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Salvage of an 1870 Lake House

An electrical fire recently devastated a beautiful 1870's mansion in the Finger Lakes of New York State. The beautiful home lost most of its roof and subsequent heavy rains damaged much of the gorgeous woodwork. But our crew has been working to try to save as much as possible, and there is still so much beautiful woodwork left


Salvage of an 1890 Queen Ann

We recently salvaged an 1890 Queen Ann style house in western New York that fell victim to a combination of long-term neglect and disuse as well as owner apathy towards restoration. We always encourage property owners to rethink the decision to demolish a historic home, particularly one with the level of character that this home was graced with. Rarely are we able to change an owners mind once they have decided to demolish a property but we do make an effort.


The "Switch" to LED: Options for Antique Lighting by Electra Abernathy

Want to save on your energy bills but keep the historic look of your vintage light fixtures? Decorative LED light bulbs may be just what you need. You may think of energy-saving bulbs as ugly, but we now offer varieties that look quite similar to incandescent bulbs.

In recent years, several countries, including the United States, have created new standards regulating the manufacture of incandescent light bulbs. These standards are intended to phase out the incandescent bulbs that exceed 40 watts, and to encourage the development of more energy-efficient lighting alternatives. The Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 required that light bulbs become increasingly more efficient in the next few years. Under the law, incandescent bulbs that produce 3102600 lumens of light are effectively phased out between 2012 and 2014.


Here is one antique lightfixture that we recently restored to its original beauty and saved it from a landfill. We repaired bent and broken arms, polished brass, rewired torn and frayed wiring, and added antique glass shades. We offer restoration services on antique stained and leaded glass, hardware, and lighting.We have afull-service restoration facility on-site and our knowledgeable, experienced, and friendlystaffcan help you figure out the best solution to get your antique items looking like new again. Our available services include:


Mortise Lock Straight Talk!

With Xavier Blaine

Oh, the front door It is the most evocative feature of every home, a thing of both beauty and security, a silent sentinel of architectural devotion. Its intricate carvings or stark panels, the comfortably oversized knob and backplate, the swing of the hinges, even the species of wood, all were carefully considered to create that most engaging of thresholds. In truth, what good would a home even be without a good front door? And yet the most important feature of every door, its entire raison detre, is not even visible, for what good would a front door be without a good lock?


The Fairfacts Company

The Fairfacts Company was based in New York City in the 1920s. The company created The Perfect Bathroom brochure in 1924 where they put a catalog together with all of their Biltin accessories. Their Biltin accessories were very popular in the tiled bathrooms of the 1920s. The bathroom consisted of recessed toilet paper holders, soap niches, and tiled-in cup holders, toothbrush holders, towel bars, shelving, and sponge holders, all designed to fit seamlessly among the tiled walls. The accessories were made of such durable china that many of them still exist today and have made their way to our store. The company is, unfortunately, no longer in existance. They, like many others did not make it through the Great Depression.

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