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    Slow Dance in the Cosmos | Porches - October 28, 2019 by admin

    Track Name: Headsgiving i give you headbefore you headto therapy

    we share a bedjust like the frenchjust like true parents

    what do you do when you wanted to die?then you wake up and you don't wanna die anymoreit has happened before

    she was just 17you don't know what i meanso call the police

    and in her eyesi wanna diebefore i die the sad kind

    what do you do when you wanted to die?then you wake up and you don't wanna a die anymoreit has happened before

    kills me like my cigaretteshow pure and deeply upsetmy momma gets

    well i'm idiot offspringhere is my sad offeringand though i'll never know how to singi promise to stay glittery

    jesus holds the universeinside his wife's fancy purseit must of been a dealyea surley a godly steal

    hark! a golden turnip laysand i have too fancy a tastejust put me in placeand wipe the delusion off my face

    and i know it's insane to complainhave you seen the front pageof the times todayit is pornography at its most godlyit is murdering, it is flirting, with the worlds idiot offspring

    franklin falls upon a falling leafand it's all behaving so beautifullyand i'm a new york city slug

    you said "i'm edith and i've always been a mess"well nice to meet you maybe we'll undressbut we could just lie downwe both could use the rest

    so i hold onto dim wit cigaretteand i take a deep breathcuz i know you can't

    i felt a greatness when i layed within your grassy realmcrawled across the floor to a patched up helmyour hips the balmy swellin porno hell

    and i said "hey would you wanna join the loner metal band"and you said "maybe we could just hold hands"well if thats the only place they'd landi'd die a happy boy

    but mostly what i sawwas a home that she would call"beneath her shirt"what i've learnedbeneath the earth what i've learned

    aw franklin the flirti understand the hurtthat you would speak aboutbefore you had me all figured out

    all the beauty kidsin the ugly parts of townand in the good parts we get ugly and lie down

    the purple eyelids sagthere are diamonds in the weed sackand love's a purple drag i always go back


    today i kissed a real beautyshe was a painting she was glowingshe was santa fe and roughed up coppera real wrist-knocker

    a teenager next to an ash trayunder a grand piano they laidand nostrils flared as they misbehaved

    david he played us a silent fugueears stuffed with flowers while joejoe cruisedand duncan stirred though nothing was heard

    and i thought i saw your face in the fogbut it was just the fogo m g

    the fruits were all cold, the fruits were all coldand swellingthey put a hard face to soft sleepPILLLOOOWWWLLLLYo daddyi'm 23(17)well aren't all we

    the river was so cold and strongthe water licked the track toesno more of that rotten glow

    watch the mermaid sea-bitch queenwatch all of your friends leaveno more of that rotten glowno more of that rotten glow

    the motions are splittingthe motions are sharpthe motions go through meso ruthless and starkwatch the tree grow simply

    i have it easybut i miss my homei have it easyi have no real homei am on permanent loan

    if you can spell itwell you can do itspell it with mes-p-a-c-e

    we all diewe all diebut not ii don't live here i live in the cosmos

    when you stay up latein retrograde watch the lonersgracefully get laid

    across the couchcouple friends sprawlin outand we don't touch muchlike spiritual make out


    i wanna go dancing in the public eye

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    Slow Dance in the Cosmos | Porches

    Unique Decks and Porches | Archadeck Outdoor Living - October 28, 2019 by admin

    A Custom Porch for Your Unique Needs

    We will make sure your new porch blends seamlessly with your homes existing architecture so it looks like it was always part of the house. We will consult with you about your specific concerns and desires to create a porch that is truly designed with you in mind. For instance, if your main goal is to build a large enough space to entertain friends and family, we will make a beautiful porch design that does just that.

    Screened porches provide superior protection against insects, rain, sunrays, and more, but they arent ideal for every situation. Use our comparison chart to decide which porch design option is right for you:

    Need help paying for the perfect porch? We have financial options available to cover your upfront costs. Start your porch project sooner, and enjoy the countless benefits to come from it. All of our work is backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee, including warranties to protect your investment for years to come. Contact Archadeck today at 888-687-3325 to learn more.

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    Unique Decks and Porches | Archadeck Outdoor Living

    How to Build a Porch – Bob Vila - October 28, 2019 by admin

    A porch is simply a deck with a roof on it, right?Not quite. While some porches may be as simple as that, many are more similar to an indoor room that is missing windows and walls.

    Porches typically have more finished flooring than decks. And porch ceilings, while often made of wood, also have a finished look. In fact, just about every aspect of a porch is more finished than its cousin, the deck.

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    For instance, a porchs supporting posts are structural as well as decorative. These posts can be columns or boxed-in 4 x 4s with bases and capitals fashioned from molding. Balustrades and knee walls are also porch design mainstays, and these are typically finished with paint, shingles, or stucco.

    Another distinction between porches and decks: You can furnish a porch with pieces that wouldnt stand up to a direct assault from the elements. Wooden tables and chairs, wicker (the real stuff), and upholstered furniture will all fare better on a porch than they would on a deck.

    Choosing the LocationPorches are wonderful, so long as they do not cause problems with the rest of the house. The biggest issue homeowners run into when considering a porch addition is related to daylight. A back porch may significantly reduce daylight in the kitchen, or a front porch could cut off daylight to the living room. Take pains to ensure that adding a porch will not darken a portion of the existing house.

    Building the PorchPorches may be built in a wide variety of ways. Let the architecture of your home be your guide. If your house relates to a historical period, study examples of porch styles that were built during that time. You can do this by looking at actual houses or by researching in old magazines and architectural history books.

    Foundations: Some porches are built upon slabs over compacted gravel. The finished floor can be stone, brick, or tile. Other porches are wood-framed and supported by piers and beams. With the latter, the floorboards are typically narrow tongue-and-groove planks that look more like interior strip floors than decking. No matter which type of flooring you choose, the pitch or slope of the floor should run away from the house so that windblown rain and snowmelt can drain before causing damage.

    Stairs: Porch stairs can be built with concrete block and veneered with stone or brick, or they can be built of wood. Unlike deck steps, they often have bull nose treads and risers.

    Skirting: The space around the porch should be protected with sturdy lattice skirting, or else critters will be vying to dig their burrows in the nice, dry place youve created. Include an access door so you can get inside as needed.

    Balustrades: Balustrades, or railings, should be designed to match the style of the house. (Dont use turned balusters on a 1960s ranch!) Solid knee walls may also be used, and these should also be finished to match the house. For example, if the house is sided with clapboard, so should the knee wall.

    Columns: On the right porch, columns can look very graceful. Be careful with proportions, though. Too narrow and the porch will look insubstantial. Too wide and the porch will look pretentious. Column bases made of wood should be raised slightly off the floor to prevent rot. (For the same reason, column shafts should be ventilated at top and bottom.) Pressure-treated posts clad with PVC boards and moldings are an alternative.

    Roofs: Porch roofs, whether shed or gable-style, usually have a shallow slope. This is because they attach to the house at the top of the first floor (or maybe a bit higher on a two-story home), and because the porch eave must allow for adequate headroom. The exception, of course, is when the porch is integrated into the house design from the start, in which case there is often living space above the porch.

    A porch is a wonderful place to spend time. Just be sure to spend a little extra time designing and planning for it, before you begin construction.

    For more on outdoor living, consider:

    Porch Style10 Best in Class Patio PaversGet Inspired! 12 Sensational Deck Designs

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    How to Build a Porch - Bob Vila

    Porch Screening Systems – Metro Screenworks Inc. - October 28, 2019 by admin

    Easy Custom Screen System Solutions for Patio Enclosures!About Our Screen System Solutions

    Metro Screenworks inventories several types of porch screen systems so you can choose the custom screens that will work for your porch! Screen systems to choose from include:

    With each enclosure system you will have the options to select the window screen material that fits your specific needs:

    Solar Screen - reduces the sun's heat and glare and keeps insects and mosquitos out.

    Tiny Mesh Screen - window screen material with the smallest openings to keep out the tiniest of pesky insects.

    Super Screen - pet-proof and weather-proof with a 10 year limited warranty against weathering.

    And More!

    Whatever your objective is we have a specific custom screen product that will fit your specific needs!

    Not sure what size of custom screen you need? Read more about measuring for your custom screen or replacement window screen frame here!

    For all other questions about your custom screens, check out our FAQ page or Contact us! Want more ideas for your screened in porch? Read our blog!

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    Porch Screening Systems - Metro Screenworks Inc.

    46 Fab Front Porch Ideas (Photos) – - October 21, 2019 by admin

    46 pictures of front home porch design ideas. All types featured - with railing, no railing, columns, white, dark and more.

    Welcome to our front porch design ideas gallery. Like your front door, your front porch is an important part of curb appeal.

    It is the first part of your home that your visitors will see, and should match the overall style of your home, so there are about as many different styles of front porches as there are design and architectural styles. Below you can browse our extensive porch design photo gallery

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    The front porch of your house is one of the most important and most visible parts of your house. It is also one of the first few things that meet the eyes and needless to say, should be gorgeous and attractive.

    There is a plethora of porch designs and ideas from which you can take inspiration for your own front porch.

    There is also a variety of porch layouts that must go with the overall theme of your house, for instance, rain porch which is one of the most famous styles out there. It has an extensive roof that goes beyond the edge of the deck. Then there is a sleeping porch which goes as far back as a hundred years and is more of a screened in porch that is designed for sleeping in warm months. Lastly, there is a veranda porch which is an open gallery often surrounded with a railing.

    Below is a list of some of the most exquisite and fantastic front porch ideas that will surely have you swooning over them.

    Porch on farmhouse with gray rocking chairs and bright red door designed by chango & co.

    This is a highly sophisticated porch design with cane furniture and traces of draping greenery all around. A white and brown color theme gives it a very exclusive look.

    This is quite a simple porch with a plain ceiling, brick walls, and a white railing and stairs. The stairs lead into a beautiful garden, making it look very stunning.

    The porch of this house has a white stairway with a bricked outer wall and two tiny pillars with flowers on the top.

    This is an example of a very simple porch with two chairs at the entrance, flower wreaths on both sides and rugs and mats on the floor.

    A little towards the fancier side, this porch design is super modern with a wooden floor, white railings, planters and tiled walls with a classic white-framed window.

    If you are looking for an almost ostentatious porch, this is the one for you. It has a classic white theme throughout, with colored chairs and fancy flowers on a glass top table.

    Quite simple yet extravagant with the addition of the beautiful blossoming flowers right next to the stairs. It also has a simple white railing and stairs that lead towards the house.

    Stunning, to say the least, this porch design is everything pretty. With wooden flooring, a gorgeous teal-blue railing and antique furniture, it looks out into a beautiful garden, making it all the more eye-catching.

    For those in search of a simple yet elegant porch design, this is the one. It has small white railings with a wooden top and two decent white chairs with fancy pillars to give it a very graceful touch.

    With colored floor and stairs, wooden chairs, and huge dangling flower pots, this is quite an exquisite yet simple porch design.

    This design sports a very vintage, Victorian-era look with its antique chair designs, pillars in the front and ash-colored walls around.

    Truly picturesque at its best, this design is an absolute feast for the eyes. With gorgeous dangling flowers, plants in the front and stark white railing, it makes a beautiful porch.

    This is a very regal-looking porch with classic white railings, dark brown flooring, white walls, and white framed windows with black slabs on the side.

    Cute and funky best describes this porch with really pretty small wooden chairs, brown railing and two adorable plants on either side of the stairs. The zigzag design at the bottom makes it even more attractive.

    This is simply lavish, with a proper seating area containing cushions, pillars all around, and hanging plant-pots, all of it gives it a very grand look. The addition of squared flooring also furthers the whole look.

    With white chairs, white fans, white railing, and windows, this design is simple but unique. Sporting a wooden look otherwise, the combination of white with brown makes it look very appealing

    This porch looks like it has come right out of a movie. White ceiling, railings, and blackish cane chairs give it a very contemporary touch. The addition of stunning hanging flower pots adds to the beauty of it as the porch leads into a beautiful garden.

    This design takes a twist on porches with the addition of a delicate porch swing, giving it a super funky yet simple look. With nothing else in the picture other than the swing, a white railing, and a stunning outdoor view, it is absolutely gorgeous.

    With an ideal combination of bricked wall, wooden ceiling and railing, this porch gives summer feels as the open space allows in the gleaming sunlight.

    This has to be one of the most elaborate porches in the list. With a vast walkway kind of a space leading to a pretty porch swing and white railing on the side, all of it combined makes the space look very attractive.

    Very simple but stunning, this porch carries a full wooden theme throughout the space with half-brick pillars and a massive brown ceiling.

    Zillow DigsTM

    With an opening right in the front, this design is extremely simple, with dark brown windows at the back, creative red-brown designed flooring and coconut trees on the side giving it a pretty touch.

    Zillow DigsTM

    As pretty as the picture, this porch design is just gorgeous with a cute porch swing, a huge planter on the side with colored flowers and a brick theme throughout the walls.

    Zillow DigsTM

    If you have a knack for experimenting, you will like this design for your porch. It uses a combination of grey walls and grey doors with brown wooden flooring and wooden furniture with brightly colored seat cushions. Unlike many porches, it is closed off from all sides and has a fan instead for ventilation purposes.

    Zillow DigsTM

    This porch looks like one from the ancient times with antique decorative pieces, a funky porch swing and wooden floors with a designed portion in front of the entrance door.

    Architectural Designs

    This porch boasts of elegance and grace. It has ash-white wooden flooring, a crisp white sofa with a variety of cushions, white windows with square glasses and a fancy grey wall design on one side. It is also a very rich and modern design that would add true allure to the house entrance.

    Studio Arte

    The word majestic says it all about this porch. It is huge, with a designed wooden ceiling, fancy windows with a unique design, an elaborate seating affair and a pool right in the front. It is like a dream porch for every homeowner who wishes to have a beautiful porch.

    Yet another grand looking porch. This one has a simple interior although with a beautiful view of lush green grass, flowers and trees all around. It puts a major focus on the scenery around than the interior of the porch itself.

    If sophistication had an image, it would probably be in the form of the picture of this porch. It is a classic white porch, with an extensive seating arrangement, large windows that allow proper outdoor views and ash-grey flooring, adding to the elegance of it.

    Simply put, this design is almost like summer in a single picture. Wooden flooring, a rocking chair at one end and colorful seating chairs at the other, a lot of windows at the back with a view thats looking out in the picturesque garden, it is nothing short of enchanting.

    Simplicity seems to be the main focus of this porch with white chairs, wooden flooring, pale yellow painted walls, and small planters tucked away in a corner.

    Zillow DigsTM

    This is one of the funkier and most chic porch design and is full of colors, too. Apart from typical white pillars and wooden vinyl flooring, this porch has taken things up a notch with parrot green walls, dark green on the top and a touch of striking pink at the bottom of the pillar. It is small and compact for sure but is definitely stylish and unique.

    Zillow DigsTM

    Sporting a super wooden and a cave-like look, this design is fully centered on the whole wood and brick combination. With lantern-like lights, brick walls at the bottom of the pillars and fully wooden ceiling, it is very different and a little eerie, too.

    Zillow DigsTM

    This looks more like a fancy veranda with a fan, a grand seating affair, curtains all around and wooden flooring. It is also super lavish and contemporary; making it look like it came right out of an interior magazine.

    Zillow DigsTM

    This has to be one of the prettiest looking porches with its small white chairs, dark blue cushions, a lot of tiny planters and white railing. The dazzling sunlight coming in makes the porch look heavenly.

    Zillow DigsTM

    Looking more like the entrance outside a hut at the beach, this porch is just fantastic. Sporting a blue color theme and a comfortable white relaxing swing, along with a fancy relaxing chair, it is just magnificent.

    Zillow DigsTM

    This porch makes use of a wide open space and has only two seating chairs, which make it look very simple and spacious. There are tall pillars attached to the railing in the front, offering a gorgeous view of the outdoor nature.

    Zillow DigsTM

    This porch design is crazy good, to say the least. It is definitely one of the most unique styles and designs with extensive protruding woodwork at the back, wooden flooring, wooden ceiling and similar kind of railings. It is easily one of the most different and exclusive looking porch ever designed.

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    46 Fab Front Porch Ideas (Photos) -

    Porches at Conservatory Outlet - October 21, 2019 by admin

    All our porches, whether for a front door or back door, creates a stylish entrance that enhances the visual appeal and living space of you property. As well as this, our porches off total security thanks to the latest locking systems.

    Whether you opt for a UPVC or aluminium porch, the Conservatory Outlet range of porch designs bring instant charm to your home. Our porches are individually designed and made to fit any space perfectly, making them suitable for any home, no matter what your requirement are. To give you further choice, we also offer a wide range of colours and finishes including everything from white to rustic cherry. We also offer a range of glazing designs, such as bevelled or coloured glass.

    Cost is always an important consideration when it comes to home improvement and that is why we provide porches at a low cost. We strive to make our high-quality home solutions affordable. We take care of the installation, manufacturing and design process of your home solutions, so you can relax knowing your home is in safe hands. We will even can assist with planning permission.

    A great entrance to your property with all the benefits that UPVC brings strength, durability and low maintence

    Using bricks that match your home, well create a stylish porch that adds value and functionality to the property.

    An aluminium porch will have sleeker, slimmer frames with the added strength that metal brings.

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    Porches at Conservatory Outlet

    New Porsche Vehicles | Models and Prices | Car and Driver - October 21, 2019 by admin

    Having established its status in the sports-car hall of fame with the legendary 911, Porsche also makes some of the best SUVs to be had. The Macan is a realistic choice as a daily driver, offering the performance of a sports car with the utility of an SUV. We think it's the best compact-luxury SUV on the market, which is why we named it to our 10Best Trucks and SUVs list for 2019. Looking for more room and performance? Then check out the spicy Cayenne; it's one of our favorite mid-size crossovers and an Editors' Choice for 2019. Porsche realizes that there are some people out there (count us among them) who would rather tear around a racetrack than play a round of golf, and for those folks there are the 911 GT3 and the (bonkers) GT3 RS and the 911 GT2 RS (super bonkers). Last but certainly not least, there's the fantastic 718 Boxster convertible and the 718 Cayman coupe: They both made our 10Best Cars list for 2019 yet again.

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    New Porsche Vehicles | Models and Prices | Car and Driver

    Porches Pottery - October 12, 2019 by admin

    Since 1968, Porches Pottery has become a unique and famous institution in what is now a well-loved corner of Europe the ancient kingdom of the Algarve, Portugals southernmost province.

    This working pottery creates the most distinctive ceramics to be found in Algarve, and began as the idealistic dream of two artists, Patrick Swift and Lima de Freitas, one Irish and the other Portuguese. The two were determined to demonstrate that old crafts, and artistic traditions, need not be lost to the modern plastic age.

    That was fifty years ago now, and Porches Pottery has proved that it is indeed possible for hand crafted works to survive on their own merit. To this day, many of the artisans that Patrick Swift taught are here continuing a tradition that is thousands of years in the making.

    At Porches Pottery you can see these artisans at work, acquire a truly unique souvenir of Algarve, and enjoy a light lunch in our Bar Bacchus caf.

    Throughout the year, Porches Pottery is open Monday to Friday from 09:00 until 18:00, and on Saturdays from 10:00 until 14:00.

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    Porches Pottery

    Interactive House Planning Portal - October 12, 2019 by admin


    Adding a porch to any external door of your house is considered to be permitted development, not requiring an application for planning permission, provided the following limits and conditions are met.

    This guide offers a visual walk-through of those limits and conditions.

    Download: You can also download a summary of this guide.

    Important note:The permitted development allowances described here apply to houses, not flats, maisonettes or other buildings. You should check with yourLocal Planning Authority whether permitted development rights apply they may have been removed by what are known as Article 4 directions.Other consents may be required if your house is listed or in a designated area.

    When planning work you should read all the advice on the Planning Portal under Your responsibilities Other considerations before you start work. As well as other important information you will find guidance here on the permitted development regime.

    Wales:This guidance relates to the planning regime for England. Policy in Wales may differ. Contact your local planning authority for further information.

    Disclaimer:Users should note that this is an introductory guide and is not a definitive source of legal information.

    Read the full disclaimer.

    Read this article:
    Interactive House Planning Portal

    Decks, Porches, & Swimming Pools – Welcome to - October 12, 2019 by admin

    Decks and porches are raised floors that are level with or below the first story of a house, supported by a structural frame and without a roof. The difference between them is that a porch provides access to a building's primary entrance. NYC Building Code 3300 governs construction safety and applies to decks and porches. If either is built with a roof, the structure may then be considered an additional room and different zoning rules and NYC Construction Codes provisions could apply. Water can add substantial weight, so never place any pool on a deck or porch, unless it has been structurally engineered to support the extra load.

    Construction may only begin after the Department approves construction plans and issues permits for a deck or porch. Only an NYS licensed professional engineer (PE) or registered architect (RA) may design them.

    All pools installed in New York City must follow the City's safety and quality-of-life standards. The Construction Codes specifically 3109 of the NYC Building Code outline the construction requirements. Other City agencies may also regulate pools depending upon, for example, the property's location, landmark status or zoning.

    The Department requires work permits to install a pool for any building or property. However, there are limited exceptions, such as for some above-ground pools and shallow wading pools, among others. To determine if a proposed pool must have a work permit, speak with a P.E. or R.A. or contact a Department borough office manager.

    Once the Department has issued the permit, a contractor licensed by the Department of Consumer Affairs or the homeowner may perform the work. Contractors must meet the Department's and New York State Workers' Compensation Board's insurance requirements. Homeowners who construct their own pools must receive a waiver of the insurance requirements from the borough commissioner where the property is located before beginning work.

    NYC Building Code 3109.3 3109.5.4.7 outline the technical requirements to construct pools, including:

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    Decks, Porches, & Swimming Pools - Welcome to

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