Q: What projects will homeowners be looking for?

A: We anticipate the trend toward updating and renovating of bathrooms and kitchens to prevail. We anticipate an increase in home office spaces if the COVID-19 pandemic continues to keep people at home for school and work. Other trends that will continue into 2021 have been observed by our certified partners:

Q: What should homeowners expect if they decide to remodel in 2021?

A: Homeowners should anticipate delays due to manufacturing and availability: General contractors rely on product availability. Countertops from manufacturers, plumbing faucets, cabinets and more should all be ordered and on the job site before demolition begins, says Reuter. Manufacturing was halted or at least minimized during the initial shutdown. Over a short amount of time construction was declared to be an essential business, homeowners gained confidence and construction resumed. Manufacturing, however, has struggled to catch up and, I suspect, we have depleted many product reserves.

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