Looking to replace your windows or patio doors? Weather Shield carries a full range of elegant, energy-efficient and low-maintenance products manufactured entirely in the U.S.

Whether you are looking for double-hung, casement, single-hung, awning, sliding, picture or specialty replacement windows, we have the designs and styles to meet your needs.

We offer several replacement styles of windows, including:

Nearly all our replacement window styles are offered in wood , vinyl clad wood , fiberglass and aluminum clad wood options many with dozens of colors and finishing options available. Our extensive selection of replacement windows ensures you will find the perfect product for your home and your budget.

If your existing windows are weathered or loose-fitting, they are not only wasting a lot of energy, but they can be structurally unsound and they probably dont look very good! Our full-frame replacement windows will improve your homes appearance, energy efficiency and value. We offer several sizes as well as custom replacement window sizes to accommodate your needs.

Also called insert windows, pocket frame replacement windows are simply inserted into the existing opening of the window being replaced. This allows you to upgrade your window to a more highly performing model while preserving the existing frame, trim and casing. Pocket frame replacement windows are one of the easiest (and more cost-effective) ways to update the windows in your home or business.

If your existing window frames are in good condition, but the sashes are loose, our sash kits are a great alternative to full-frame replacement windows. Made to fit your windows exact measurements, our sash kits require no demolition you simply need to remove the old sash and replace it.

If you are looking for replacement window installation, Weather Shield has an extensive network of dealers across North America. Our dealers are fully trained and certified to install Weather Shield windows, and all replacement window installations come with a 20 year warranty on materials. To have replacement windows installed at your home or business, contact us or find an authorized Weather Shield dealer today!

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