Welcome to HVAC Baltimore. where we enjoy the 4 distinct seasons that are winter, spring, summer,and fall.Summers are usually hot and humid while spring and autumn are warm.Winters can go below 20 degrees- especially when arctic air masses blow over the area. Homeowners in Baltimore require 24/7 air conditioning during summer and heating in winter.This is why our services in the area have been so instrumental in keeping Baltimore comfortable.Becauseheating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC)systems run throughout the year, repairs are necessary.Delays in spotting faulty components can lead to mechanical failure and even more costly repairs.

Our services in Baltimore are customized to meet the needs of residents as well as our commercial customers.

For the performance ofHVACunits to be enhanced, there is need for quality installation.We have NATE-certified technicians who have experience and expertise in installing different brands as well ascomponents.We strive to do it right for the first time so that we dont have to keep on repeating the process and inconveniencingyou and your family.Prior to installation,we carry out a ground survey to find the appropriate location for both theindoor and outdoor components.In case you are a new homeowner, we help you in assessing your coolingand heatingneeds so that we can get the right system for your premises.

Based on your budget, we then suggest the options open for replacement. The length of time you plan to stay in your home, tax credits, current rebates and future remodeling plans are some of the things that we consider.

When itcomes to HVAC repairs, our service technicians are on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week from Mondays to Sundays including public holidays.To back up our technicians is a friendly customer care service that handles your queries and matches you to the available technician.For emergency heating and air conditioning Baltimore repairs, you will have an experienced service technician who will travel to your home to diagnose your system after which he will give you the cost of repair.The reason we offer upfront pricing is because we are straightforward professionals and we do not want to surprise our customers with undiscussed and off-the-mark costs.

Homeowners know pretty well that an ounce of prevention can translate to lots of pounds of cure.Maintenance is very importantand lack of it can be costly to you in terms ofmoney and comfort.HVAC components including filters, motors, belts, refrigerants, and fans require regular servicing forthem to operate at their peak.During summer, AC units go over and beyond to cool your home.This means that when the summer period is over, your units will be somewhat spent and in need of a tuneup.At times, problems such as broken fans, snapped fan belts, dusty compressors, dirty coils,leaking refrigerants, anddirty filters can undermine the performance of your unit.When you call us, we shall come with the necessary equipmentand tools to ensurethe job is donewell and your unit goes back to its original operationalefficiency.Filters must be changed at least once in three months depending on the environment. If the area is very dusty or has lots of debris,you may have to change them once per month.Filters come in two main categories;disposal and washable filters. For the disposable, they are replaced and the old ones discarded while for the washable, they are cleaned and then re-installed.The performance of your filters will determine the performance of the entire system.We also do coil cleaning. A dirty or dusty coil affects theefficiencyof the heating and cooling systems.With time, the coils gather dust that makes its way in from theenvironment.Coils are categorized into two; condenser and evaporator coils. The condenser unit is located in theoutdoor component while the evaporator coil is located indoor.Both play a key role in the removal of heat from the indoorenvironmentthrough the refrigerant.While many homeowners try to do minor repairs themselves, it is highly recommended that they consulta professional HVAC expert because some of the components are very sensitive and any mishandling can result into permanent damage hence costly replacements.

Instead of waiting until your unit fails completely, you can tell whenthe system is in need of repair.Some of the visible and observable signs include:Partialheating or cooling of your indoor spaceThe system doesnt heat or cool to the expected temperature levelStrange noises coming from your HVAC unitLeakages and pools of water beneath your air conditioning system Skyrocketing utility billsUnusual odors coming from your equipment Accumulation of ice on the drain pipes and other components Circulation of dust in your homeWhenever you spot any of the above problems, immediately contact us and we shall dispatch our team of certified technicians to come and check your entire system in a bid toarrest the problem and sort it out comprehensively.It doesnt matter whether it is at the middle of the night when your system breaks down or in the wee hours of the morning, just know that in us, you have more than partners.There are variousHVAC unitswe can installincluding ductless mini splits,heat pumps,furnaces,central air conditioners, and packaged units. Our installation process is quick and professional.

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