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At the August meeting of the Hot Springs Village recreation committee meeting, members received and gave input on a variety of projects, including activities at Waypoint, Woodlands Auditorium, trails, the mini-golf area, Life Long Learning and a Spring Moonshine Festival.Recreation director Stacey Hoovers report noted the fitness center will be closed this week for annual maintenance and window replacement bids have been received. Also in the report was the fact that Waypoint will be transitioning to the food and beverage division of the POA on Sept. 2 and annual clean-up at Coronado Center is underway.Work also continues at the RV Park, with underbrush being removed to provide better drainage. An irrigation system has been installed at Grove Park and phase two of the Cortez Pavilion has been completed, with the installation of new picnic tables. The final phase will consist of working on the landscape beds.Events mentioned were a Rock Porch session on Sept. 2, a Sept. 8 Friends of Coronado Library Trivia Night and the Bike MS event on Sept. 9-10.Committee chair Donna Aylward said she was impressed with the now-beautiful location on the Lake DeSoto point near Waypoint. She said the night was gorgeous during the most recent Rock Porch session. Parking remains an issue there because of little available space. Aylward said she thinks plans could be improved in anticipation of a large turnout. Outdoor recreation director Charlie Brown said its not easy knowing what to expect in terms of number of attendees at a Waypoint event, and that traffic management and other issues are a real challenge.It was said by another committee member that she felt the stage on the point is too low for those in the audience near the back of the seating area to see the entertainers. Brown added that the space is not conducive to big crowds.Committee member Larry Wilson told everyone he was on hand at Woodlands Auditorium when the recent electrical work was done. There were 560 wires pulled out, said Wilson, who added that he learned much of what was put in back in 1992 was close-out items. There must have been half of a room full of old wiring, he said. Wilson videotapes many events for the Village and said the facility now has proper electrical systems in place for anything that comes down the road.Bags for pet waste were brought up and Aylward asked recreation assistant Valerie Mettler to inform the trails committee about the request.The pickleball proposal for new courts has been postponed, which was an obvious disappointment to pickleball enthusiasts. After CEO Leslie Nalley and COO Linda Mayhood look at the proposal, a recommendation will be made.Refurbishing the tennis courts is also on the committee radar and Brown said it was in the upcoming budget proposal.Questioning the status of the mini golf area took place; is it staying or going away? Aylward said no decision has yet been made.She then asked committee members for ideas for 2018 events. At this point Wilson said that Life Long Learning Institute (LLI) will be partnering with Henderson State University in January 2018. They were very excited that we approached them. We will have their marketing arm to market events, said Wilson. LLI will be working with Henderson on criteria for the organization. We will have National Park resources as well, Wilson added.As for ideas for 2018, a Moonshine Festival was mentioned, which would include a 5K, tasting event and dining on a beach.Another idea put forth was having a quilt show, perhaps with classes. The Quilt Guild is interested in such an event, which could possibly be part of the annual craft fair and draw people from other states.Great idea. Lets see how it may fit in, said Aylward.The recreation committee meets next at 3 p.m. Monday, Sept. 11 at Coronado Community Center.

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