So in the spring, a small team of workers in Tyvek suits, gloves and goggles began stripping six inches of soil from the Lorraine Street fields, the most highly contaminated of the sites, situated directly across from the Red Hook housing projects. Using front loaders, excavators and bulldozers, workers placed soil in piles on the edges of the site, covered with large tarps. All but a few pockets of soil have been dug up on the first site. Thirty-nine trees have been removed and 62 will be replanted.

Then in the summer, a small convoy of dump trucks each weighing between 18 and 20 tons began moving the soil out of the neighborhood, their tires and undercarriages hosed down with a pressure washer to remove any contamination before heading out.

The trucks then take a route away from the Red Hook Houses for a 90-minute-long highway drive to the Fairless Landfill in Falls Township, Pa., a town of around 33,000 people across the Delaware River from Trenton, N.J. Any recyclable concrete from the site is being shipped to Allocco Recycling in Brooklyn, a scrap yard near Newtown Creek.

Some local residents asked why dont we move it out by barge, said Martin Maher, the head of Brooklyn Parks. Mr. Maher and his team researched the possibility, but found it would actually involve more trucks, more loading and unloading of the contaminated material and cost twice as much.

The area is regularly sprayed with water to keep dust to a minimum, and the air is continually monitored for contamination, with results posted at the local Red Hook Library.

If all goes according to plan and winter is not too harsh, the ball fields in Phase 1 should be open by late spring, and the entire project completed by 2023.

Karen Blondel, an environmental justice organizer from the neighborhood, was worried that Red Hooks vulnerability to flooding might affect any work on the ball fields and pushed for additional measures.

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