The first phase of the reforestation plan at Rollins Park in Concord is set to begin this fall with stump removal, regrading and the construction of walking paths.

Itll continue in the spring, using the remainder of the $160,000 set aside in the current budget to plant a diverse stock of young trees, Parks and Recreation Director David Gill said.

The view of the South End park from Bow Street looks vastly different ever since heavy machinery swept through and removed hundreds of mature trees this winter. The pines there were infested with invasive bugs and had to be removed last winter before they died and became dangerous.

When the weather warmed up, Gill and the citys planning department returned to the park to hold neighborhood meetings and determine what the next step should be for that space. Overwhelmingly, he said, the response was to replant trees and build some walking paths, a natural play area and an educational area.

Another phase of the project about $90,000 is planned in the citys capital improvement program for the following year, Gill said, which could be used to realize another recommendation: gazebos.

If thats approved in next years budget, we will look at installing the gazebos, but first and foremost is to get the area planted, get it presentable, he said.

After the city council approved the first phase this week, Gill said hell send out later this month a request for proposal to do the work.

Depending on pricing, the vision is to remove the stumps this fall, regrade this fall, install the walkways this fall, and next spring we will begin to replant the area, he said.

Hes expecting to have enough money left over to plant 40 to 50 trees roughly 2 to 3 inches in diameter and 6 to 8 feet tall and a mix of species so that theyre more resistant to infections such as the red pine scale that doomed the previous plantation.

Youre not putting baby trees in, he said. Theyre going to notice something right away.

But even still, planners hoped to plant as many as 100 trees, so Gill said hes considering an adopt-a-tree program that would allow people in the neighborhood to round out the total. He said hes heard from the neighborhood meetings that people were interested in this idea.

Folks could, if theyre interested, buy a tree, he said. Thered be various types and various costs for different types of trees, and thered be a plaque somewhere at the park thanking everybody who would adopt a tree.

Gill said hed likely put together the details of that program this fall.

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