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Severe Weather Awareness Week continues in the ArkLaTex. Today's topic concerns something found in every thunderstorm, even non-severe ones....lightning.

Lightning is often referred to as the underrated weather killer. After flooding and tornadoes, more people die from being struck by lightning than any other violent weather phenomena. In the last 30 years an average of 51 people per year were struck and killed by lightning in the United States. People who survive being struck by lightning often have health issues, including muscular and neurological problems. Below is a state-by-state look at lightning deaths from 1959-2011.

When you hear thunder, that's the time to seek shelter. If you're close enough to the storm to hear the thunder, you're close enough to be struck by lightning.

Remember the 30-30 rule

The first 30 represents 30 seconds. If the time between when you see the flash and hear the thunder is 30 seconds or less, the lightning is close enough to hit you. If you haven't already, seek shelter immediately.

The second 30 stands for 30 minutes. After the last flash of lightning, wait 30 minutes before leaving your shelter. More than one half of lightning deaths occur after a thunderstorm has passed.

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Severe Weather Awareness Week: Lightning

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