Our cedar gazebos are a great way to add beauty and practicality to your garden. A gazebo can create a sun porch in the middle of your lawn or garden. In the warmth of a lazy summer afternoon, theres nothing better than relaxing in the shade of a quality Stan Fairbrother gazebo. Gazebos a History

Gazebos are truly as old as the art of gardening itself and, as might be expected, the first to have them erected in their gardens were royalty and noblemen.

Gazebos were a common sight in ancient Rome and Pompeii. Later, Persian gardens took the gazebo to a whole new level, with colourful tents or two-storey affairs complete with marble columns and cupolas. Some were used as tombs for their owners.

Today, cedar gazebos crafted in the finest red cedar are a more cheery affair. Its a venue for a quiet lunch or afternoon tea, a shaded place to read or chat, a focal point for weddings and parties, or even a bandstand. Increasingly, a cedar gazebo makes a great housing for a hot tub.

The traditional style for a cedar gazebo is with a roof and decorative sides. But a bespoke cedar gazebo can be entirely enclosed. They can have trellis built-in, so you can grow climbers and add rustic appeal to your garden. They can be built with doors. Our bespoke cedar gazebos can even revolve so you catch the summer sun all day long.

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