Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today announced the start of construction for the East Operating Dock in the Port Authority of Oswego and two wastewater pump stations in the Town of Irondequoit in Monroe Country, in addition to key milestones of theResiliency and Economic Development Initiative, which successfully completed its first year helping municipalities, residents and businesses along the Lake Ontario shoreline.

"The REDI program exemplifiesthe importance of partnerships between state and local government. Through open dialogue and thoughtful planning, we are assisting shoreline communities in not only building back but building back betterand stronger than ever before,"Governor Cuomosaid. "These projects willsafeguard economies, enhancepublic safety, protect public healthand conservethe environment of affected shoreline communitiesfor decades to come."

"We are committed to investing in projects to increase resiliency and prevent flooding in our communities,"said Lieutenant Governor KathyHochul."These projects at the Port Authority of Oswego and in the Town of Irondequoit will address damage due to flooding and weather events and help to build back better and stronger. Improved infrastructure is critical in helping to ensure our businesses and residents are safe and continue to strengthen the economy moving forward."

The Port of Oswego project seeks to address high water damage to the north end of the Port Authority's East Operating Dock, which is located directly on Lake Ontario and highly susceptible to wave action and flooding. During high water events, the existing stone retaining wall has failed to break waves, resulting in a breach of the wall and direct undercutting of the main dock. The town of Irondequoit projects will help eliminate flood risk at two of the town's at-risk wastewater pump stations, the German Village Wastewater Pump Station, which serves residences at Point Pleasant Estates and Bayfront North Lane, and the Sea Breeze Wastewater Pump Station located in the Sea Breeze Amusement Park.

As part of theState's ongoing response to record flooding that hit Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River shoreline communitiesduring spring and summer 2019,Governor Cuomo created the REDI Commission, a multi-agency team tasked with studying sustainable solutions to strengthen infrastructure and mitigate impacts from future flooding while bolstering the region's local economies.Through REDI, the State has committed up to $300 million to rebuild the shoreline, as well as improve resiliency in flood-prone regions along the lake, $235 million of whichhas been allocatedtoward local and regional projects that advance and exemplify the REDI mission.

Since the Governor's creation of REDI in theSpringof 2019,all 133 awarded REDI projects are underway, including 113 projects in the design phase, twelve projects in the construction phase, and eight projects completed in its first year. In addition to the REDI projects, twenty Regional Dredging Projectswere identified; one dredging project is currently underway, three are complete.





New York State Department of Transportation Commissioner Marie Therese Dominguez said,"Having a vibrant and thriving port in the City of Oswego is vital to the economy of the City, Oswego County and Central New York. Governor Cuomo's commitment to protecting the lakeshore communities and businesses along Lake Ontario is unprecedented and the Department of Transportation is proud to join with our REDI partners in state and local governments to do our part to improve the resiliency of this important center for commerce."

New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Commissioner BasilSeggossaid,"Long after flood waters have receded, Governor Cuomo remains committed to shoreline communities impacted by high water. At every stage of the region's recovery, the Governor deployed the technical expertise and assistance needed to build back smarter and stronger. In its first year, REDI is setting the standard for progress when state and local governments work hand-in-hand. Today marks the start of construction to strengthen the resilience of the Port Authority of Oswego's historically susceptibleEast Operating Dock and two REDI projects in the town of Irondequoit, upgrading twoof the town's wastewater pump stations. I'm also proud to announce that today DEC is releasing 'New York State REDI: Building Resilience in Recovery,' a guide for home and property owners to strengthen protections and reduce future risks when high water strikes."

REDI Co-ChairandEmpire State Development Acting Commissioner and President & CEO designate EricGertlersaid,"We are proud to help lead this multi-agency REDI initiative aimed at rebuilding and safeguarding flood-damaged communities, homes and businesses spanning the Lake Ontario and St.Lawrence River shorelines. At REDI's one-year mark, these ongoing and completed projects demonstrate thatNew York toughis more than just a slogan; it's practiced daily by New Yorkers across the state who work together to overcome obstacles and create more resilientcommunities and economies for the long-term."

New York State Office of General Services CommissionerRoAnnDestito said, "The project milestones announced today by Governor Cuomo are prime examples of what his REDI program is achieving for municipalities, businesses, property owners, and tourists throughout the region. In collaboration with local leaders, we are repairing the damage that waterfront communities have suffered as a result of past flooding and protecting the shorelines against future high-water levels."

The Department of Environmental Conservation recently released "New York State REDI: Building Resilience in Recovery - Homeowner Program Guidance for Shoreline Management" to help homeowners build resilience, reduce the risk of future property damage, and minimize impacts on natural resources. These general guidelines will help ensure that erosion protections are in place along the shorelines of the Great Lakes and the St. Lawrence River before coastal design and development projects get underway.

Senator Patty Ritchie said, "The Port of Oswego is critical to not only Oswego County's economy, but also to our region's economy as a whole. Through this important investment, we will help strengthen the Port, as well as ensure its East Operating Dock remains usable and protected from potential high water for many years to come."

Senator RichFunkesaid, "I'm excited to see these two important projects move forward in the Town of Irondequoit. Projects like these protect residents by improving the resiliency of the wastewater and mitigating potential damage from flooding. My thanks to the Governor and the members of the REDI commission for their partnership in delivering the funding that made this possible."

Assembly Minority Leader William Barclay said,"Ensuring the strength and resiliency of the East Operating Dock in Oswego is critical to the safety and economic health of one of the region's most important infrastructure elements. This project directly addresses long-standing operational disruptions, and these mitigation measures will ensure structures and foundations remain stable for the dock's users, while avoiding adverse environmental impacts. I am thrilled to see its recent progress. When completed, it will offer numerous benefits to the region, local economy and visitors."

Irondequoit Town Supervisor David Seeley said, "Irondequoit is defined by its proximity to the water, and these upgrades to our sewer and wastewater infrastructure will better serve our waterfront businesses and neighborhoods. When high-water events occur, these new pumps will provide greater efficiency and capacity for flood mitigationwhichwill increase the resiliency of our community. I am grateful to Governor Cuomo and the Lake Ontario Resiliency and Economic Development Initiative for their continued support of our town and all the families who call Irondequoit home."

Port of Oswego Authority Director Bill Scriber said,"The East Operating Dock project is small in scope but enormous in value. The workbeing doneis vital to the continued operation of the Port, and to the safety of our employees. Thank you to Governor Cuomo and the REDI Commission for recognizing the importance of these rehabilitations and for the valuable partnership as our projects progress."

Port of Oswego Authority Board Chairman AmyTressidersaid,"The formation of the REDI Commission is an attestation to the Governor's commitment to the communities affected by the flooding of Lake Ontario. I think I speak for the entire board in thanking Governor Cuomo for his commitment to the Port, and for recognizing the importance of the work that is done here at the Port of Oswego."

For additional information, project profiles and REDI news, clickhere.

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