floor to ceiling windows allow to see even large trees from top to bottom

We all know that sunrooms are structures that are either attached or integrated into the house to allow you enjoy the surrounding landscape. They protect from the harsh weather outside so they are perfect for any climate zone. Its a perfect place to relax while enjoying a view, reading a book, meeting with friends, or even to sleeping.

If youre designing a house from scratch, its a great idea to include at least a small sunroom into the plan. If you already have a home, dont get upset. You can always build a sunroom extension that would even better because itd have a glass roof and a great view of your mature garden.

There are many ways to decorate such room depending on its purpose. The most popular way is to turn into a room youd be able to gather with friends and family. In that case, you have two options. You can turn it into a living room or into a dining room. Decorating it would be the same as decorating these two rooms. Although you can add much more greenery here because itd thrive in the amount of sunlight itd get. Although youll see on pictures below that you can turn a sunroom into a gym, into an indoor pool room, into a bathroom, into a bedroom and into other rooms too. With thoughtful layout, pretty fabrics, comfy furniture, and beautiful decor accents itd become the most-used space in your house.

The most important thing you should consider when choosing the furniture is its ability to withstand harsh conditions. Itll receive much more sunlight than in any other room so it should be well protected. For example, wood furniture need to be stained the same way as outdoor furniture, fabrics should be as durable as fabrics used outdoors, and so on.

With these things in mind, check the gallery of beautiful examples showing how a sunroom can be designed. Youll definitely find a lot of ideas to plan and decorate your very own room to relax. Btw, if you search for inspiration in some special interior style, we have several more posts to help you with that:

a handing daybed is a perfect furniture choice for a sunroom

gorgeous tiles and gorgeos vases make the interior of this indoor sunroom pool trully awesome

even a small sunroom extension is great addition to any home (the mid-ceuntry look of this one is great)

add glass roof and windows to a back patio and you got yourself a beautiful organgery

super cozy sunroom filled with natural wood and a wood-burning stove

a classic choice of seating furniture for a sunroom with colorful pillows

contemporary narrow sunroom extension that features black shutters

even a small sunroom extension could fit a pool where you can swim like pro

even standard ceilings works great in sunrooms especially if there is a brick fireplace

growing plants indoors is much better when they are able to get as much sunlight as they need

perfect sunroom for some yoga exercises

quite functional sunroom gym with a bunch of cool exercise machines

screened porch design in natural colors

spacious four seasons sunroom with skylight and jacuzzi

sunroom is a perfect place for an indoor pool

this screen porch addition features a ceiling fan and a fireplace so owners are able to cool down or warm up the place

A sunroom for gatherings with lots of black and white stripes.

Bohemian style sunroom design. Lovely combination of a red sofa, rustic wood, bare brick and a super cool floor light fixture. Great place as for dining as for reading.

All-white Scandinavian room with a bunch of windows and a glass door.

Gorgeous loft space with the whole wall covered with windows.

A Sunroom That Is Perfect For A Party

Rustic sunroom In a cottage. Lovely sky blue walls and decorations make the space cool and fun.

Small yet cozy sunroom house extension. Perfect little nook to enjoy winter weather in warmness.

Lovely cottage-style orangery room where owners could dine from time to time.

Sunroom-style bedroom. Who said you need some other furniture besides a hanging bed?

Small bohemian sunroom where owners could sleep durning hot summer days.

A garden sunroom that brings outdoors in

Lovely sunroom-style living room addition where kids could play.

A Dining Room Surrounded By Windows

Decorating a sunroom isn't that much different than decorating any other room in the house.

A very functional sunroom design with lovely upholstery color. Two tables could solve lots of task and could be combined for large parties.

Sunrooms are perfect places to grow some greenery. For example you can create a DIY herb garden there. Btw, white furniture, walls and floors are perfect to make the room even more brighter that it already is.

An Amazing Sunroom With A Tree Behind The Window

An Amazing Sunroom Porch

An Awesome Screen Porch

An Entertaining Sunroom

Contemporary Sunroom

Cool Large Sunroom

Even sunrooms need windows treatments to protect you durning hot summer days. Although here turquoise ceiling is definitely a focal point.

Midcentury Modern Sunroom

Covered Porch With Lake Views

Cozy Sunroom In A Forest

Cozy Sunroom With A Bunch Of Planters

Cozy Sunroom With A Hanging Sofa

Cute Sunroom

Gorgeous Sunroom Like Sunroom

a conservatory externsion that features a cool pyramid-shaped glass roof

Beautiful sunroom with a deck on it. Perfect for any season.

Hunter Like Sunroom

Indoor Outdoor Sunroom

Low pitched ceiling made of glass makes any room special.

Plantation Style Sunroom

Really Awesome Sunroom For Gatherings

A Living Room With A Lot Of Windows

traditional conservatory design with a glass roof

Small sunroom garden

This sunroom is very well connected to the deck. Thanks to this solution all seasons are covered.

Small yet quite cozy room.

Working surrounded by natural light is much better then working in a cubicle.

Simple sunroom extension of the house. Perfect for relaxing outdoors without actually being there.

A kitchen with glass roof and floor to ceiling windows is awesome place for cooking. A gallery wall only makes it more cozy.

It's especially great when not only walls made of glass but sunroom's roof too. Perfect place for an indoor garden.

traditional sunroom design with two conversation zones

Every sunroom should have a cozy daybed. So great place to relax.

Sunroom decorated in neutral tones

Sunroom addition with lovely sea views.

Sunroom With A Polycarbonate Clear Roof

Sunroom with french doors leading outside

If you live far from your neighbours then you can build a sunroom bathroom.

If you wonder how to decorate a sunroom - don't. If it's like a small porch, you can gather balcony decorating ideas and implement them there.

Gorgeous gazebo-shaped sunroom with vintage furniture.

An awesome view can make any sunroom special

75 Awesome Sunroom Design Ideas - DigsDigs

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