James Robert Clark Architect-Planner Inc. is an independently-owned architecture firm that has been serving Delaware, Maryland and Virginia since 1980! With over 30 years of experience, we are confident we can design any commercial or residential building in a cost efficient, tasteful manner. Were masters of coastal home design, compact home design, commercial office planning and much more.

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At James Robert Clark Architect-Planner Inc., we design buildings that are the pinnacle of practical, yet beautifully alluring in their execution. We take the finesse of unique architectural design in Milton, DE and pair it with proven concepts that meet the requirements of your building, creating designs that serve the needs of their inhabitants.

We love working with lightboth natural and practical interior lighting. This leads our buildings to include more windows, with designs that follow the natural trajectory of the sun. And, were also an expert on windows. We consider things like sun exposure, low-e coated window glass and more, planning for vibrant interiors that are protected against unwanted heat gain and excessive glare.

As an experienced architect in Milton, DE, were also very familiar with the need for compact housing and coastal building considerations. A home with too much water infiltration can rot and cause additional issues down the line for the foundation of the home. We plan for this, as well as heating and cooling design, foundation, elevation, and function and purpose of home, to ensure were designing a coastal home that will stand up to the elements admirably.

For a building design that meets your design requirements and maximizes space, contact us for architectural design and planning. We promise results that are unique, appealing and practical.

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Every design we craft is based on a thorough conversation with you and an open dialog about your needs and wants. We draw up plans around the things that are important to you and factor in planning thats conducive to your vision. When the final product is built, we promise itll be beautiful, practical and sustainablereflecting everything you want in a home or business, right down to the simplest details.

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