This video shows you how to install LP SmartSide Trim & Siding products with easy step-by-step instructions. Well also review the proper tools needed and go over some additional tips & tricks.

This video provides an overview of the installation processes for LP SmartSide trim and fascia, lap siding, panel siding, cedar shakes and soffit. Also refer to the detailed product application instructions at

What is LP Smartside? 0:41The tools you'll need: 1:30 How to install Trim and Fascia: 3:13Proper Nail Gun Specifications and Techniques: 4:03 How to install lap siding: 6:37How to install Panel Siding: 10:18 How to install Cedar Shakes: 13:11How to install soffit: 16:42 Alternative Fastening Techniques: 20:06Installing / Handling Pre-Finished Lap with 3 Types of Butt Joints: 21:54 How To Repair Lap Siding Butt Joints: 24:05

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About LP SmartSide

LP SmartSide is a complete line of trim and siding products engineered to perform and designed to complement almost any architectural style. With more than two decades of proven performance behind it, LP SmartSide products have become one of the fastest-growing siding brands in the United States. It unites the beauty of traditional wood with the durability, workability and easy maintenance of LP engineered wood. All this makes SmartSide products an excellent choice for homeowners, builders and remodelers.

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How To Install LP SmartSide Trim & Siding Products

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