next snowfall from the cozy comfort of an easy chair in your new sunroom. Well supply you with a gorgeous addition to your home that youll enjoy all year round.

    If you get tired of summer rains keeping you confined to the house, a patio cover will be like having a whole new room in the summertime. Enjoy barbecuing no matter what the weather. Our beautiful acrylics will make your patio a great place for entertaining or just lounging in any weather.

    The beautiful new vinyl decking makes it easier than ever to build a deck, and no matter what material you choose, todays decks are durable and low-maintenance. Were happy to discuss how the right deck could transform your summer.

    On those cold winter nights, having the right windows can make all the difference in your comfort and your heating bills. A lot of heat can go right out the window. We install windows that deliver beauty along with cutting-edge performance. Call us for a free estimate, and put a stop to money leaking out the windows every winter.

    Were glad to help you with your home improvement project. Weve been making Buffalo homes more beautiful for years, and were sure youll be thrilled with what we can do for your home.

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    Sunroom Additions & Improvements Inc. | Buffalo NY

    Sunroom Plus - February 13, 2016 by admin

    Sunroom Plus Aqua Shield Sunrooms and Enclosures

    Aqua Shield has leveraged our creativity and innovation to bring homeowners the only sunroom with a patented telescoping design, combining a sleek look with impeccable functionality. Our sunrooms and patio enclosures enable users to take full advantage of their outdoor amenities, such as patios, pools and spas, during any type of weather. Plus, due to their energy efficiency and ability to block out unwanted temperatures, utility charges can drop drastically as well. Taking advantage of an Aqua Shield sunroom has many benefits, both social and economic, for savvy homeowners looking for a new alternative to building a traditional sunroom or patio.

    Enjoy beautiful days by opening the sunrooms doors to the environment, allowing the sun and breeze to flow into the experience. Family and friends can play cards around a patio table, hang out in the pool or take a soak in the spa, all without missing out on the nice weather. Temperatures are not always perfect though, so if it gets too hot, just take a few seconds to slide the lightweight sunroom sections closed. The polycarbonate glazing on the on the glass of select enclosures will reflect the unwanted heat, keeping the interior cool and comfortable, even in the warmer months.

    This same polycarbonate glaze will work double-duty too, keeping the warmth inside when the outside air is too cold. Even on the most unwelcoming days, the Aqua Shield sunroom will provide a cozy hideaway for you and your guests. Our sunrooms are superior to other outdoor patio enclosures NY residents will usually come across, being versatile as well as protective. Imagine watching the kids and their friends splash around in the pool when it is raining, or even snowing, all around them. By placing an Aqua Shield sunroom over swimming pool units this is possible. Homeowners dont have to let bad climate conditions dictate their activities anymore, because Aqua Shield sunrooms can help provide a great environment no matter what the weather.

    We have also supplied two style options to better suit the individual needs of our clients. The Rainbow Sunroom Model is perfect for harsher environments because it utilizes a twin wall polycarbonate glazing, creating more insulation for better temperature control. This is also the model of choice to go over pools and spas since temperature conditions will not only affect enjoyment, but utility bills as well. By keeping temperatures more constant around these amenities, their heaters will not have to be engaged as often, helping to save money on heating all year long.

    For homeowners who are looking for a more subtle experience, perhaps allowing them to feel more engrossed in an outdoor garden, the Sunrise Sunroom Model is a perfect choice. The Sunrise is equipped with a clear-tint polycarbonate glazing, supplying the ability to feel closer to the natural environment while still being protected from its potential dangers.

    Plus, all of our sunrooms are manufactured in the USA with the highest quality materials possible. Weve designed our sunrooms to be the most attractive, affordable alternative to the same old traditional patio enclosures NY residents are probably used to seeing.

    Aqua Shield sunrooms are quality-built, long-lasting structures that homeowners will enjoy all year round. No matter what the weather, our sunrooms will supply a safe, comfortable place for family and friends to get together and have fun.

    The Convenience of Aqua Shield Sunrooms

    If you're in need of dependable patio enclosures NY residents can truly believe in, then Aqua Shield is a company that can make it happen for you. Aqua Shield specializes in beautiful sunrooms that not only look lovely but that also are extremely useful. If you need a sunroom over swimming pool, then Aqua Shield can indeed accommodate you. If you invest in a sturdy sunroom that can adequately cover your property's swimming pool, Jacuzzi or patio, then you can take advantage of those things regardless of the specific time of year. If you want to revel in the relaxation and leisure of a Jacuzzi when the weather outdoors is rather cold, then an Aqua Shield sunroom might just be the right solution for you.

    Homeowners who are looking for well-designed enclosures and sunrooms that are different from the standard ones people see on many properties are sure to be delighted by all of the perks that are associated with Aqua Shield's options. Aqua Shield's sunrooms stand out from the rest of the pack in the fact that they're equipped with innovative telescopic styles that are energy efficient, durable and reliable.

    Aqua Shield's sunrooms can be wonderful for people who are looking for temperature control. The brand's sunrooms and patio enclosures often have polycarbonate glazing over their glass. This glazing bounces undesired heat off, which in turn helps the inside part of the sunroom stays nice and cool regardless of the specific temperatures outdoors. Although these sunrooms are advantageous in the spring and summer months, they're not too shabby during the wintertime, either, to say the least. When it's cold outside, the sunrooms' polycarbonate glazing can conserve precious warmth and stop people from having to deal with the discomfort of chilly air.

    Some people appreciate these sunrooms because they can be good for their social lives. If you're planning a highly anticipated swimming pool party for your friends and family members and notice, much to your dismay, that it started pouring outside, you don't have to cancel on everyone at the last minute. These handy enclosures can defend you -- and the people you bring into your home -- from all sorts of unpleasant weather conditions. People can even enjoy laps around the swimming pool when it's hailing or snowing outside. Aqua Brand's convenient enclosures allow people to enjoy more control over their own lives and activities. If you don't like when unpredictable weather conditions put a damper on your fun plans, these enclosures are all you need.

    Aqua Brand's sunrooms are produced using only the finest materials and tools around. They're also made in the United States. If you're interested in convenience, strength and dependability in a sunroom, investigate your Aqua Brand choices without further delay.

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    Sunroom Plus

    Georgia Sunroom – Four Season Addition | Georgia Sunroom - February 13, 2016 by admin

    The Georgia Sunroom is a classic, traditional, colonial, or Georgian home addition that will match the architecture of your classic home. The Georgia Sunroom is designed to match any architectural style with rooflines, siding and trims and look as if it has been a part of your house. This sunlight filled addition is heated and cooled and can be any room you wish it to be: a new den, playroom, family, office, or formal addition. It will be the most vibrant room of the house.

    Walls are built with a total panoramic view. We use single, double-hung, or casement windows with full screens for a built in screen porch. Windows are energy star rated to be the best insulating value. Doors are hinged single or French styles are available with full view or colonial grids, brass keyed locks and deadbolts, knob or lever and entrance. Interior walls, knee walls, and ceilings are available with elegant classic bead board, drywall, or wood. Walls include crowns, base, window and door casing, and molding trims. Flooring choices are tile, laminate, hardwood, or and carpet from Shaw industries or Bliss carpets. Electrical and HVAC complete packages are available.

    The Georgia Sunroom from the foundation up is a true house addition, not a kit. Typical home additions built by a builder, is just a den with a few extra windows not a true sunroom. Ours will feel like you are outside while being inside a climate controlled environment. Whether your home is a colonial, federal, Tudor, bungalow, Victorian, gothic, modern, farmhouse, country cottage, craftsman, log, split level, ranch or Mediterranean style, Georgia sunroom is the only sunroom that will match your home. The four season Georgia sunroom is a 24/7, 365 days a year addition that will be the focal point of your home.

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    Georgia Sunroom - Four Season Addition | Georgia Sunroom

    MA Sunrooms, Sunroom Additions, New England Four Season Sun-rooms - February 13, 2016 by admin

    Our sunrooms, like our Conservatories offer the quality and superior materials our clients have come to expect. All of these Sunrooms are of solid wood construction using beautiful Mahogany roof components and high performance tempered or laminated safety glass in the roof.

    SUNSPACE DESIGN INC provides year round comfort in its sunroom construction by using the finest windows from the top manufactures in the United States along with Roof Glass having R-Values of over 4. While many of these sunrooms can be air-conditioned, all are heated for a comfortable environment regardless of the weather outside. Due to the various, and sometimes extreme weather conditions of Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maine and Southern New England we acknowledge the importance of our rooms performing all year long in this environment.

    The goal of our design staff is to provide each client with sunroom construction that blends the architectural details, windows, and trims to match your home, separating us from the vinyl sunrooms, aluminum products and other sunroom construction contractors.

    The SUNSPACE DESIGN INC sunroom brings natural light to adjacent rooms as well as adding a wonderful space to entertain, relax, or grow your favorite plants. The addition of a sunroom to your home will allow you to enjoy the benefits of your outdoor surroundings year round.

    2010, Sunspace Design, Inc., All Rights Reserved Massachusetts (MA) Website Design and Development

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    MA Sunrooms, Sunroom Additions, New England Four Season Sun-rooms

    Sunroom Additions: What You Need to Consider - February 13, 2016 by admin

    Fast Link to Home Addition Cost Estimate Worksheet - only $5.00 per order !! A sunroom is the perfect place to relax and drink your morning coffee, entertain friends, and extend the season. They are easy to install, can be built in a fraction of the time that it takes for a standard room addition, and are usually cheaper too.

    There is a mountain of information on sunrooms on the internet, and heavy competition to get your business. So where do you start?

    The first step would be to decide on the type of sunroom that you want, then on who and how it will be constructed.

    Conservatories: similar to solariums except that they have a more elaborate style of roof, are generally larger, are more ornate, and are built for year-round enjoyment. Some conservatories are constructed on a kneewall which allows you to install electrical outlets and support an HVAC system. Triple-pane, high performance glass with a high insulation value helps to offset temperature extremes.

    Sunrooms: generally have an overhead roof with shingles or are built into the structure of the home. A green roof that absorbs heat and naturally insulates the room below is another option. Sunrooms are more expensive to build but generally are considerably less expensive to heat and keep cool.

    See my Ehow article on sunroom additions for further details.

    If you want a custom-built sunroom, hiring a contractor is the easiest option. If you DIY, you will need to have proper drawings prepared by a qualified building professional in order to obtain a building permit. See Step 8 - Do We Need Permits? for further information.

    Exposure: - in a four season climate, an all-glass sunroom may be placed in the afternoon shade of a deciduous tree to offset heat gain.

    Roof: - an all-glass roof for a sunroom addition is not as energy efficient as a standard insulated roof with shingles, but it does give you an incredible view of the stars at night. If you think carefully about why you want the sunroom and what it will be used for, it will help you to make a decision on the roof style and sunroom type.

    Materials: - vinyl (least expensive), aluminum (more durable) and wood (custom-built) for the structural supports

    Base: - most sunrooms can be built on top of an existing patio or deck, but a new concrete slab in a new location is an equally good option. A knee-wall built out of concrete, brick or wood can also support the structural framing and glass panels of a sunroom.

    Electrical: - check the construction details carefully to ensure that electrical outlets and proper lighting can be installed

    HVAC - proper ventilation is key to the health, cleanliness and longevity of a sunroom. Skylights and openings in an all-glass roof can promote air circulation. Most sunrooms in extreme climates will require additional heating and cooling. A separate HVAC system is recommended for an all-season sunroom since it will have different heating and cooling requirements than the rest of the home.

    Glass - the amount of glass in a sunroom addition will determine both the energy efficiency and the quality of the appearance. There may be a trade-off between designing the most energy efficient sunroom for your climate and property, and the look and feel that you desire.

    If you are still unsure whether to DIY or hire a supply-and-install contractor, go to Step 3 for more info.

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    Sunroom Additions: What You Need to Consider

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