5.4m Gazebo - Painted Finish, Sandpit, Deck Entry

5.4m Gazebo - Painted Finish, 4 Handrails, 4 seats

5.4m Gazebo - Painted Finish, 3 Shutter Walls, Floor -internal

5.4m Gazebo - Painted Finish, 3 Shutte Walls, Floor

4.1m Gazebo - Painted Finish, Custom Deck-Floor

4.1m Gazebo - Painted Finish, 5 Handrails, Floor - 2

4.1m Gazebo - Painted Finish, 3 Handrails, Floor - 2

4.1m Gazebo - Natural Finish, 5 Handrails, Floor

4.1m Gazebo - Natural Finish, 4 Handrails, Poolside

3.6m Gazebo - Painted Finish

Whatever style you like, youll find it here. Check out our photos to the left and learn more about our gazebos below.

Not sure what the difference is between our gazebos and other products, like daybed houses, pavilions etc? Then checkout our online showroom and see the all the photos side by side. Any questions, contact us anytime.

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Our gazebos (soon to be your gazebo) are a place of sanctuary from which to gaze upon your estate or to create a focal point in your landscape.

Choose from 4 different sizes, with the option of handrails, bench seats, solid or shuttered walls and decorative corner brackets and floors.

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Perfect for a long rectangular table setting, this gazebo is very different. Place one where you can soak up the view!

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