An important part of remodeling a home is making sure it represents the people living in it.

From the pictures hanging on the walls to the number of shelves in a cabinet, every little detail matters.

While many firms offer pre-made cabinets and home furnishings that are able to be installed in a home, some companies in the Charlotte region allow homeowners to customize their spaces.

One example of this is MUSE Residential, a Concord-based general contractor and interior design company specializing in kitchen and bathroom remodels. Instead of hiring an interior designer separately, MUSE has its own design team.

MUSE office manager Alyssa Staley said the company works with clients from start to finish to give them dream remodels.

From conception to execution, we do all of it, as opposed to people who have to hire an interior designer separately to design their space before it gets built, Staley said. We take it from where the customer doesnt have any idea what to do yet.

Staley said when clients contact MUSE, their general contractor will meet them on-site for their consultation, where they discuss budget, feasibility and figure out if they are a good fit for the project. If it is a good fit, MUSE moves into the design phase in which the designers will put together a potential layout and select finishes, such as countertops and cabinetry. Once the client feels satisfied with the design, MUSE will begin building.

Gus Cabinets and More also allows custom-made features in homes. The Stanfield-based company specializes in creating custom cabinets for bathrooms, kitchens and vanities.

Eri Solorio said when clients work with Gus Cabinets and More, they have a big say in the final design.

We really believe in working one-on-one with the client, Solorio said. A custom-made house meets specifically with the needs and wants that the client has, so if the client wants something special made, we can make it.

Clients can choose the exact color of their cabinets and countertops, decide whether to add a pullout trash can or a spice drawer and so much more.

Solorio said Gus Cabinets and More will give potential clients a free quote for their services after a consultation. Then, a blueprint is made and drawings are given to the customer. At the end of the design process, they go into production. Once they start building, Solorio said it usually takes about two to three weeks to finish.

If a customer is not satisfied with the end result, Solorio said it can be redone. However, it is best to come to the company with a concrete idea of what they want.

Her best advice to clients for figuring out exactly what they are looking for is to draw inspiration from social media.

Nowadays, Pinterest and Instagram are the best to look at for inspiration, Solorio said. Everybodys into Instagram kitchens, so we have a Facebook and an Instagram account they can look at and they show us what they want.

Solorio advised homeowners working with any company to communicate effectively via email. She said once something is in writing, it is much easier to make a record of it than if it was said in a phone call.

Because there are a few companies like this in Charlotte, MUSEs Alyssa Staley recommends homeowners do their homework before deciding who to hire. She said it is best to make sure they are accredited by a licensing board, have good reviews and are verified by multiple sources.

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