Valheim has enjoyed a lot of success out of the gate in early access, and now there are a ton of people who are waiting to see what kind of content is added to the game in the coming months. Valheims developer Iron Gate Games has indicated that the first big update for the game, titled Hearth and Home, is on the way, and today it shared more teasers for the incoming update. The company also shared that its been working on some graphics updates as well.

Specifically, Iron Gate says that it has been working on graphics updates for the troll, the second boss named The Elder, and the third boss named Bonemass to give their old models some new fresh looks. The new looks, Iron Gate says, better align with how the company envisions Valheim, but unfortunately, we didnt get to see any images of the new models for The Elder or Bonemass.

We did, however, get to see an image of the new troll model, which you can see embedded above. If you havent played Valheim in a while, the new troll might not look dramatically different from the old one, but the new model does have more hair and improved nails. Its also noticeably more muscular than the old model, so you can look forward to encountering these buff behemoths roaming the black forest when this update arrives at some point in the future.

Iron Gate didnt share too much regarding the Hearth and Home update, though it did publish two teaser images which weve included both above and below. The first image is a tiny one that seems to focus on a pair of player feet potentially wearing new boots resting at what could be the base of a new throne. The second image shows off what could be a new type of ore, which lines up with the fact that Iron Gate says there are many new items relating to it.

Sadly, we didnt get a release date for the Hearth and Home update today, with Iron Gate saying that it wont decide on one until the update is in a state that its happy to release it in. Well keep an eye out for that release date and any new teasers Iron Gate decides to share, but in the meantime, try to figure out what is being teased in those two new images above.

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