Blizzards walloping Newfoundland's west coast on Monday have left a pair of restaurant owners worried their life's work will be washed away.

High winds have whipped the water near Trout River into a frenzy, causing flooding and damage to structures along the harbour, according to Seaside Restaurantco-owner Jenny Parsons.

Clapboards and shingles have been ripped off her restaurant, which normally sits a few dozen metres from shore, Parsons said.

"Nobody has ever seen it this bad before," she said. "Trout River is in a state of emergency."

Submitted by Jenny Parsons

The boardwalk along the harbour isn't holding up to constant battering, she added.

Parsons now fears for the retaining wall just underneath that walkway. "If that goes and if the seas keep like they are that's a major possibility there will be major destruction here on the waterfront."

She said townspeople have been making calls to provincial officials for help and hopeit comes soon.

"Seconds are important here right now," she said. "We may have to take it in our own hands. I'm not going to let my restaurant go out to sea."

Environment Canada continued a blizzard warning on Monday afternoon that covered the Gros Morne area.

Winds have been gusting as much as 110 km/h in places.

"Visibility will be frequently reduced to near zero to give blizzard-like conditions in blowing snow. Little improvement is expected until winds begin to ease on Tuesday evening," the statement said.

Submitted by Jenny Parsons

Nestled into the coastline by Gros Morne National Park, Trout River draws tens of thousands of tourists each year.

But successive storms and harsh weather over the years have threatened the narrow beach and the boardwalk that runs alongside it.

Heavy flooding in western Newfoundland in January 2018 took a dramatic toll on the community's infrastructure.

In other years, harsh weather was also destructive. In February 2007, pounding waves hit the retaining wall and damaged the railing.In January 2006, a storm surge washed away sections of the boardwalk.

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