MONESSEN A nonprofit organization is building a new house in Monessen to help to stabilize a nice neighborhood in a city that is overwhelmed with blight.

The Homestead-based Mon Valley Initiative had crews assembling a modular house in the 900 block of Graham Avenue last month in an area where residents take pride in their properties, said Jason Togyer, spokesman for the group.

We want to preserve that, Togyer said. Thats a decent neighborhood. Its one of the reasons why were in there.

Crews from Structural Modulars Inc. of Strattanville, Clarion County, and Disaster Restoration Services of Trafford, Allegheny County, began assembling the house July 24.

The three-bedroom, two-story house was constructed on a lot where a frame house was demolished because of underground coal mine subsidence. The void was stabilized by the state Department of Environmental Protection before a heavy crane was brought to the site to help assemble the house.

The final construction will be completed by local crews by the end of this month, weather permitting, said Rick Dunn, senior construction manager for the initiative.

Its going to blend with the other houses in the neighborhood, Togyer said.

The house was constructed with money from the Optional County Affordable Housing Funds Act of 1992, with the specific goal to help stabilize communities and keep people in their homes, he said.

Its going to be a very nice house, Togyer said. We expect the house to sell for about $80,000 to $90,000.

The new owner will be expected to occupy the house.

For more information about this house or any home available for sale by the initiative, call Patrick Shattuck, real estate development and community outreach director, at 724-565-8040 or 412-464-4000.

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