BO/20/00808/DOM: Seaview, Bosham Lane. Removal of ground floor wall and extension to form family room incorporating existing external store.

BO/20/00809/LBC: Seaview, Bosham Lane. Removal of ground floor wall and extension to form family room incorporating existing external store.

BO/20/00980/DOM: 4 Westward Close. Proposed rear dormer and 2 no. roof lights to front.

BO/20/01065/DOM: 25 Arnold Way. Rear single storey extension and alterations.

CC/20/00732/DOM: 34 Sherborne Road. Rear first floor extension over existing ground floor.

CC/20/00762/LBC: Prebendal School, 53 - 54 West Street. Reconstruction of section of free-standing curtilage wall to the rear of school.

CC/20/00788/LBC: 6 West Street. Structural repairs to front entrance canopy.

CC/20/00905/TCA: Land South Of 5 Orchard Street. Notification of intention to crown reduce by 30%, crown thin by 30%, crown lift by up to 3m (from ground level) and reduce all branches on north sector (overhanging no.5 Orchard Street) by up to 2.5m on 2 no. Holm Oak trees (Quercus llex) (T02 and T03) and reduce height by approx. 4m (above ground level) on 1no. Bay tree (Laurus Nobilis) (SH01).

CC/20/00944/FUL: 1-3 The Broadway. Retrospective application for secure steel access staircase to the east elevation.

CC/20/00957/DOM: 6 Lyndhurst Road. Demolish lean-to structure and build a single storey rear extension, roof extension and build up existing boundary wall and enclose with a roof.

CC/20/01003/FUL: 1 Little London. Replacement windows.

CC/20/01005/DOM: 30 Highland Road. Garden summerhouse.

CC/20/01013/TCA: 38 Whyke Lane. Notification of intention to reduce height up to 3m and widths by up to 2.5m on 4 no. Leyland Cypress trees (T1-T4). Reduce height by up to 1.5m and widths up to 1m on 1 no. Pittosporum tree (T5).

CC/20/01014/TCA: 52 Whyke Lane. Notification of intention to reduce height by 2m and widths by 1.5m on 1no. Bay tree (T1).

CC/20/01017/FUL: 19 Highland Road. 1 no. dwelling and associated works.

CC/20/01018/DOM: 37 Whyke Lane. Single storey side extensions with rooms in the roof space.

CC/20/01023/DOM: 2 Laburnum Grove. Gable extension and additional first floor window to permitted application 19/02682/DOM, for erection of 2 no. hip to gable extensions to the north and south elevations. Increase ridge height, installation of 1 no. dormer to west elevation and 2 no. rooflights, porch extension and associated alterations.

CC/20/01030/DOM: 5 Clay Lane. Change use of loft space to habitable accommodation to include rear facing dormer window (permitted development) and front facing roof-light. Proposed single storey side and rear extension.

CC/20/01046/REM: Land On The West Side Of Broyle Road. All outstanding Reserved Matters for the erection of 50 dwellings with associated parking, landscaping, informal open space and associated works on Phase 5, Parcel F, pursuant to permission 14/04301/OUT.

CH/20/00737/FUL: The Nest, 13 The Avenue, Hambrook. Erection of 4 no. dwellings and associated works - Various of Condition 2 of planning permission CH/18/00810/FUL - To substitute drawings to reflect proposed addition of garages to Plots 1 and 2.

SDNP/20/01349/HOUS: Jasper, West Marden Hill, West Marden. Replace existing UPVC windows with timber framed and glazing bars in keeping to the original style and new font door, all to the North Elevation. Alterations to existing archway/brickwork.

E/20/00371/LBC: Jasmine Cottage, Bell Lane. Replacement water reed thatch to roof.

E/20/00998/FUL: 113 Second Avenue, Almodington. Erection of 2 no. semi-detached 4 bedroom chalet bungalows - alternative to planning permission - E/18/00578/FUL for change of use to 2no. dwellings and external works.

SDNP/20/01183/CND: Lowerfield House, Easebourne Street. Erection of detached double garage, plant store and studio above. (Variation of condition 1 and 3 from planning permission SDNP/14/02084/FUL- Garage deck enlarged to 3500mm x 4000mm and materials changed from timber to steel frame and composite decking).

SDNP/20/01492/CND: Sorrel Cottage, Duncton Common Road. Single storey extension to the north-west elevation with room in the roof and 2 no. dormers. 2 no. additional dormers to room over existing lounge on north-east and south-west elevations (Variation of condition 2 from planning permission SDNP/16/02535/HOUS - Omission of 2no. pitched roof dormer windows in lieu of 1no. rooflight).

SDNP/20/01510/TCA: Rose Cottage, School Lane. Notification of intention to prune back to previous pruning points on 1 no. Willow tree (T1) and fell 1 no. Norway Spruce tree (T2).

FU/20/00932/FUL: Bramley Barn, Scant Road, East Hambrook. Proposed stables for equestrian use.

SDNP/20/01258/HOUS: Chelsea Cottage, Graffham Street. Single storey side conservatory extension and new porch with associated roof alterations.

SDNP/20/01430/FUL: Glasses Barn, Graffham Common Road. Replacement of a single dwelling house using existing materials and demolition and rebuilding of a former Craft Barn to be retained as ancillary studio space for the house.

SDNP/20/01435/CND: Cartref, Graffham Common Road. Demolition of existing dwelling and erection of 1 no. replacement dwelling and associated works (alternative scheme to previously approved replacement dwelling LPA ref. SDNP/17/05846/FUL) - Variation of Condition 1 of planning permission SDNP/19/04023/FUL - Amendments to approved drawings (Roof Finish & Windows).

SDNP/19/05715/FUL: Tracks adjacent to Freelands, A272 Croucham Lane to Linfold Road, Strood Green. Installation of 6 no. telegraph poles and 2 no. sections of underground ductwork along track (at The Mens Woodland path) connecting up approx. 455m of broadband cable to serve West Cottage and Freelands.

SDNP/20/01405/FUL: Barnetts Cottages, Fitzlea Wood Road, East Lavington. Demolition of two dwellings and replacement with one dwelling and associated annexe, restoration and relocation of timber outhouse, relocation of bridleway, landscape design and drainage works including balancing pond.

PS/20/00581/FUL: Hoveto, Dunsfold Road, Plaistow. Demolition of existing dwelling and proposed replacement dwelling with 3 bay carport.

PS/20/00724/DOM: Waldron, Chalk Road, Ifold. Single storey rear extension and new attached garage to front.

PS/20/00846/DOM: Siskins, 19 The Drive, Ifold. Erection of single storey front and side extensions and detached double garage following demolition of existing single garage, boundary wall and outbuilding. Erection of 1800 high close boarded boundary fence.

SY/20/00963/FUL: Instant Mailing Services Limited, Unit 3, Pulsar Business Park, Ellis Square. Change of use from B1 and B8 use to B1 and B8 or B2 (general industrial use for the repair and maintenance of motor vehicles only).

SY/20/01049/DOM: 17 Sunnymead Drive. Demolition of existing sunroom to rear elevation, replaced with new conservatory.

SI/20/00915/FUL: Jamic Nursery, Street End Lane. Demolition of 2 no. timber buildings and construction of 1 no. replacement timber building to be used for dog training, dog grooming, physiotherapy and business office and erection of 1 no. shed.

SI/20/00942/DOM: Quay House, Mill Lane. Alterations to ancillary building.

SI/20/00943/LBC: Quay House, Mill Lane. Alterations to ancillary building.

SDNP/20/01280/FUL: Cucumber Farm, A286 Cobblers Row To Middlefield. Replacement of existing agricultural barn and improvements to an existing access.

SB/20/00999/DOM: 6 Breach Avenue. Change the garage roof from a capped hip roof to a full gable. Change the bay window roof and the utility room roof from flat to gable. Infill of the void area behind the garage and the main house.

SB/20/01010/REM: Priors Orchard Development. Details of the layout, appearance, scale and landscaping of the proposed development of 157 dwellings approved under the outline planning permission SB/14/02800/OUT - (variation of Condition 5 (Landscaping) of planning permission SB/16/03018/REM) - Existing trees are required to be removed due to condition and safety.

SDNP/20/01563/APNB: Southgrounds Farm, Stopham Road. Prior approval for proposed erection of a general purpose farm building.

SDNP/20/01302/TPO: Land North of Little Orchard to Kresta, Diddybones Nap, Forestside. Fell 4 no. Ash trees (3, 4, 5 and 6) and fell 1 no. Wild Cherry tree (2). All trees within Area, A1 subject to SO/76/00967/TPO.

SDNP/20/01303/TPO: Land North East of Diddybones Knap, Diddybones Nap, Forestside. Fell 1 no. Beech tree (7) 1 no. and Whitebeam tree (11). Pollard 1 no. Oak tree (1) and coppice 1 no. Field Maple tree (6). All trees within Group, G1 subject to SO/72/00966/TPO.

WI/20/00959/DOM: Vivenda, The Street, Itchenor. Installation of 10 No. Photovoltaic Solar Panels to roof of existing garage.

WW/20/00688/FUL: Land North Of White Barn, Elms Lane. Open fronted agricultural barn for Cattle and Storage for equipment, feed and bedding.

WW/20/00914/FUL: 45 Marine Drive. Demolition of existing dwelling and outbuildings and the construction of a new two storey house with one outbuilding.

WE/20/01029/TCA: Mill House, River Street. Notification of intention to crown reduce by 2m on 1 no. Walnut tree (T1).

WR/20/01036/PA3Q: Stroodlands Cottage, Newpound Lane. Prior Approval Application for Change of Use of Agricultural Building to Dwelling (C3).

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Chichester planning applications submitted to the district council and the South Downs National Park Authority - Midhurst and Petworth Observer

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