For those who are looking for something a little bit more functional than the traditional, standalone gazebo, you should consider a conservatory-style gazebo instead.

One very popular model is the Gazalum 12 x 15 1 Door 5 Side Glass Window Gazebo shown here, which is one of several sunroom kits they offer.

Now, as this gazebo is designed to be attached to your house, it has several important advantages.

One of the easiest ways to grow herbs, flowers, fruit (small ones only no melons!) and, of course, lettuce and tomatoes is the AeroGarden.

This is a relatively new invention, and it makes growing things indoors not only easy, but fast too. Can you imagine the sweet flavor of your own home-grown fruit and veggies? Organic, no genetic experiments, no pesticides, no germs from food handlers, and all vine-ripened produce the way it was meant to be from nature.

See it in action here, using time-lapse photography:

They make a wide variety of models some for specific purposes, some to take advantage of available space, and some that are just fun (but which might just encourage your children to develop green fingers at an early age):

So, back to the gazebo / sunroom itself.

This Gazalum gazebo is a five-sided all-weather model, built of maintenance-free aluminium, and has all the features of a Florida room.

The walls are built of 1.75 inch thing extruded aluminium, and you have a choice of colours white, brown or sand.

The patio doors include a screen as well as a keyed lock, so that you can leave your property secure for whenever you have to leave your home unattended.

The super-structure of the roof is made from a high-density polystyrene core and aluminium panels. This means that the entire assembly is self-supporting, with no need for any additional internal walls or posts, and if you should happen to live somewhere that gets a considerable snow fall in winter-time, you can take comfort from knowing that the roof will bear the load without any problems.

Now, these Gazalum sunroom kits are supplied in kit form, and can be installed on either new or existing poured concrete patios or decks provided, of course, that the existing structure is sound.

These units must be securely fastened down simply placing them on the ground or on a patio stone base is forbidden.

All in all, if youre looking for a really great sunroom kit to enhance your home, then we can highly recommend the Gazalum 12 x 15 1 Door 5 Side Glass Window Gazebo.

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