Get started today on one of this seasons most popular do it yourself projects by revamping those neglected outdoor living spaces with fabulous new patio designs. What could be better than a beautiful exterior space dedicated to enjoying the beautiful weather of spring while admiring your fabulous backyard landscaping? Decorating with a wonderful backyard patio will not only increase the value of your home but will also engage your family in a healthy and fun outdoor lifestyle. Typically, an outdoor patio is a roofless paved space adjoining the home, perfect for outdoor dining or entertaining. Unlike more traditional wooden decks, patios tend to be constructed on stone paving or a concrete slab at ground level and do not require those safety railings or steps that can often hinder the design. They provide a fabulous addition to any backyard because they offer endless design possibilities for very little cost or maintenance. Even better, new patio construction oftentimes does not require city permits or inspections. Here you will find the top 2016 patio designs ideas and pictures that will undoubtedly inspire you create your own unforgettable outdoor space.

Building a garden patio is a fabulous way to increase the beauty of your property and encourage your family to spend time outdoors during spring and summertime months. There are an enormous variety of patio designs that can be customized to fit perfectly with any property layout and architectural or landscaping style. If you are unsure how to fit a new outdoor living space into your existing backyard browse our unforgettable photos of patios for design inspiration perfect to recreate in your own landscape. There are a few key ideas to consider before embarking on your patio construction. First, determine the sunlight and water flow patterns in your yard. You do not want to build a patio in areas that will flood every time there is a rainstorm nor in an area of extreme shade or heavy sun. Deck and patio locations should also selected based on existing landscape focal points such as large trees or water features. The layout can be carefully designed to incorporate these elements in a unique manner or wisely placed to avoid all together.

Some of the most popular patio ideas are incredibly versatile and can be incorporated into nearly any area of your backyard landscape. The next step in creating a fabulous diy patio design plan is determining the style and required features. Maximize your investment of your patio by customizing the space according to your familys daily activities and entertaining needs. For example, create an intimate free-standing patio in the garden to encourage private relaxation or, on the other hand, install a structure attached to an existing screened porch or swimming pool perfect for an outdoor eating area or gathering space. Play around with your options before you settle on a design to ensure that the new space encompasses all of your needs. You can even utilize innovative new patio design software to quickly and easily experiment with different layouts, allowing you to identify any design flaws before you invest valuable time and money. Most programs even offer the ability to virtually tour your new patio, providing a first hand look at the new space.

Most of 2016 best patio designs are constructed utilizing one of a few common materials concrete slabs, pavers or natural stone. All three are fabulous options for any design as they require very little maintenance, can withstand weather conditions and, most importantly, have the ability to embody countless dcor styles. Concrete patio slabs are the most affordable material available and can be easily embellished with unique custom stamped designs or vibrant colors. This product is very low maintenance and can withstand a wide range of climate conditions. Natural stone provides the most long-lasting beauty and durability of any patio design option, but can be a bit pricey. Finally, patio pavers offer a cheap and user friendly choice with high design potential. Although most decorative pavers for patios and natural stone products are extremely durable without the aid of specialized treatments, there are a number of unique sealant products on the market that will give your space additional resilience and gorgeous sheen.

Once you have constructed the new diy patio floor plan it is time to take your space to the next level with fabulous outdoor dcor. Simple patio ideas can be embellished in a wide variety of unique ways utilizing both hardscaping and softscaping elements. DIY accessories are absolutely essential to creating an unforgettable finished design whether inside or outside your home. Beautiful furniture and unique outdoor dcor elevates the style of porches and patios, making them more than a backyard gathering space but instead a beautiful and fashionable extension of your home. Coordinate these features with your interior dcor as well as the garden landscape to generate a cohesive and expertly finished look. Patio landscaping is also vital to establishing the overall design of the space. Your patio stones should not be an unsightly eyesore in an otherwise beautiful landscape design, and instead must flow seamlessly into the garden appearing as natural element. Edge the patio with lovely flowers and shrubs to promote an easy transition to the rest of the yard.

When adding the finishing touches to your diy patio makeover remember to incorporate your own design tastes and living preferences for a comfortable and inviting space with a great custom look that reflects your own personal style. Do not be afraid to combine various architectural styles and dcor trends for a truly unique space that is all your own. If you prefer nontraditional covered patios, incorporate your favorite front porch ideas to create a roofed structure or colored awning that will better suit your outdoor entertaining needs. Get inventive and personalize the space by combine multiple patio deck materials for a fabulous design that blends seamlessly with the rest of your dcor. Even if you are working with a small patio layout, you can bring these popular ideas to your backyard. Make the most of your limited space by establishing good traffic flow and purchasing fabulous furniture and accessories that work with the scale of the area. Select highly stylized pieces with bold details and vibrant colors that bring big design without cluttering your small patio area.

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