A company in the Tidewood East Industrial Park in Hometown has won an innovation award from Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Highwood USA LLC has won the award for entrepreneurial achievement as the company that best exemplifies the quintessential entrepreneurial spirit a combination of ingenuity, hard work and innovation that has resulted in the creation of a successful and growing business venture.

The company is a manufacturer of extruded-plastic synthetic-wood products that are used for outdoor furniture and hot tubs/spas, as well as in exterior lumber applications such as decks, fencing, gazebos and garden sheds.

Highwood proactively and continuously innovates its processes, introduces new products, and identifies and develops untapped niches in the marketplace, Ben Franklin officials said.

The company also uses unique combinations of materials and manufacturing processes to produce state-of-the-art synthetic wood products, according to Ben Franklin.

Highwood has expanded its facility twice to keep pace with growth and John Quarmley, its president, said the 23,000 square feet being added to the plant now will mean more jobs.

We are adding an accountant, and six process and manufacturing engineers, Quarmley said. We are also looking for woodworkers and a human resources manager. We will be adding about 12 employees to the 70 we have now.

Highwood started in 2003 with seven employees in 27,000 square feet. Additions in 2008 and 2012 brought the building to its present 73,000 square feet.

With the latest addition, we have maxed out the property we are on, Quarmley said. We bought seven acres next to us for future expansions.

Ben Franklin Technology Partners also said the company actively invests in its employees through training and development, in support of its high-performance work team management philosophy.

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Hometown firm earns awardfrom technology partnership

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