Does my town or association require a shed permit - who handles that?

Requirements between towns and associations vary greatly and may have restrictions regarding structure placement or size. It is your responsibility to contact your town or association and acquire and necessary paperwork and/or permits if required. However, we have found most are quite knowledgeable and provide quick answers - permits are often issued same day.

Can I stop during off hours - at your location at 109 Rt 70, Medford, NJ at the Dutch Wagon Market - to view the models on display?

Yes, people often come during the week when the market it closed. If we are there loading a shed for delivery, feel free to ask questions or to unlock a specific model.

I see you have many styles and color combinations, can you also customize a shed?

Certainly! While we stock a large selection of sheds available for immediate delivery with different styles, colors and options, sheds can be custom ordered with various shingle colors, siding, trim and door colors at no additional charge.

Can I move doors and windows to different walls?

Yes, we will work with you to make your structure unique - please move windows and doors around to fit your specific needs - at no additional charge.

Can I add shelves, windows and dormers?

There are many, many options you can add to make your shed fit your specific needs. Shelving and lofts options are popular, as well - ramps additional or larger windows, upgraded doors (steel or painted fiberglass), higher walls, and dormer windows can be added above or in the doors or even in the roof.

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