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A 21-year-old Upper West Side artist named Benjamin M. has been home during the quarantine and he decided to draw the view outside his bedroom window.

His view is dominated by the Schwab House, which is on the block bordered by 74th Street to the north, 73rd Street to the south, Riverside Drive to the west, and West End Avenue to the east. Maltz also drew the same view as if he was sitting in the same room in 1940, when the Schwab House was actually Charles Schwabs mansion and was known as Riverside. The comparison is striking. He explained more about his interest in drawing and history:

Hey all! My name is Benjamin, and I was born and raised on the Upper West Side. Ive always liked to draw throughout my 21 years, although recently during quarantine Ive been combining my artisticinclinations with my love for New York City history. Some time ago I learned that the Schwab House on 73rd-74th Streets between Riverside Drive and West End Avenue (across the street from my apartment) replaced the original Schwab House, a 75-room mansion built for businessman Charles Schwab at the turn of the twentieth century. With that in mind, here are two drawings I made of the view from my bedroom: The first features the current Schwab House (built 1948-50) and the second features the preceding structure (built 1902-06, demolished 1948) drawn amidst present surroundings (themselves relatively unchanged since the 1930s). Oh, to be able to see the river!

See the drawings below:

Read more from the original source:
A Young Quarantined Artist Draws the View Outside His Window, Then Imagines the Same View in 1940 -

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