CertainTeed Restoration Millwork cellular PVC trim is a cost-effective, low maintenance alternative to exterior wood trim. The full line of styles includes trim boards, beadboard, full-size sheets, one-piece corners, brickmould, drip cap, and specialty restoration millwork. Restoration Millwork can also be heat formed into a variety of architectural shapes.

Unlike wood, the dimensions of Restoration Millwork trim are consistent from piece to piece, and it does not warp, cup, or bow. Also, Restoration Millwork trim has superior nail-holding strength, which helps prevent fasteners from popping or backing out, particularly in new home construction.

Restoration Millwork standard and J-pocket trim boards are perfect for any trim application, including soffit, fascia, rakes, frieze and band boards, column enclosures, corners, window trim, and door surrounds. Trim boards are available in a variety of sizes; in 12-ft., 18-ft., and 20-ft. lengths; and in a reversible smooth/smooth or TrueTexture woodgrain/smooth Natural White finish. The longer panels can reduce the number of joints and speed installation, while the 12-ft. lengths can reduce waste and provide flexibility in materials planning. Trim boards are available in 30 sizes; J-pocket trim boards are available in three sizes.

Restoration Millwork sheets can be used for large installations like soffit, pop-out bay windows, raised panels, dormers, custom designs, or anywhere builders need a smooth, low-maintenance flat surface. Sheets are supplied in a reversible smooth/smooth Natural White finish, and TrueTexture woodgrain/smooth finish. Like other Restoration Millwork trim, sheets can be painted to match or complement any exterior cladding.

Restoration Millwork Natural White beadboard and beadboard panel are used for wainscoting and hot tub surrounds, porch ceilings, and soffit.

Restoration Millwork one-piece corners create a finished look and speed installation. These preformed, ready-to-install corners are supplied in both 10 ft. and 20 ft. lengths and in smooth and TrueTexture woodgrain finishes. Supplied in Natural White, they are the perfect trim for any exterior cladding.

Restoration Millwork inside corners save installers time and money. They create a professional-looking, finished look, so installers use them instead of fabricating their own inside corners.

Restoration Millwork CustomCraft boards and sheets make fabrication and custom combinations simple. These 1-1/2" trimboards (1 actual) reduce the amount of time and money required to produce custom installations. CustomCraft boards and sheets require less laminating, so they reduce time and labor costs. They are ideal for custom fabrications, including: window sills, mouldings and trim, eave and porch decorative brackets, pergola end designs, pediments and window headers, and raised and routed panels.

There are 20 different Restoration Millwork Specialty Profiles to choose from. Each profile has been created to be the perfect solution to any trim application and create a finished look in any exterior application. CertainTeed's cellular PVC specialty trim is supplied in a Natural White smooth finish that is virtually maintenance free.

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