A New York developer hoping to build a mixed-use project on the Connecticut River in Hartford has proposed a more modest version of his plan to woo the interest of city officials.

Developer George Bryant, president of Aqua Ark LLC, said his firm has compiled a dozen proposals for potential development on city-owned land near Mortensen Riverfront Plaza.

Aqua Arks initial $40-million proposal aims to build two structures on land-based floating technology to house several retail and restaurant vendors and event or hotel space.

Bryant on Wednesday said his startup is also pitching a scaled-down, $9-million development that would include a single-story amphibious promenade that would also be able to float on the water during flood conditions.

Bryant aired his various plans at the citys planning, economic development and housing committee meeting Tuesday night.

The smaller, single-level development includes a series of kiosks for food and retail vendors and a separate restaurant that would feature indoor and outdoor seating.

Germany-based Clement and Westport engineering firm Collective Design Associates are supporting Aqua Ark, with design plans.

We just want to make sure we are putting something forward that is fine-tuned to what the city thinks will work best there, Bryant said. We dont want to develop something that is oversized or undersized.

Aqua Arks scaled-down proposal includes a series of kiosks for retail and food vendors.

The waterfront redevelopment builds off Hartford City Councilman John Gales resolution last year that encouraged development along the Connecticut River. But the resolution has been met with criticism from environmental advocates, including Robert Klee, former commissioner of the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEEP).

Bryant said his firm is willing to address any environmental issues the proposals may pose to existing levees and other underground barriers protecting the city from river flooding.

Riverfront Recapture, the not-for-profit organization managing Hartford and East Hartford's riverfront parks and Riverwalk trail system, has identified at least one potential issue the proposal poses to a retaining wall.

We may have to remediate that, said Bryant, who does not yet have any meetings scheduled with the nonprofit or the city.

Aqua Arkhas not completed a project in the U.S., but it has completed several floating developments in Europe and the Middle East.

The firm, which is working on a proposal for a floating development in the Bronx, pitched a similar waterfront project in Bridgeport in recent years, but city officials denied it.

Bryant has not discussed his vision for waterfront development in Hartford with DEEP or the Army Corps. of Engineers, which would both need to grant permits for the project before it moves forward.

The city and Riverfront Recapture would also need to award Aqua Ark various land use and development agreements for the development.

Bryant said hes optimistic city officials will support at least one his riverfront proposals.

We believe we have interest, he said. Members of the city council at the meeting last night appeared to be supportive from my side.

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