So I've been shopping for a new water heater for about 3 months... i really would like to order one ASAP. I've spent hours reading manuals, and just finished speaking with 2 different installer companies, the manufacturer and the vendor.. none of them would give me an answer. So here I am. I will be getting ALL of my work reviewed by a licensed installer before actually using the unit.

Current setup:

40 gallon natural gas water heater - flute moves over 30" then goes direct up in a dual walled flute through to the roof. This seems to be the normal way of doing it in my area.


relocating to corner of house (no chimney right now) 60 gallon gas water heater - direct vent - non powered unit will have flute move across about 36" and will have about 40" of rise. I want to vent out of the side of the house rather than putting in a new chimney.

Essentially the flute would go > straight out top of water heater > immediate 90 degree turn to horizontal> straight(ish) horizontal for 30ish inches > 90 degree turn to vertical (up to main level) > 90 degree turn to horizontal (out to the exterior of house) > 90 degree turn to vertical > vent cap on top

This is the unit I was looking at:

I like dealing with home depot because my fam had one break at 11 years and they replaced it no problems.

I was comparing it to this unit here:

this unit doesn't seem to have any issues with venting out the side, and I was wondering if I can essentially do the same thing with the rheem 60 gallon and a similiar 90 degree vent.

I'll add that non one in my area was really familiar with venting a NON powered water heater out of the side of the house, is there another issue I should be concerned about?

Forgot to add, I'm in Ottawa, ON - cold climate winter / hot humid summer.

My current water heater is 22 years old

Is this idea safe with the 60 gallon water heater?

Would this install (which also has an additional vertical + horizontal elbow) be safe with the GSW 50 gallon? (rather than manufacturer who shows it just venting straight out)

Some photos of my current setup:

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See the original post here:
Water Heater Install - Vent out side of house - Safe?

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