Get your weekend workout and an attractive, hard-working wall with this DIY-friendly project

A concrete block retaining wall is the perfect solution to control erosion, to eliminate a hard-to-mow slope, to add a planting bed, or to level an ideal patio area. These systems are easy to install, durable, reasonably priced and available in a variety of colors and textures. This article shows you how to install one in a weekend.

The wall we built was a weekend-long project and an exhausting one at that. It took a day to rip out the old, collapsing retaining wall, to dig farther into the hill to provide room for the backfill gravel and to help unload materials. It took another day to install the base, blocks and backfill.

Before launching into this concrete retaining wall project, contact your local building code official. Depending on the height and location of your wall, there may be structural, drainage and setback (the distance from the wall to property line) considerations. A permit may be required.

Unless you own a heavy-duty truck (and back!), have your blocks, compactable base gravel, sand and backfill gravel delivered. Blocks may cost slightly more at specialty landscaping stores than at home centers, but landscaping stores are often better equipped to deliver the small batches of base, sand and gravel that you'll need for installing the concrete retaining wall blocks. rolling yard.

Learn about choosing retaining wall material here.

The Versa-Lok brand retaining wall system we installed uses nylon pins to align and secure horizontal rows of 80-lb. blocks. Other block systems use lips, gravity and filled cores to connect rows and increase strength. Your system may differ, but most of the preparation and installation steps remain the same.

We used a transit level to establish a flat base. But unless you own or rent one and know how to use it properly, just use a 4-ft. level taped to a long, straight 2x4, especially for short walls. The tamper, brick tong and block chisel are available at rental yards.

How to Build a Concrete Retaining Wall | The Family Handyman

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