Retaining walls near Highland Park are not in critical need of replacing but will need to be changed in the coming years. The walls and options for handling them were discussed during last Mondays City Council meeting.

We received a call from a homeowner and have had some discussions with the Highland Park Association on some of the failing walls, said Derek Gajdos, Grand Haven Department of Public Works director.

Gajdos noted an issue with the failing walls is not knowing who owns them - as some are on private property and others are in the road right-of-way, who will pay for the replacement and who will continue to maintain the walls into the future.

The estimated price for the repairs is $300,000, Gadjos said.

Its a significant cost, he said. My question for council is where are we heading with that?

One option could be to split the costs 50/50 between the city and homeowners, similar to what is being done on Lake Avenue, while another option discussed during the meeting was to split the $300,000 three ways.

Members of the Highland Park Association, Bill Van Lopik and Bob Minnema, current and past president respectively, used the example of a retaining wall fixed near Minnemas home.

When the wall needed to be repaired, the bill was split evenly between the city, Minnema and another homeowner to the west and residents in the area.

Van Lopik and Minnema said they could bring the proposal of splitting the bill three ways - between the city, the homeowners nearest the walls and the association - to their annual association meeting in July.

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