As far as odd and strangely entertaining crashes go, this one is completely unhinged (sorry not sorry for going there). An Audi crashed into a porch and drove off with the front door.

As the tweet below, from the WYP Roads Policing Unit, reveals, the Audi first crashed into another vehicle and then into somebodys porch. The impact was severe enough to unhinge the front door and ram it into the windshield of the Audi, but the driver still drove like this for a while longer before stopping. Even though hed clearly been hit not to mention that he was no longer able to see anything through the windshield.

Driver collided with a vehicle, then the front porch of a house - before then continuing to drive for several meters with front door attached to car. Driver arrested suspected unfit through drink/drugs, the tweet says. Its been tagged #Fatal4, a nationwide campaign meant to raise awareness on the most common motoring offenses, including speeding and DUI.

The 18-year-old male driver of an Audi suffered head injuries and was taken to hospital for treatment for the injuries which are not thought to be serious, a West Yorkshire Police spokesman revealed some time later. Inquiries remain ongoing.

Apparently, the driver of the Audi was the only one to be injured in the incident, and even his injuries are minor. All things considered, this could have ended so much worse than it did.

This means its ok to laugh at the mishap, which is exactly what Twitter is doing. Completely innocent. Looks like hes been framed, one user says. All those doors but still struggled to get out, adds another, while more ask the police if they knocked on the door when they arrived at the scene to arrest the irresponsible driver. Was a two door, now a 3 door car, says one user, while another declares this to be an open and shut case.

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