Worked with Mr. Doug Bond on the estimate. It started out great and stayed great, the whole experience. I need windows replaced on one of my units. Mr. Bond gave me a thorough estimate and laid it out better than I have ever experienced. He knew the color I needed ( our HOA allows just one color). The price was competitive and fair. Once I agreed he gave me the date of install. His crew showed up on time and removed and installed the new ones in a timely manner. I even received pictures along the way(I was unable to be there). Once they were done he did call me (and sent a picture) but he noticed my front door was damaged as it is quite old. (it is a rental I own) He was not pushy in any way but said if you want me to give you a quote on a new door he would be happy to do so. Had that by the end of the day and again competitive and fair price, so within a week it was fixed. I appreciated his eye on catching it but also that he was not pushy in trying to sell me. Overall a great experience and would not change a thing and will be using them on my other properties moving forward.

ps The new Windows and doors have made a huge difference for my Tenant from the utility bills and the reduction of noise.

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