Watching the Kavanaugh hearing, its obvious that Leftists who dont believe in eternal damnation have no internal brakes stopping their evil behavior.

In 1954, Congress added the phrase under God to the Pledge of Allegiance, something it did as a direct rebuke to Godless communism. I never really focused on the Godless part of the phrase Godless communism. To me, communism was the scourge, and the Godless part was almost akin to a verbal twitch or perhaps a clear identifier. Theyre not justcommunists!TheyreGodless communists!

Thinking about it, though, the phrase Godless Communist has a deeper meaning than I first realized. To the extent that America was founded as a nation beholden to God (even though the First Amendment thankfully) ensured that the federal government could not impose religious values, rituals, or doctrines on people, communism was not only an economic threat, it was also cultural threat.

Communisms war on God undermined everything America stood for: A nation that took directly from the Creator Himself the self-evident truths underlying its ideals. Without a Creator, those self-evident truths become mere wishful thinking. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness as meaningless and ephemeral as any garden-variety slogan.

Now, more than ever! Just Do It! Does she or doesnt she? Only her hairdresser knows for sure. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness on sale now until supplies run out if you vote for your local Democrat politician.

Looking at the Kavanaugh hearings, though, I can see an even deeper implication to the dangers lurking behind Godless Communism. God is a moral brake. Without God, one may have rules, but they are simply man-made strictures with which men comply or avoid depending upon consequences from . . . other men.*

After all, there is no moral imperative regarding right turns on red. In some states, you can; in some states, you cant. And in those states in which right turns on red are barred, what stops us isnt any moral sense of wrongness, its the fear of getting caught and having to pay an expensive ticket. Some of our rules look back to the Bible (thou shalt not murder, thou shalt not steal, but we enforce them from a civil, not a religious perspective.

Again, Im grateful that our First Amendment keeps the judge from intoning that, not only are you going to prison, but youre also going to Hell.Having said that, though, I prefer a population that thinks Hell is part of the mix to one that doesnt. Again, government can be scary, but onlyif it catches you.An all-seeing, all-knowing, ethical Godalways catches you.

Ive mentioned before in connection with the hearings that Kavanaugh is an openly devout man. His faith is an integral part of his life. I think his is a true and deep faith, rather than hypocritical posturing. (I cant help think of Obama not really listening in Rev. Wrights church as the latter excoriated America.) If I am correct, Kavanaugh truly believes there is a God. [Read more]

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