Lets talk about something exciting today mold remediation in cars. Or, as most people call it, mold removal in cars. If youre like me, then you have no idea how often mold occurs in our automobiles, that is, enough mold so that you have to take it somewhere and have the car cleaned and treated.

I thought these instances were quite rare, and pretty much limited to instances where a car was flooded, or, left outside during a two-day rainstorm with all the windows down.

But, after talking with Neal Ailstock, owner of Seatco, about mold remediation in cars, he states that Seatco sees around 10 vehicles a month come in for mold remediation, and most of those jobs happen because a sunroof drain or a drain attached to the AC system or some other drain in the car gets blocked, and water being water, it seeks someplace else to go. That location is almost always within the interior cabin.

Carpets and seats get wet, its a closed environment so the interior cant dry out quickly, and mold occurs. It smells bad, and sometimes its enough mold so that it makes people sick.

The vehicle shows up at Seatco, and the guys here go to work.

This is what usually happens when Seatco performs mold remediation in cars:

Sometimes, one of these steps needs to be repeated, and sometimes the sequence is juggled a little bit, but this is the usual process.

Of course, as all this is happening, other technicians diagnose the cause of the leak and repair same.

How long does this take?

Anywhere from 3-7 days, depending on the drying time needed. For example, if its the middle of the hot summer, and its not raining, everything dries much more quickly.

And the big question, how much does all this cost?

The average is around $1200. Could be less, could be more, but the average is around $1200.

And thats it. The customer drives out of here with a dry, fresh-smelling car, the mold has been banished, and everyone breathes a bit easier.

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