Is the farmhouse kitchen not on your 2020 remodeling agenda? Some homeowners find it outdated and boring. So is it canceled once and for all? We think not!

A farmhouse kitchen design with new and modern updates can lighten up your space, unlike any other design. Its a popular myth that only traditional-style homes can have a country kitchen.

Farmhouse kitchen is more about personal expression than you would think. With a few tweaks and our farmhouse kitchen remodeling ideas, you can make your kitchen look fresher and a little more transitional. Furthermore, the farmhouse kitchen takes inspiration from simple pleasures of life. Nature and your surroundings play a huge role in a farmhouse kitchen.

If you are ready to take the plunge into remodeling your kitchen space, check out our dreamy and trendy list of farmhouse kitchen ideas. The ideas we have covered are sure to inspire you to redesign your sanctuary that you call kitchen.

We personally love how much this style has evolved over time. As new trends emerge, the farmhouse kitchen has adopted elements of other popular kitchen designs. Its common to find farmhouse kitchens in 2020 that borrow elements of Scandinavian, contemporary, and even modern styles.

In fact, the farmhouse design can be played in a way that it transforms your kitchen into your sanctuary. You can either stick to the black and white terra-cotta floor tiles or go for the classic wooden floors.

Either way, a fresh neutral palette for your cabinets can bring the entire design into cohesion. Shaker cabinets with clean lines and fresh neutral colors like gray and tan can be a great aesthetic choice.

While you can stick to the barn-style door, recessed cabinet doors, apron sink, and Roman shades on your windows, its important to add international style chairs. You can also add a Carrera marble island or even a stainless steel sink for a modern touch. The idea is to get the best of both worlds to make the kitchen space fit your needs best.

Here, we recommend keeping the color palette light. In return, you can add more pops of color throughout the room. Meaning you can add those gold or copper undertone of faucets or hardware for that old-world charm.

On the contrary, long pendant lights are still trending so you can incorporate those, as well. You hang them low to accentuate those high ceilings. Even sconces, for that matter, are a classic choice for a country-inspired kitchen.

Decorative items such as popular art, sculptures, flea market finds on exposed shelves can add that modern touch. Another farmhouse kitchen idea is to have a themed pantry with wicker or woven baskets and mason jars.

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