Just when you think youve learned all you can about creating a powerful business, there is more. At last weeks CEO Space conference I spent time with business experts Pamela Edwards and Michael White-Ryan, cofounders of The Language of Space (and spouses as well). They are specialists in design, energy, space and hold a deep expertise in the principles of Feng Shui that they apply to outcomes beyond the Eastern studies traditional uses. The result: surprising truths that empower entrepreneurs to advance their success in new ways. From our two-hour discussion in Vegas, here are the gems I distilled:

Pamela Edwards and Michael Ryan-White are experts in the language of space.

When the entry to a home or business place is faulty, it turns energy and potential business away. (Image courtesy of LanguageofSpace.com)

After the modified entry is now poised for success. (Image courtesy of LanguageofSpace.com)

And as a final word of wisdom, as expressed by improvement guru Tony Robbins: Nothing can pull you down that you arent holding onto. These wise words apply not only to notions, to grudges and to people, but perhaps to outdated patterns of working and business as well. Consider the ways new and out-of-the-box approaches to traditional entrepreneurial and workplace challenges could propel your business this year.

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