QUINCY, Ill. (WGEM) - The Quincy Park District Board of Commissioners have decided to move forward with the possibility of awarding naming rights to district properties.

Director of Program Services Mike Bruns says park names would stay the same, but things like tennis courts, gazebos and ball fields would be used for advertising by local businesses.

Bruns says businesses would most likely sign a three to five year agreement.

"We're going to put together some requests for proposals to put out there to see if we get any response from different businesses," Bruns said. "And then once we get that back, then we would take them to the board of commissioners. They would look at it and there would be a back and forth negotiations to try and work out the details."

Bruns says the park district has been looking for anyway they can increase its revenue source for additional funding.

The plan isn't final yet and there's no word on when it will happen.

For more information you can contact Mike Bruns at 217-223-7703.

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Park district may possibly award naming rights to district properties

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