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I have had a lot of experience with these. There are several brands. I assume that you are going to use gas or propane, but there are electric models as well. Installation is not for the beginner. Gas piping usually takes special tools for threading, tests, and knowledge of what can go where and what cannot. Plumbing is the same, and there are locations that will not be approved for a water heater by code. Check with several licensed plumbers, see what brand that they use, and installed prices. Go for a direct-vent or sealed combustion type unit. They are much more efficient and eliminate additional holes being cut into the house. Rinnai is the brand that seems to have achieved the best reputation, but there are other brands out there. Check warranties and if the installer will do any warranty work without additional cost. Here's the upside: Endless hot water at a fuel-efficient rate, smaller footprint in your house. No tank constantly holding water. Here's the downside: Hot water diminishes in QUANTITY as opposed to reduction is heat, as with traditional water heaters. If you have several faucets on at once, the flow will be reduced, but the temperature will remain constant. They are expensive. Expect to pay up to five times or more the price of a tank water heater, but it MAY last twice as long. They are difficult to repair. You won't find parts at Home Depot, like you will for regular water heaters. I've seen hundreds go in and about half of the people are pleased, half say there is lifestyle adjustments to using them and they wouldn't do it again.

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Tankless water heater install - possible DIY job? | Yahoo Answers

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