By Promise Twinamukye

You have probably seen homes with attractive kitchen cabinets and only years after they have been installed, they start crumbling. You cannot help but wonder, what happened? Did the homeowner get a raw deal?

A plan is needed when one considers installing or remodeling any type of cabinet. Whether it is a temporary installation or you are a long time benefit, it will entirely depend on the kind of house you are in.

This could be a rental or your residential house.

One thing you may need to ask yourself especially when you want longterm cabinets is, will you still like them ten years down the road? Will they stand the test of time? This will help you not to settle for less.

The material, according to Edrine Kimera, a 3D studio interior designer at Jomera Homes and Gardens, should also play an important role in planning for your cabinetry.

This, he says, is easier in custom made cabinets since you decide on almost every detail.

If you are on a budget, MDF would do a good job since they also come in different shades, you are spoilt for choice.

Kimera says having various options would include an open kitchen which would leave you with a provision of space to install an island, which will give you more storage spaces.

Plan for it

Do not just dive in getting cabinets before you clearly understand where you are going to place them. There are places in the kitchen that will scream bad idea to your face when you try to alter the way they are.

For example, by the window. Creating a cabinet by your window may not be so good an idea since it could cut off the light entering the kitchen thus creating uneven distribution of light in the kitchen.

The types

There are mainly three types of cabinetry and the others may fall under these three, that is, stock, semi-custom and custom cabinets. Knowing what they are and their associated benefits and prices can help you in decision making regarding your kitchen remodel.

Stock cabinets are the type made in an order that cannot be altered or adjusted. Therefore, you will need to have a well-shaped kitchen space for them to fit well. Otherwise, if you have an oddly shaped space and you need a cabinet to fill, a stock cabinet may not be the best for you. This type of cabinets is often more affordable than the rest of the types.

Semi-custom cabinets are also already made but can be adjusted for size and other customizations. They tend to be better quality than stock cabinets, meaning you will likely get more use out of them. They are slightly more costly than stock cabinets.

Custom cabinets are the ones your service provider will make on your order. While they will cost you the most, they are flexible since they are made according to your tastes and preference. This option gives you a chance to utilise the best materials for the greatest durability.


Installing a cabinet can be a reasonable affair or a pricey one, depending on the size of the kitchen, style and materials or types of cabinets that you choose.

According to Kimera, a full installation of a 13x11 feet of a kitchen will cost between Shs8m and Shs13m, depending on the material you are using.

On Gayaza Road, cabinets can be installed per square metre starting from Shs400, 000.

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