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    For the Record | Business licenses issued in November – - January 3, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    City of Wenatchee

    Greenleaf Producers LLC: 1089 E. Edgemont Drive, food crops grown under cover

    Limbwalker LLC: 124 N. Buchanan Ave., Unit 4, logging

    CR Industries LLC: 1019 Fuller St., new single-family housing construction

    Central Washington Rooter LLC: 1129 Columbine St., new single-family housing construction

    Lake Dayz LLC: 128 E. Mountain Brook Lane, land subdivision

    Remodeling Hernandez: Juan M. Hernandez, 85 Depot St., finish carpentry contractor

    Goodfellow Construction Inc.: 135 N. Wenatchee Ave., specialty trade contractor

    Ocho Cat LLC: 1250 Central Ave. Apt. H3, doll, toy and/or game manufacturing

    Delias Health Supply & Beauty Boutique LLC: 1917 Harbel St., beauty supply store

    The Original Childrens Shop: Karol Kucher Enterprises, Inc., 4 S. Wenatchee Ave., childrens clothing store

    Day and Mood Boutique LLC: 1688 Stella Ave., family clothing store

    The Pokemon Company International Inc.: 501 N. Miller St., hobby, toy, and/or game store

    Harts Books: Paul R. Hart, 3746 School St., book store

    Stuber Services: Caitlin Alexis Stuber, 1513 Cherry St., art dealer

    Bibolet: Materialize, LLC, 3725 Lovell Road, art dealer

    M & E Memorial Markers: 920 N. Chelan Ave., retailer

    Sprint Spectrum LP: 1304 N. Miller St., wireless telecommunications carrier

    The Patricia Steed Revocable Living Trust: 2696 No. 2 Canyon Road, portfolio management

    Holeman Law Group: Joseph Alan Holeman, 805 Nelson Ave., law office

    Driven Insights LLC: 205 S. Western Ave., accounting services

    Elias Victor Kahn: 922 Idaho St., graphic design services

    Milk Run Creative: Milk Run Creative LLC, 1419 Saddlerock Drive, graphic design services

    Blasting Technology Inc.: 1407 Walla Walla Ave., custom computer programming services

    American Land and Water Consulting LLC: 106 N. Columbia St., environmental consulting services

    CDP Communications: Cameron Deamer-Phillips, 2020 Overlook Drive, public relations agency

    Pennys Home Maintenance: Penny Lynn Archer, 1107 Westwood Ave., janitorial services

    Fletcher Pediatric Dentistry: Bryan Fletcher, DDS, MSD, PS, 650 N. Miller St., dental office

    Aspire Counseling LLC: 101 S. Wenatchee Ave., mental health practitioner

    Debra Sue Lapo: 2015 Skyline Drive, health practitioner

    Taqueria Taco Loco: Lilianas Kitchen, LLC, 234 S. Wenatchee Ave., full-service restaurant

    Wilders Automatic Transmission: Midvalley Automotive, LLC, general automotive repair

    City of East Wenatchee

    Dr. Maria L. Gussak ND PLLC: East Wenatchee, consultation; holistic health services

    Immaculate Shine: Immaculate Shine LLC, East Wenatchee, property management

    K & B Custom Homes LLC: East Wenatchee, contractor

    Wenatchee Curbing Service LLC: East Wenatchee, concrete hardscape for yard perimeters and gardens; decorative curbing

    TBH Construction: TBH Construction, LLC, East Wenatchee, construction

    Valley Consulting and Estimating: Robert Jack Wigington, East Wenatchee, consulting services

    Raftel Bottle & Smoke: Connoisseur Enterprises LLC, 858 Valley Mall Parkway, beer and tobacco products retailer; tavern

    Be Joyful LLC: East Wenatchee, sign rental company

    Lindsey Schibel, Web Design: Lindsey Schibel, East Wenatchee, web design

    Segundo Hogar Vive Sonrie y Aprende: Alicia Capi Esquivel, East Wenatchee, day care services

    Family Nutrition Wellness: Cirilo Ornelas, East Wenatchee, nutritional supplements

    Manzanitas Daycare: Monica Sanchez, East Wenatchee, childcare

    Legitdrywall LLC: East Wenatchee, construction

    Eastmont Parks and Recreation: Eastmont Metropolitan Park District, East Wenatchee, public swimming pool

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    For the Record | Business licenses issued in November -

    ‘COVID-proof’ design is more than home offices and gyms – - January 3, 2021 by Mr HomeBuilder

    If you asked real estate agents and home builders in the late spring how buyers were responding to the pandemic, they would answer with tales of multiple home offices and private gyms becoming must-haves.

    But as the virus surged into winter, less sexy but more important components like air-filtration systems and new approaches to a condo buildings package drop-off zone were suddenly entering the conversation.

    I think with COVID-proofing, weve learned so much over the nine months of this pandemic, said Vickie Alani, principal at architectural firm CBT. Its not really the house or the space causing COVID. Its not stuff. Its people. Its how we move through space and breathe.

    While COVID-proofing is a term said somewhat wistfully, it hasnt stopped architects and home builders from accelerating healthy-living trends that were already growing in popularity before the pandemic. Enhanced water- and air-filtration systems and a general push toward sustainability are increasingly basic expectations in both the single-family and multifamily home sector.

    These healthy-living trends particularly in the realm of air filtration are on track to be a new standard of post-pandemic home building.

    Its certainly something we hear about with people spending so much more time in their homes and thinking about it in a different way as a safe haven from germs and disease and, in particular, air quality and air filtration and virus filtration, said Abbe Will, a research associate and associate project director of the Remodeling Futures Program at Harvard Universitys Graduate School of Design. All of that is suggesting this is a part of the market that is likely growing and almost certainly will have some kind of boost from the pandemic.

    Architects like Alani approach air filtration in dense apartment and condo buildings with a focus on increasing mechanical systems, especially nine months into a pandemic in which potential renters and buyers are suddenly just as focused on air quality as they are amenity space.

    There is also a return to operable windows, even in downtown high-rises where developers have shied away from installing them in recent years to save money.

    I was against them in the past. Theyre more expensive, and zoning limited how little they could actually open, said Michael Procopio, vice president of development at Procopio Cos., a real estate development firm. Now I would never think about building a 350-unit building unless it had operable windows.

    There are ways to abide by zoning and still deliver fresh air to residents seeking more ventilation, both during and after the pandemic. Juliet balconies are very shallow and basically enable full-length windows with the protection of a railing in taller buildings. Alani expects the trend to grow in the coming years, even with budget-minded developers in a costly construction environment such as Boston.

    There had been resistance [to installing working windows] due to cost increases, she added. Its not huge, but everyone was after the last dollar because of rising construction costs. But I think moving forward, providing residents with more than the four-inch operability of one window in a room is a huge benefit. I think people will be more conscious of it.

    Multifamily developers are also reworking the layouts of apartment and condo buildings, particularly in amenity areas and delivery drop-off points. Amenity areas that once housed communal eating areas and workspaces are getting compartmentalized to offer more private offices.

    Weve always been big proponents of coworking and essentially mini WeWorks in our buildings, Procopio said. Now its a lot of little nooks, and it feels like an airport lounge. Its cozy.

    Procopios development team has also installed enhanced high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filtration systems on elevator cabs to provide better ventilation in such a confined space. Residents can open main entrances to a Procopio building or summon an elevator remotely via a smartphone app at developments like Ironwood Apartments in Lynn. While this technology was offered pre-pandemic, Procopio said, he expects it to become more standard practice in light of a year of social distancing and other precautionary measures.

    The CBT design team moved toward a secure porch-like delivery area at Watermark Central, an apartment building in Central Square. Deliveries are left in a secure vestibule thats visible to the concierge but doesnt require a delivery person coming into the building.

    New filtration technologies or retroactive build-outs may initially cost more, but developers and architects expect prices to come down the more these features become new building standards.

    This year, there would have been a cost impact because we were all scrambling, Alani said. But moving forward, this is how we will do buildings, and we will incorporate it into a system of decisions and not tack it on as we have this year.

    Single-family homes are a different arena. While they dont have the same issues of shared air-filtration systems as a condo building, an individual home can still run the risk of bacterial spread. One of the ways Cindy Stumpo, CEO of C. Stumpo Development, tackles this is by zoning off the air-filtration systems of the bedrooms in the luxury homes she builds. Typically, air filtration is controlled on different levels of a house.

    With the Stumpo method, someone quarantining in their bedroom wouldnt have to worry about contaminated air particles seeping into the rest of the house.

    If the parents are in their bedroom sneezing and coughing, the kids arent going to get it in their rooms because I separately zone off, Stumpo said. If from the beginning you zone off, you can stop germs from spreading through your own home. But if youre not isolating and going to go into the family room or kitchen, its going to spread.

    Experts interviewed for this story recognize there could be an opportunistic cottage industry of pandemic-related home materials born from the public health crisis. But all stressed the importance of the basics: air filtration. Items like HEPA filters or allergen-pleated MERV 15 (minimum efficiency reporting value) air filters provide viable ways to combat airborne bacterial spread. The cost of a basic air infiltration depends on the size of your home.

    Ultraviolet lights are even available for residential air systems and can eliminate germs and viruses. While there is debate on how effective some cleaning materials and sanitizers work in combating an airborne virus, Stumpo installs in-duct UV-air germ lamp systems in the homes she builds. The purification system uses UV light and ions to destroy particulate, microbial, and gas pollutants on surfaces, as well as in the air of a home. The systems, from brands like Field Controls or Reme Halo, typically cost less than $500.

    This is the only product that is not a gimmick, Stumpo said. I am actually designing seven new homes in Brookline, and Im making sure we are getting everything we can in these homes right at the beginning.

    No matter how advanced the air-filtration systems get in one of her homes the spec ones typically start around $5 million in the tony neighborhoods of Brookline and Newton Stumpo said they still require some level of attention to get the maximum benefit.

    Some people dont remember to change the filters, she added with a laugh while noting she sends a twice-a-year reminder e-mail to all her clients. They forget. I dont care how smart they are.

    Cameron Sperance can be reached at [emailprotected]. Subscribe to the Globes free real estate newsletter our weekly digest on buying, selling, and design at Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter @globehomes.

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    'COVID-proof' design is more than home offices and gyms -

    Everything You Need to Know About Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel – The DC Post - December 11, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Is the farmhouse kitchen not on your 2020 remodeling agenda? Some homeowners find it outdated and boring. So is it canceled once and for all? We think not!

    A farmhouse kitchen design with new and modern updates can lighten up your space, unlike any other design. Its a popular myth that only traditional-style homes can have a country kitchen.

    Farmhouse kitchen is more about personal expression than you would think. With a few tweaks and our farmhouse kitchen remodeling ideas, you can make your kitchen look fresher and a little more transitional. Furthermore, the farmhouse kitchen takes inspiration from simple pleasures of life. Nature and your surroundings play a huge role in a farmhouse kitchen.

    If you are ready to take the plunge into remodeling your kitchen space, check out our dreamy and trendy list of farmhouse kitchen ideas. The ideas we have covered are sure to inspire you to redesign your sanctuary that you call kitchen.

    We personally love how much this style has evolved over time. As new trends emerge, the farmhouse kitchen has adopted elements of other popular kitchen designs. Its common to find farmhouse kitchens in 2020 that borrow elements of Scandinavian, contemporary, and even modern styles.

    In fact, the farmhouse design can be played in a way that it transforms your kitchen into your sanctuary. You can either stick to the black and white terra-cotta floor tiles or go for the classic wooden floors.

    Either way, a fresh neutral palette for your cabinets can bring the entire design into cohesion. Shaker cabinets with clean lines and fresh neutral colors like gray and tan can be a great aesthetic choice.

    While you can stick to the barn-style door, recessed cabinet doors, apron sink, and Roman shades on your windows, its important to add international style chairs. You can also add a Carrera marble island or even a stainless steel sink for a modern touch. The idea is to get the best of both worlds to make the kitchen space fit your needs best.

    Here, we recommend keeping the color palette light. In return, you can add more pops of color throughout the room. Meaning you can add those gold or copper undertone of faucets or hardware for that old-world charm.

    On the contrary, long pendant lights are still trending so you can incorporate those, as well. You hang them low to accentuate those high ceilings. Even sconces, for that matter, are a classic choice for a country-inspired kitchen.

    Decorative items such as popular art, sculptures, flea market finds on exposed shelves can add that modern touch. Another farmhouse kitchen idea is to have a themed pantry with wicker or woven baskets and mason jars.

    *This article is posted by and in partnership with VKB Kitchen and Bath, a kitchen and bathroom remodeling store in Columbia, MD.

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    Everything You Need to Know About Farmhouse Kitchen Remodel - The DC Post

    The Benefits of Hands-Free Products – Design Milk - December 11, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    You cant stop coughing. Your body aches. You have no energy. With wintry weather upon us, its that time of year again but with a hellish update. Is this a cold or flu? Or is it Covid? You start scrolling through your favorite online health sources for the answer.

    You dont want to spread your germs around the house either way; being sick is a serious bummer, but as any single parent can tell you, having to be a caregiver when youre miserably sick is a bigger bummer, and being sick during long-anticipated time off from work might be the biggest bummer of all.

    Powerful, ozone-free air purifiers can help with improving your homes indoor air quality and not infecting other household members. So can reducing the number of shared surfaces in your home and there are so many of them since cold and flu viruses can live on plastic, metal and other common household materials for hours and days between wipe downs.

    Hands-free faucets can reduce germ spread in shared bathrooms. \ Brizo; Photographer: Gary Sparks Photography, Inc. \ Wellness by Design (Tiller Press), J. Gold

    Easy Hands-Free Replacements

    There are many home products you can replace with hands-free models. Some are simple, do-it-yourself projects for someone with handy person skills. Others are more involved and would better fit into a wellness design remodel. Since youre probably not motivated to have a slew of tradespeople in your home right now, here are a few DIY-friendly, hands-free projects you can tackle (or ask your partner to tackle if he or she lives in your household or pod).

    Sensor vent fans reduce mold, mildew and germ spread by operating without touch. \ Broan-NuTone, LLC \ New Bathroom Idea Book (Taunton Press), J. Gold

    Smart technology switches the vent hood on at the right time and level to defeat cooking odors and smoke. \ Photo: Signature Kitchen Suite

    Appliances and Fixtures

    While many appliances are replaced only during remodels, dishwashers and freestanding appliances are often done on their own.

    Smart shower systems add convenience and hands-free operation to your daily routine. \ Photo: Moen Incorporated

    Smart Home Technology

    Voice control has become a strong trend in the smart home technology sphere, and it can be extremely helpful in several ways. Reducing infection through eliminating surface contacts is definitely one of them. Creating security, convenience and accessibility are additional benefits, particularly for those with physical challenges.

    Circadian lighting systems take hands-free technology to the next level by supporting healthy sleep cycles. \ Service Tech, Inc./CEDIA member company \ Wellness by Design (Tiller Press), J. Gold

    Final Thoughts

    There are many other design elements that can be replaced with hands-free versions, like cabinetry that opens with touch latches or electronic mechanisms instead of knobs, grooves or pulls. There are also entry door systems being developed for residential use that will operate without keys or germy touchpads. These all have the potential to enhance wellness, though you should always research their pros and cons before being swayed by the sexiness of any smart home systems.

    Author: Jamie Gold, CKD, CAPS, MCCWC is a Mayo Clinic Certified Wellness Coach, wellness design consultant and the author of three books on design and remodeling. The latest, Wellness by Design: A Room-by-Room Guide to Optimizing Your Home for Health, Fitness and Happiness, (Tiller Press) published September 1.

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    The Benefits of Hands-Free Products - Design Milk

    Small Business Spotlight: The trendy and charitable Kayla’s Cake in Fullerton staffed by local moms | Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922 – The… - December 11, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Kaylas Cake is a trendy and charitable bakery that has just opened a location in Fullerton run by a staff of women, many of them being mothers.

    The shop specializes in creating beautiful assortments of French macarons, cake in a jar and custom cakes. This is the third location for the company, with the others being in Downtown Disney and the Brea Mall.

    Kaylas Cake was founded by Kayla Lee and Eunjoo Kang, a pair of sisters with extensive knowledge in baking and a dream to share their creations. Both have been described to be energetic and hardworking by an employee at their Fullerton location.

    Both founders are mothers and value their family life greatly, as well as the lives of other mothers and their families. They strive to find a perfect balance between their personal career engagements and their life at home. This is why the company has hired a selection of mothers to help the business thrive.

    Kayla's Cake founders Kayla Lee and Eunjoon Kang thank their customers, employees, partners and family/friends for making their storefront location possible. Photo credit: Kayla's Cake

    Weve grown from three to thirteen moms in our kitchen, and we scheduled our kitchen hours so each of us can drop off and pick up our kids from school, reads their website.

    As mothers, Lee and Kang are also dedicated to not only enhancing the lives of their own children, but also the lives of local children in need. Kaylas Cake has previously partnered with Downtown Disney and the Childrens Hospital of Orange County by donating some of their sweet treats to special guests at the Taste of Downtown Disney event and the CHOC Childrens Gala. Both of these events help raise funds for children in need of health care, health research and education.

    The bakerys very own Kayla Lee shared the story about her roots in baking and how Kaylas Cake came to be.

    I worked at a hotel in Los Angeles, but I began to make custom-ordered cakes on my own. The business grew so we rented local kitchens and created Kaylas Cake from there, said Lee, the namesake of Kaylas Cake.

    The female-owned and run company now serves coffee beverages exclusively at the storefront location in Fullerton.

    7 different flavored macarons from Kayls's Cake in Fullerton. Photo credit: Diana Robles

    Weve hired experienced baristas that know what they are doing with our new machinery, continued Lee.

    COVID-19 has obviously proven to be a trying time for everyone. Small businesses were amongst those who were heavily impacted.

    The most challenging part of the pandemic was that we were unable to provide for our talented team. We have experienced bakers, and have hired many college students from local colleges like Cal State Fullerton and Fullerton College. Everyone needed their jobs and having to put them on hold was so hard, stated Lee.

    The remodeling of Kayla's Cake began in March of 2020. It features new flooring, lighting, paint and this blue and white counter space. Photo credit: Diana Robles

    Lee also mentioned that the remodeling of the Fullerton location started just a week before stay-at-home orders were put into place.

    Kaylas Cake has been offering online mail orders for boxes of macarons since 2019, and it has become particularly useful in 2020, in the era of the coronavirus.

    Regardless of these hardships, amongst others, the company opened its Fullerton shop on October 24. It welcomed its very first Fullerton customers with a special promotion: buy a coffee, get a macaron free.

    With the holiday season already upon us, the gift of sweet pastries is something everyone can enjoy. With its seasonal macaron flavors such as peppermint, gingerbread and snowman, Kaylas Cake is definitely in the holiday spirit.

    Christmas decorations are alreaady up at the Fullerton location of Kalya's Cake. Photo credit: Diana Robles

    Our macarons are made with premium ingredients, so when someone receives them as a gift, they know that the gifter cares, said Lee.

    Lees official recommendation for all first-time Kaylas Cake Fullerton visitors is any of its all-new coffee drinks. These include espresso, cortado, americano, cappuccino, latte and bonbon style beverages. Visitors have the option to order these hot or iced, sweetened or unsweetened and substitute milk with an alternative (almond milk or oat milk).

    Kaylas Cake is currently working on bringing a student discount, which may be valid at any of its locations. Until then, all locals can visit the bakery at its new storefront at 1311 S Gilbert Street in Fullerton, CA. For more information, follow the Kaylas Cake Instagram or visit its website.

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    Small Business Spotlight: The trendy and charitable Kayla's Cake in Fullerton staffed by local moms | Serving the Fullerton Community Since 1922 - The...

    Time to support the Gloria – Urbana Daily Citizen - December 4, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    The nonprofit GrandWorks Foundation has announced the Stars of Stage 2 fundraising campaign to complete the second stage of renovations at the historic Gloria Theatre. The initial goal is to raise $30,000 in order to receive a matching grant of an additional $30,000 awarded by the Grimes Foundation.

    The second stage of work at the theatre includes handicap accessible restrooms, a new concession area, the new Clifford Caf named after the theatres original owner, Billy Clifford, a commercial kitchen, remodeling the lobby and other work to improve the experience of the Gloria patrons. Renovations and repairs have been ongoing since GrandWorks began its first stage of the Gloria Theatre project in 2014 by converting the auditorium to one large screen with digital technology and making many improvements and repairs necessary to reopen.

    According to GrandWorks CEO Staci Weller, completing the second stage of improvements will greatly enhance the experience of all local theatregoers. Especially in times like this, everyone needs reasons for optimism and a place to get away from the concerns of the day. We know that our mission to reach, restore and revive our community is now more important than ever and completing the second stage of our renovations will give everyone a wonderful experience each time they come through Glorias doors.

    GrandWorks vision for the Gloria is to the give the Urbana and Champaign County community an entertainment, performing arts and events venue along with a cozy gathering place for generations to come. Weller said that the first six years of progress is the result of 840 donors and more than two hundred volunteers devoting countless hours of work. The spirit and commitment of Glorias donors and volunteers is incredibly inspiring, Weller said. I know that our vision will be completed because the generosity of our supporters is nothing short of a miracle.

    Officials estimate the total cost of the Stage 2 renovations will be $125,000 but the immediate goal of the Stars of Stage 2 campaign is to get $60,000 by raising $30,000 and then receiving the matching $30,000 grant from the Grimes Foundation. Donors will have their name on a star displayed at the theatre. For more information or to give online go to the theatres website,, or visit the facebook page, Checks may be made payable to the GrandWorks Foundation and sent to P.O. Box 38128, Urbana, OH 43078.

    The GrandWorks Foundation is a local not-for-profit organization championing several efforts including the historic Gloria Theatre in downtown Urbana, The Big Questions (a podcast exploring some of lifes most pressing topics), and the Urbana Youth Center.

    Theatre launches fundraiser

    Information from GrandWorks Foundation.

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    Time to support the Gloria - Urbana Daily Citizen

    Nate Hamilton: On becoming the kind of leader his parents taught him to be – Milwaukee Independent - December 4, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Almost seven years ago, Nate Hamilton was working as a roofer, trying to create a good life for his two kids. Then the death of his brother changed the direction of his life, launching him toward a leadership role to improve relations between police and the community.

    His brother, Dontre Hamilton, was killed by a Milwaukee police officer on April 30, 2014, and the incident led to huge protests in Milwaukee and national media attention. Hamilton became a spokesman for his family, the founder of the Coalition for Justice, and a leader of the protests though always with an emphasis on nonviolence.

    These days, Hamilton leads a city commission that aims to improve relations between the community and the Milwaukee Police Department. Black people both as individuals and as a whole, have failed to acknowledge the importance of ourselves, Hamilton said. It has become my goal to encourage people to attach themselves to what they care about and fight for it.

    Now a father of five, Hamilton is juggling parenting, being a business owner, and a police reform activist.

    Hamilton attended Milwaukee Area Technical College to study carpentry and started a home-improvement business named Hamiltons Improvements about a year after the death of his brother. His company does cosmetic work on houses from bathroom and kitchen remodeling to roofing and siding.

    Willing to listen

    Over the summer, Hamilton was elected chairman of the new Community Collaborative Commission, or CCC, a reconstituted version of the Collaborative Community Committee, of which he was a member since its start.

    I think people like Markasa Tucker and Tammy Rivera saw something in me, Hamilton said, referring to earlier leaders of the committee that was a precursor to the CCC. They knew I am wiling to listen and put myself in a position to learn, so they nominated me.

    The new CCC is made up of Black and brown grassroots leaders who work within Milwaukee neighborhoods. When it was still a committee, the CCC in 2017 gathered community input on the U.S. Department of Justices unfinished 2016 review of the Milwaukee Police Department.

    The group presented its final report in 2019. All but one of the reports recommendations have still not been taken, according to a June statement. Doubtful yet hopeful that its recommendations will be implemented, Hamilton said the CCC is moving forward nevertheless.

    We want to create a Milwaukee where the environment is good for everybody, he said. Not only are we working to ensure the community is happy, but police as well.

    The CCC is urging the Milwaukee Police Department changes its standard operating procedures for community policing and understands its responsibility, Hamilton said.

    Common Council President Cavalier Johnson said the CCC offers the best approach to re-examine the relationship between MPD and the community.

    The communicator

    One of Hamiltons best talents as a leader is his skill in communication, he said.

    I grew up with very responsive parents, so we communicated well, he said. I just wanted to give that to my kids, and that is still my goal.

    He said that because of the role he has taken as a community leader, people take him almost too seriously.

    Im actually very talkative, he said. I like to laugh and have fun. I dont think many people know that.

    His brother, Dameion Perkins, agreed.

    He is so passionate about whatever he is a part of that everyone doesnt get to see it, Perkins said. But he can make you laugh.

    He said he especially appreciates how Hamilton stepped up after Dontre was killed.

    He took on learning the policies and procedures, he said. He became in that moment the leader our parents taught us to be.

    Hamilton is also finding time for himself.

    I have learned to be selfish enough to take time for myself, he said. I have to be fully responsible for myself before I can be responsible for others.

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    Nate Hamilton: On becoming the kind of leader his parents taught him to be - Milwaukee Independent

    Patch Holiday Food Drive In Fulton: Give To Feeding America – - December 4, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    FULTON COUNTY, GA Feeding America, the nation's largest hunger relief organization, predicted this would happen as millions of Americans lost their jobs, their paychecks and even their businesses because of the coronavirus pandemic: Hunger is an urgent problem for about 173,421 people in Fulton County.

    You can help. Patch and Feeding America teamed last summer to address the growing hunger crisis in America, connecting readers with the organization's 200 member food banks that serve 60,000 food pantries and meal programs, and providing an easy way to donate money to help their neighbors.

    Now through Dec. 31, we're encouraging readers to make a tax-deductible contribution to Feeding America in the Patch Holiday Food Drive. Every $1 given to the organization buys 10 meals.

    Feeding America predicted last summer that 50 million people, including 17 million children, could face hunger by year's end because of the pandemic. Feeding America projects the food insecurity rate in Fulton County will rise to 16.3 percent in 2020, up from 12.5 percent in 2018.

    Feeding America says that 80 percent of its food banks or 4 in 5 are serving more people than they were at the same time last year. With the pandemic worsening during the holiday season, many people who never before worried about how they'd pay for a holiday meal are turning to food banks for the first time.

    From the beginning of the pandemic in March, Feeding America distributed 4.2 billion meals enough to provide every U.S. resident with breakfast, lunch and dinner for just over four days.

    In the first four months of the pandemic, 4 in 10 people were first-time visitors to food banks, according to Feeding America.

    Patch has teamed with Feeding America to help raise awareness on behalf of the millions of Americans facing hunger. Feeding America, which supports 200 food banks across the country, estimates that in 2020, more than 50 million Americans will not have enough nutritious food to eat due to the effects of the coronavirus pandemic. This is a Patch social good project; Feeding America receives 100 percent of donations. Find out how you can donate in your community or find a food pantry near you.

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    Patch Holiday Food Drive In Fulton: Give To Feeding America -

    ASL Remodeling Construction Company in Bay Area Earns Praise for 20 Year Consistency in Renovating Properties Throughout California – Press Release -… - December 3, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    Dec 1, 2020 - The team at ASL Remodeling is pleased to introduce its remodeling services to homeowners and commercial facilities within California. The company has built a stellar reputation for its upgrade and renovation jobs on kitchens, bathrooms, and even entire houses. With all deight, the award-winning company is looking to offer more prospective clients around the bay of California a chance to tap into its years of experience and expertise.

    ASL Remodeling Construction Company in Bay Area has a broad and diverse portfolio that includes kitchen, bathroom, and general renovation projects. The company is capable of turning outdated kitchens into more recent and warmer kitchens. Homeowners who are dissatisfied with the outlook and modernity of their kitchens are invited to take advantage of ASL Remodelings home additions and renovations. The companys portfolio on bathroom remodeling features completely overhauled and refitted bathrooms. Irrespective of a clients budget, ASL Remodeling makes sure to do an outstanding job. For anyone searching for bathroom remodelers near me, bathroom remodel contractors or kitchen remodeling near me, ASL is the team to call.

    Prospective clients searching through the internet for general contractor Bay area are invited to reach out to ASL Remodeling and take advantage of the companys free estimates. The experienced team at ASL Remodeling also have the expertise to serve clients who have their own templates or want to emulate certain designs from fancy magazines. The team makes sure to keep homeowners in the loop and accommodates custom requests whenever clients offer them.

    When you partner with ASL Remodeling construction company, you will not just be able to keep your home looking beautiful. You will also get the support needed to keep the enhanced functionality of your home as well, says Yoni Asulin of ASL Remodeling.

    They impressed us with a quick response to my questions and concerns. The manager and his crew were so dedicated to the job and the finish details, each one of the crew was near and extremely qualified in their job, said a recent client of ASL.

    As a construction company in the Bay area, ASL has had lots of experience executing home additions, building ADUs, and remodeling rooms. For jobs that require cabinets, the remodeling company supplies its own custom cabinets which have now become the preferred choice for many clients. The team is licensed, insured, and bonded, and has carried out thousands of home remodeling projects. ASL Remodeling serves regions like Cupertino, Palo Alto, San Mateo, Mountain View, Los Altos Hills, San Jose, and many more areas in California. Free consultations and appointments are available.

    Prospective clients who are looking through google for construction companies in bay area or construction companies near me can contact ASL Remodeling. The company offers excellent services as a general bay area contractor.

    For more information, please visit:

    Media ContactCompany Name: ASL Remodeling construction company in bay areaContact Person: Yoni AsulinEmail: Send EmailPhone: 408-753-0012Address:20s N Santa Cruz Ave Suit 300 City: Los GatosState: CA 95030Country: United StatesWebsite:

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    ASL Remodeling Construction Company in Bay Area Earns Praise for 20 Year Consistency in Renovating Properties Throughout California - Press Release -...

    Sound Off: What remodeling projects add the most value to a home? – SFGate - December 3, 2020 by Mr HomeBuilder

    A: I will use the term remodeling broadly, because some of the least expensive improvements a seller can make are very impactful, including new paint, landscaping, new light fixtures and refinishing hardwood floors. In terms of investing in significant remodeling, things that people can see, like kitchens and baths, add more value than things they cant, like roofs and other infrastructure projects.

    Todays buyers almost universally want an open kitchen/great room so if walls need to be moved to achieve that, its worth it. The second priority is the primary suite, which ideally has a spacious bathroom and generous closet space.

    Welcoming outdoor space, including lighting, a heating element and beautiful landscaping are more in demand than ever right now. Of course, any projects that add square footage to a home will add tremendous value, too.

    Annie Williams, Sothebys International Realty, 415-819-2663,

    A: A thoughtfully designed and updated space will not only live better but sell better. Well even tell our buyers who may resale one day to do any remodeling before they move in because well make the same suggestions when they eventually sell so they might as well enjoy any remodel now. Picking finishes for yourself usually means getting higher quality products which will inherently raise the propertys profile.

    Our advice depends on budgets of course, but simple things like painting have big impact and are affordable. If money allows, consider flooring updates (refinishing or swapping out that hideous 12-by-12-inch bath tile). We always stress light fixture updates with attention paid to LED light temperatures (2,700 vs. 3000,000) and installing dimmers or smart-home controls. If time and money allow, kitchen and bathroom updates are profoundly impactful.

    But they dont have to be total blowouts; swapping out backsplashes, counter tops, hardware, trim, vanities, and lighting, will still be transformative. Last, dont underestimate the details like paint sheens, outlet cover plate styles, hardware weight and finishes, as the details matter greatly.

    Kevin K. Ho, Vanguard Properties, 415-297-7462,; Jonathan B. McNarry, Vanguard Properties, 415-215-4393,

    A: Preparing a home for market is like getting it ready for its Broadway debut. Presentation is everything and you only get one chance to make a great first impression.

    The internet is our primary marketing vehicle these days and the photographs and video of your property that appear there must be enticing.

    Curb appeal is important. Engaging potential buyers emotionally begins at the front door. Enhancing the front garden area and making sure that the house looks well cared for is a must.

    Busy buyers are most often looking for turn key homes; ones requiring little, if any, remodeling.

    Updating kitchens and baths in a neutral palette has proven time and time again to result in considerably higher selling prices.

    Backyards that provide a sense of peace and tranquility are important as well these days. Money spent to create that experience for a potential buyer will be money well spent.

    Karen Starr, the Grubb Co., 510-414-6000,; Brenda Shaefer, the Grubb Co., 510-453-2401,

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    Sound Off: What remodeling projects add the most value to a home? - SFGate

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