It should be blatantly obvious to you The Pond Digger Waterscape Design & Construction company is much more than just waterscaping or the enjoyment of ponds, backyard waterfalls and pondless waterfalls. We are about the information, education and inspiration of pond design, pond care, pond construction and training of how to build a pond properly!

Some say rules are made to be broken, however breaking the rules in the management of pond water quality, the husbandry of Koi, and the basics of pond construction and pond design could spell disaster, wasted time and wasted money!

Cutting edge photographers regularly challenge the conventional wisdom of placing objects into their photographs by a third and yet they occasionally capture something amazing and spontaneous that can hold your attention for a long period of time. However challenging the basic principles of pond design and pond construction like the improper placement of your skimmer, biological waterfall filter or incorrect pump sizing could make the difference between an absolute wonderful pond experience or a spine tingling waterscapes nightmare!

HELPFUL HINT While we are the subject of photography let me pause and point something out When you are presented with a pond design portfolio of beautiful photographs including backyard waterfalls and ponds, there is a strong possibility you will be looking at pictures of somebody elses work! NO KIDDING! Manufacturers provide professional photos for beginner contractors to use on their websites, in their design portfolios and marketing materials!

We see these photo scams ALL the time on pond construction websites and pond design portfolios, at home shows and market nights, on vehicle wraps and business cards, on brochures, flyers and more! Ask your pond designer if ALL the photos in their portfolio are pictures of their actual work and absolutely do not be afraid to ask if you can see some of the work in person.

Our team hosts several pond design construction seminars each year here in Southern California, that are geared to inform, educate and inspire our community. For example, Pond for Schools does more than just beautify our childrens schools; it teaches the next generation of the pond hobbyist and pond construction specialists, not only team work, but How To Build A Pond and properly care for a backyard waterfall and an ecosystem waterscape.

We host Pond Construction Seminars regularly each year to teach both home owners and contractors how to build a pond, but more importantly pond design and pond care. Along with our Spring Pond Care, Fall Pond Care and Koi health and Disease seminars, we cover the full circle of educational seminars.

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