Two people are dead and three others were taken to a hospital Saturday morning after a single-car crash.

The car, a 2008 Saturn Aura, was headed east on Dewey Avenue at a high speed, Omaha Police Sgt. Neal Bonacci said. The car, with five people inside, left the roadway to the south, struck a tree, then hit a retaining wall near 37th Street, Bonacci said.

The crash occurred before 3:15 a.m., police said.

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On Saturday afternoon, police identified one of the two men who were killed as Justin Estrada, 18, of Omaha. He and the other person who was killed were in the back seat with Eltio Plater, 19, of Omaha, police said. Plater suffered a life-threatening head injury.

The driver of the Saturn was identified as Angela Alejo, 21, of Omaha. She suffered a serious head injury that is considered life-threatening, police said.

The front-seat passenger was identified as Alisha Jones, 20, of Council Bluffs. She suffered a serious injury to her arm.

At least four of the occupants were ejected, Bonacci said. The two people who were fatally injured were declared dead at the scene, and the other three were taken to the Nebraska Medical Center.

Most of the occupants were not wearing seat belts, said Officer Michael Pecha, a police spokesman. Alcohol use and speed were considered factors in the crash, police said.

World-Herald staff writer Chris Machian contributed to this report.

Omaha's 10 busiest intersections

2016 rank: 9

2018 vehicles per day: 64,000

Traffic trend: Dropping

This intersection, just north of Interstate 80, saw its traffic numbers dip over the two years. But the totals are up significantly from 2014, when it ranked as the regions 40th busiest intersection.

2016 rank: 14

2018 vehicles per day: 65,100

Traffic trend: Growing

The 108th Street and West Maple Road intersection is a gateway to and from the Interstate. It draws 16,300 more vehicles a day than the 120th and West Maple intersection.

2016 rank: 8

2018 vehicles per day: 65,900

Traffic trend: Decreasing, too

This one held its place as the eighth-busiest intersection.

2016 rank: 5

2018 vehicles per day: 66,200

Traffic trend: Decreasing

Traffic counts are down through the stretch of Dodge Street east of Omahas busiest intersection and through intersections including 86th, 84th, 78th, 72nd and 69th Streets. Its still Dodge Street theyre still busy intersections. Just not as busy.

2016 rank: 26

2018 vehicles per day: 69,150

Traffic trend: Increasing greatly

Traffic at this intersection backs up often, and its counts grew by 14,450 in the two-year period.

2016 rank: 3

2018 vehicles per day: 72,300

Traffic trend: Dropping, too

The 72nd and Pacific intersection ranked third but now is fifth.

2016 rank: 2

2018 vehicles per day: 75,850

Traffic trend: Dropping

The 72nd and Dodge Street intersection is still a busy one. But the numbers show that traffic there has dropped a bit in the past few years. In 2016, it ranked as Omahas second-busiest intersection. With the daily vehicle total dropping by 7,750 and with southwest Omaha traffic picking up 72nd and Dodge fell a couple of spots.

2016 rank: 7

2018 vehicles per day: 84,250

Traffic trend: Increasing a lot

The 132nd and L Street/Industrial Road intersection isnt far behind its counterpart a mile east at 120th and L, seeing just 500 fewer vehicles per day. But its increase is greater growing by 13,500 vehicles a day in the two-year period. It draws a lot of traffic from Millard, and Sarpy County beyond that, along with traffic from west Omaha and the West Center Road corridor. In 2013, the Streetsblog website named it the Worst Intersection in America for the trouble it poses pedestrians.

2016 rank: 4

2018 vehicles per day: 84,750

Traffic trend: Increasing a lot

A several-mile stretch of L Street/Industrial Road -- including the 132nd and 144th Street intersections -- is drawing a lot more traffic. Traffic at 120th and L Street grew by 10,200 vehicles a day over the two-year period, according to MAPAs numbers. Thats a nearly 14% increase. Its an important corridor through southwest Omaha. At 120th Street, the intersection is essentially a gateway and exit point for Interstates 80 and 680.

2016 rank: 1

2018 vehicles per day: 106,900

Traffic trend: Growing

This is Omahas busiest intersection, as it has been since construction of the elevated West Dodge Expressway, which addressed traffic backups at 114th Street and West Dodge Road. When that $100 million project happened, it was expected that the busiest intersection would shift down Dodge to 90th Street. It has 90th Street and West Dodge Road now has more traffic than 114th and West Dodge did before construction of the elevated expressway.

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